The Biggest Problem with Everyone

The Biggest Problem with Everyone

Mahagyani Pandit
Mahagyani Pandit

The Biggest Problem with Everyone story in English ……..It was a long time ago that a great learned Pandit lived somewhere in the Himalayan hills. He was tired of living among people and now wanted to lead a simple life in devotion. But his fame was so

People wanted to meet him even after crossing inaccessible hills, narrow paths, river-waterfalls, they believed that this scholar can solve their every problem.

This time too, some people came to his hut looking for him. Pandit Ji asked them to wait.

Three days have passed, now many more people have reached there when the space for the people started getting less, then Panditji spoke, “Today I will answer of all the questions, but you have to promise that you will I will not tell anyone else about this place so that after today I can do my sadhana by living in solitude… .. Let’s tell your problems –

On hearing this, someone started telling his problems, but he had just been able to say a few words that someone else started saying his words in the middle. Everyone knew that after today he would never get a chance to talk to Panditji; So they all wanted to have their say as soon as possible. In a while, the scene became like a fish-market and eventually, Panditji had to scream and say, “Please calm down! Write your problem on a leaflet and give it to me. ”

All of them put forward their own problems. Pandit ji took all the pamphlets and put them in a basket and mixed them and said, “Pass this basket to each other, every person will pick up a slip and read it. After that, he will have to decide whether he wants to replace his problem with this problem? ”

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Every person would pick up a paper, read it and be a bit afraid. One by one, everyone saw the slips, but no one was ready to take someone else’s problem in exchange for their problem; Everyone had to think that no matter how big their own problem is, the problem of the other people is not as serious. After two hours, everyone started returning their respective slips in hand, they were happy that their problem is not as big as they thought.

Friends, who will be the one who does not have any problem in his life? We all have problems in our lives, some are troubled by their health, some are suffering from lack of wealth… We should accept that if there is life, small problems will continue to occur, in such a situation, thinking about the same. It is better to focus our attention on its prevention… and if there is no solution for it, then focus on other productive things… We feel that the biggest problem is ours, but know that people in this world are so big – D the problems that we have nothing in front of them … So God please attempted to Be thankful and live a happy life for him is whatever.

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