The Lesson for success in Life

The Lesson for success in Life

Strategy to get success

Imran started a business with great enthusiasm, but after 5-6 months due to a huge deficit, he had to close the business.

Because of this, he started to feel very sad. And even after a long time, no other work has started.

This Emraan problem was discovered by Professor Krishnan, who had previously taught him. ”

Success lesson

One day he called Imran home and asked, “What’s going on today? Are you very angry now?”

“Yes, nothing more than I started a job, but the results didn’t come as I wanted and I had to stop working, so I’m a little worried.” “Imran said.”

The professor spoke: “whatever is happening it is disappointedly

“But I worked hard, I was too busy, so how can I fail??” “Emraan said with some discomfort.

The professor calmed down for a moment, then, thinking about something, he said: “Imran, follow me”, look at this dead tomato plant. ”

“It’s worthless, what can be the point to see it?” “Imran spoke there.”

“When I planted, I did everything right,” said the professor. Occasionally I irrigate it, applied manure, spraying pesticides, but I always died. ”

“So what?” Said Imran.

The professor tells wider, ” it does not matter how hard you try, you cannot judge what will ultimately happen. You can only manage the things that are in your hands only and others will be exceptional, and you must leave the rest to God.”,

“So what should I do?” If success is not guaranteed, what is the advantage of trying again? Said Imran.

“Imran says people do not try big and multiple tasks in life and try to be different so there is no probability to win in life or to get success, what is the advantage of trying again! “Said the professor.

“Yes, people think well. After so much hard work, so much money, so much time, if success is only a matter of luck, what is the advantage of doing so much?” Said Emraan starting.

“Wait, stop, before you open that door and see,” said the professor, pointing to a door.

Imran opened the door, opposite there were lots of big red tomatoes.

“Where did it come from?” Asked Imran surprised.

“Of course, not all tomato plants are dead. If you keep doing the right things continuously, then your chances of success are greatly increased. But if you feel defeated because of two chandeliers, life won’t give any reward. “, The professor Ended his speech.

Emraan had already read the lesson of success, figured out what to do now and came out with renewed vigor.

Friends, like Imran, many people commit one of their failures as a reason to stop trying. And it is true that no matter what we try, we cannot control the end result, but it is also true that those who constantly try to prove success get it today or not tomorrow. She goes. Remember that every failure; There is a step towards success.

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