Success Story with the Morals

The success story with the Morals

1.    A success story with the Morals of Walt Disney


Walt Disney was an American film director, producer, and animator (cartoon-making guide)… HE created some famous cartoon characters in the world. He became famous in the world for his work in the field of entertainment

He founded Disneyland, Walt was initially interested in art, he sold his drawing to his neighbors. He also thought of making a career in art itself and set out to make a career in Chicago’s McKinley high school. Disney wanted to enlist in the military but Walt Disney was rejected from enlistment due to his young age, instead of joining Walt Red Cross.


The success of Walt Disney has never been easy and during this time he faced many difficulties and failures. Disney When he returned as a volunteer after World War I, he had plenty of time to think about his future. He wanted to create an automated cartoon, in 1920 he formed his company at the age of only 19.

He used to make cartoons of creatures from childhood. At the same time, he did not have the money to pay the rent and many times he had to live without food, he could not sell a single cartoon. He became a pauper due to his cartoon series failing badly in Kansas City.

Once, he was fired by a news report saying that he is dull and he lacks imaginative and creative ideas. He went bankrupt several times, he also wanted to become a Hollywood actor but this could not happen. Three years later, he left Kansas City for Hollywood so that he could fulfill his childhood dream.

He later set up a studio. After some time the short animation ‘Alice in cartoonland’ and ‘Oswald the rabbit’ got some success, but it could not last long. Walt got success from his first character, Mickey Mouse.


Walt never gave up on failures. He started many businesses but all failed and resulted in bankruptcy. He wanted to achieve great success, so he did not stop using his creative ideas. In 1940, he developed the idea of ​​building an amusement park where park staff could spend time with their children and family. Many contributed to this idea during his visit to children’s fairyland.

He presented the outline of this idea to others. And to make it one day and night, during a live TV program in 1955, he presented his newly-built amusement park ie Disneyland with the hope that it could become a source of joy and inspiration for the people. It was the most popular park open to the public, a result of the imagination and thought of Walt Disney. Not only did he stop, but he also made water parks, motion pictures, and resorts.

The story of the failures of Walt Disney is very long, it is believed that he failed more than 300 times but he wrote a different history, not giving up from his failures. His “Walt Disney Company” business today is worth US $ 35 billion.

He said that the difficulties of his life gave him strength and he remained on top of the stiff competition of his life. Through his creative ideas, he made a park that became a symbol of joy.

2. Barriers make you strong

A marine biologist placed a shark in a larger tank during an experiment. Followed by this. He left some small baitfish in the tank.

Success story with Morals
Barriers while jumping

As biologists know, the shark did not wait to attack and eat these fish. Later, transparent fiberglass was introduced into the tank, which was transparent in two parts and the shark remained on one side.

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A similar set of baitfish was sent to the other side of the tank as before. And the shark attacked these fish but did not touch the fiberglass.

The shark attacked for a few days until he gave up. Later, the biologist took the glass from the tank and the shark tried not to attack the little fish.

Now the shark always sees a barrier in every try and stops his attempts.


It is very common that many people give up after many failures. The story is an

example to always try and never give up for several failures.

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