The Secrets to build relations

The Secrets to building relations

Secrets to build relations
Secrets to building relations

We ordinary humans often get angry with someone or call someone good and bad, but the nature of saints always remains gentle and sweet in contrast. The nature of Saint Tukaram was also similar, he would never be angry with anyone and would not call anyone good or bad. Let us know through this story what was the secret of this good behavior of Saint Tukaram.

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Once upon a time, Sant Tukaram was sitting in his ashram. Then one of his disciples, who was a little mad at his nature, approached him and said, “Guruji, how do you keep your behavior, so gentle that you never get angry?
Please tell us the secret of your good behavior.

The saint said, “I don’t know about my secret, but I know your secret!”

“My secret!” What is that, Master? ”, The disciple asked as a surprise.

“You are going to die in the next week!”, Sant Tukaram said sadly.

If someone else had said it, the disciple avoided this joke, but how could anyone cut out what came out of the mouth of Saint Tukaram himself?
The disciple became depressed and left the Guru’s blessing.

From that time the pupil’s nature changed completely. He met everyone in love and never resented anyone, spending most of his time in meditation and worship. He would also go to them with whom he had ever misbehaved and apologize to them.

Suddenly, the prophecy of the saint came to complete a week. The disciple thought, let us see the Guru for one last time and take his blessings.

He approached them and said, “Teacher, my time is nearing, please bless me!”

“My blessings will be always with you, son.” Okay, tell me how the last seven days have passed? Did you get angry with people as before, call them abusive? ”, Sant Tukaram questioned.

“No, no, not at all.” I had only seven days to live, how could I waste it in stupid things? I met with the most love, and even apologized to those who had ever hurt my heart ”, the disciple said promptly.

Saint Tukaram smiled and said, “That is the secret of my good behavior.” I know that I can die anytime, so I treat everyone lovingly, and that is the secret of my good behavior.

The disciple understood that Saint Tukaram had shown fear of death only to teach him this lesson of life, he pledged to remember this lesson in his mind and proceeded on the path shown by the Guru.

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