True Help

True help neither waste it’s always helpful


A teeny Parinda had come far away from her lover, after being separated from her family. That little bird did not know how to fly right now… she had just started learning to fly! On the other hand, the family of little Parinde was very upset and was looking forward to his arrival. Here even the little Parinda could not understand how he reached his lover.

He was trying hard to fly, but again and again, something would rise up and fall.

Parinda, an unknown stranger from some distance, was watching all these scenes with his friend. After watching for a while, both of those birds came close to that little girl. Little Parinda got nervous before seeing them, then she thought that they might help her and bring her home.

Unknown Parinda – What happened to the little Parinda?

True help

Little Parinda – I have lost my way and I have to return home before dusk. I don’t know how to fly. My housemates must be getting very upset. Can you teach me how to fly? I have been trying for a long time but I am not getting success.

Unknown Parinda – (after thinking for a while) – When did not learn to fly then what was the need to get so far? He along with his friend started making fun of the little parade.

The little Parinda was getting very angry with the words of those people.

Unknown Parinda said with a laugh – See, we know how to fly and we can go anywhere on our own free will. Unaware of this, Parinde took the first flight in front of that little Parinde. He then came back after a while and flew again after speaking bitter words. He did this five or six times, and this time when he came back after taking flight, the little Parinda was not there.

Unknown Parinda to her friend – Little Parinde took flight right? At that time, there was a happy look on the face of the unknown Parinde.

Mitra Parinda – Yes little Parinde took flight but why are you being so happy, friend? You made such a joke.

Unknown Parinda – Friend you only noticed my negativity. But little Parinda was focusing less on my negativity and more on positivity. This means that he paid more attention to my flying tricks, ignoring my jokes and he was successful in flying.

Mitra Parinda – When you had to teach him how to fly, why teach him by making fun of him?

Know The Moral of Life

Unknown Parinda – Friend, little Parinda was taking the first major flight of her life and I was a stranger to her. If I had taught him to fly in a straight way, he would have been under my favor all his life and probably would not have tried even more himself.

I saw the hidden passion inside that bird. When I saw him trying, then he understood that it just needs to give some direction and what I inadvertently gave him and he managed to get to his destination. Now he will try his whole life by himself and less than others Will ask for help. With this, confidence in him will also increase.

Friend Parinde, praising the unknown Parinde, said that you are very great, the way you helped that little Parinde is the true help!

Friends, true help is the one who does not let the helpee feel that he has been helped. Many times people help, but do not miss to beat their drummer. What kind of help is this? This story of birds is a lesson for us humans too that we may help people but do not express it!

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