The True Real Horror Stories

The Real Horror Stories


These all The Real Horror Stories will talk about all those incidents which have done with someone so read these The Real Horror Stories carefully.

Real Horror Stories starts now………….

1.   Ghost Under The Sewage

The Real Horror Stories
The Real Horror Stories

My name is Sunderlal Tripathi. I once used to work in a sari shop. But today I am living a retired life. I have two sons, he takes care of the house. I have been very fond of sports since childhood. That is why even in the days of youth, as a child with the children of the street, sometimes cricket and sometimes used to play Gulli Danda. Today I am going to tell you about that dreadful incident due to which many children have died prematurely. Chokdi sewage has always been a haunted hub. Unfortunately, the locality was the only wide area in the neighborhood where children could play and play.

I had a new job at Kancha Soma Sari Wala shop. One day Seth’s son was shaved, so he sent me home early from work. I went to Chokdi in the locality and started playing cricket with the children. Suddenly the ball fell into the open sewage. Nakula stood nearby and was trying to get the ball out of the peel of Nariel.

Then there was a fast movement in that open gutter. Nakula quickly moved away from there. All the children were in fun. One by one all the boys started throwing big stones in the gutter. I was not feeling good. I removed all the children from sewage. After that, I looked at the gray water of sewage. Then I felt that a distorted figure with yellow eyes was hidden underwater. And there was a stinging smell. That feeling was heart-wrenching. After a few minutes, we all went home.

That night, I kept looking at the open sewage with the chokdi from the window repeatedly. In the dark night, I saw that gutter water started to fizzle. A curly shadow was dancing on the sewage. My feet trembled at that terrible sight. After some time I saw Nakula there. I screamed out loud right then. Nakula turned to me and turned. But that black shadow started dragging Nakula to sewage. I screamed, descended the stairs and ran to the quartet of sewage.

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Going there I saw it. The water was shaking badly. Perhaps he took the phantom Nakula. I sat there crying in the darkness and started crying. Within a short time, the entire neighborhood was gathered there. I told the whole thing to Nakula’s father crying. But I was shocked when they pointed to the window and said that Nakula was there…. That night, people made me a lot of spectacles. I silently went to my house. Three days later, it was discovered that a boy from the locality passed away due to fever. When I went to his house, I saw that there was a mark of bite on his hand. Amit’s grandmother told me that Nakula had bitten Amit when he was awake with Nakula in the game.

Now my hair stood up. Since I knew that the reason for the death of that child was not the fever but the bite of Nakula. I went to Nakula’s house that evening to clear my doubts. I asked her that you were on the sewage that night, right? He did not answer and smiled slyly. I asked him, open his mouth, show his teeth… (that’s when I started to get that terrible smell from Nakula’s body.)

He got angry with my question… Then he started staring at me like crazy… I kept looking in his eyes for a while. Then I saw the same yellow glow in his eyes which was seen in the distorted shape emerging inside the sewage. My hair stood up. I walked away from Nakula. I tried to understand the whole thing about Nakula’s parents, but they all started juggling with me. I left that locality after this incident. But in the same period news of the mysterious death of 3 to 4 children living there

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Nakula’s name was being repeatedly associated with the phantom in the locality. So his parents left the city after taking Nakula. Later it is found that Nakula has gone somewhere without telling her. His parents may consider their child missing. But my heart says that he must have gone to the height of the sewage apparition.

2.   Harridan without eyes

The Real Horror Stories
The Real Horror Stories

My name is Vikas Khel. I live in Latur. My, I Baba spent a lot to teach me. But I have always wanted a good job. Now, to run the water, expenses had to be done. So I took a supervisor job in a chips factory. My shift used to start at 11 o’clock at night, so I used to eat and eat comfortably. The power system of the factory was shot at around 1 pm that night. Seth said all four people go home. Holiday today | All three of my kaligas left the house. But I was not going to go to the house on a bicycle in the dark at any cost. Seth said, Soja in a factory by a lock. I probably made the same danger mistake. What I knew was that I would have to cry tears of blood.

After everyone was gone, I locked the inside. Then suddenly the wheel of potato peeling machine started spinning. For a moment my condition became thin. My heartbeat fast. I shouted… Who is there,,, but no answer came. I quickly unlocked the lock and started going out of the factory. But Panwati somewhere, the lock was not opening. Slowly I started to realize that hot winds started moving around me. Truly speaking, at that time, I was crying. But I dared to run to the other door. I wanted to get out of the factory somehow.

Suddenly I saw a shovel. I started picking him up and banging on the door. A strange incident occurred when I did this. My body started pulling towards the table. Like an invisible spirit wants to drag me into the darkness. Gradually I realized that death is near. I was repeatedly getting the attention of I-Baba. In order to drive away fear, I turned on loudly. When I did this, the atmosphere there was spoiled.

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Suddenly I looked at the electrical switch boxes. A bald shave was seen there. His face was not clean. When I looked at him a little more side, I screamed. That mund had no eyes and there was thick black smoke around it. I once again failed to open the factory lock. Then my emergency light went off with a jet. Now I was screaming madly standing in the dark.

In a short, while my feet got cold. I sat on my knees at the same place. My breath was tearing. Perhaps the mind was getting ready for the impending death. I felt in a state of extreme condition, a steely claw started to pull me. Remembering the bad smell of that terrible spirit, I still get my salmon. After some time I realized that I was lying in the middle of a lot of shadows. They were talking by looking at each other. For example, some Chandal party is talking before eating prey.

Slowly, all of their voices started getting louder. When I looked up, I saw the same bald, angry eyes with a bald face. Suddenly, he pushed forward the paw and started pulling me towards the door. He lost consciousness after this incident. When it was morning, I saw that I was lying on the soil outside the factory. I could not move my hand and foot.

Artisans with morning shift came. Then carry me to the hospital. The doctor said Minor Heart Attack has happened. After that time, I also have to constantly take blood pressure medicine. I also quit that job. God knows what was the problem in the factory and how did I come out of the locked factory. Ganapati Deva is pleased otherwise I would not be alive today to tell this thing. – By playing development

3. Ghost terror hating mobile

The Real Horror Stories
The Real Horror Stories

My name is Vishal Badal. And I am a boy from a poor family. My father is quite a stingy fly sucking human. Ishant Awasthi of the film “Taare Zameen Par” and my condition is almost the same as I say in my studies. Since childhood, I have a strong taste of three things. Bike, mobile, and a good girlfriend. But I did not have all three of my luck.

After eating Gulati thrice in Dadi’s examination, Dad gave up beating me with my hands, because after that whenever he got angry, he would greet me with the stick, shoes, utensils that he used. Luckily my maternal uncle came to Mujhe Garib Par Raheem, and he gave me a nice mobile gift. I wish he had never given me a mobile… If I had no mobile phone, I would not have been a victim of that terrible ghost…

Taking the mobile given to my maternal uncle, I was roaming the entire locality asking. As if an Arabic shaykh has got a new oil grinder. I was sitting near Peepal’s pad and showing my friends a new mobile that a stranger girl came there… He asked that I took a new phone? I said… he said to show it…. I immediately gave the mobile in his hand…

That witch girl took my mobile hand, hit it on the wall nearby… I was red with anger… and all my friends too were shocked to see this act of that stranger Sarfiri girl. Immediately I consolidated my mobile and added the battery, cover, and saw that my mobile was safe.

I started to wake up with that girl… for the first time, a mobile phone came and broke it direct… My friends along with me started calling her bad…

The girl started walking forward without saying anything… I followed her back with my friends. My plan was to go to her house and complain to her father.

We knew that four boys were behind him. On the way forward, an uncle was talking on his mobile, drinking tea. This girl pushed that uncle and snatched his mobile and slammed it on the road. She moved forward.

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Then this tragedy entered a garden further. There, a girl was standing under a pad talking to her boyfriend on a mobile. This slaughtered the poor girl, and snatched her mobile and threw it in the garden fountain.

We immediately stopped his path… and I told him that there is a lot of fat. Call the police She said staring blankly…. “Yes… call… tell her that your corpse is lying in the garden, and a ghost is eating your flesh”

She became nauseous after speaking so much. My friend said that it looks like a mantle (Pagli). After beating him there, we started going back home. But when I saw the mood behind, that girl was coming after us.

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All three of my liver and life friends, after seeing that girl coming back… released my hand… ran as if run away from the sinking ship. Now I too started bursting. Because I did not want to be a victim of any ghost in full youth.

I also wanted to run, but my hollow manhood and my ego tied my feet. Within minutes, that girl started walking with me. I did not know that this time she will boil my mobile. On reaching the street corner, he grabbed my hair, and again asked for my mobile…

I refused… so he grabbed me by my hair and lifted him up to three feet high from the ground. I was roused and my throat was dry…. She was hanging in the air with my hair, and she herself was in the air. He snatched my new mobile phone and chewed it with his teeth. I shouted like crazy… So he dropped the muzzle from the top and slammed it on the ground and it went up towards the sky… I fainted there…

When I got excited, my amazing traitor… friends… were present. And surprisingly, my mobile was safe in my pocket. While that ghost girl had chewed the mobile in front of me. My shoe friends say that he had never run away after leaving me. And he said that while returning from the garden, I turned around and went after that girl again.

What happened to me to let go of God, what was the truth of that painful hand. And yes… I do not use mobile anymore. Because I do not want that ghost to hold me again and hang my hair in the air.

“There is no firm proof of this… but people in my area say that a few years ago, a young girl died while talking on a mobile with a mobile phone bursting from the mobile battery. This is the ghost of that ill-fated girl. Who wants to drive people away from mobile all the time ”

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