Stories for Kids with Morals

Stories for Kids with Morals

Introduction –

These all the Stories for Kids with Morals are Separated to get success in their life Because everyone Motivates himself after listening or hearing and reading the story of success others and who have done something big in their life after learning some thoughts so in these Stories for Kids with Morals you all will also get many ideas to go ahead in your life. These all virtuous and righteous thoughts or massive excellent, as well as upstanding, are given by great people which we all need to implement to get achievements in our life.


Stories for Kids with Morals
Stories for Kids with Morals

Stories for Kids with Morals starts now…………………

1.  The Mother

There lived a boy named Sameer in a small town. The financial situation of the family was very pathetic due to the death of the father in his childhood, Sameer’s mother was educated enough, but where was the job to be done with that much education, so by doing household utensils and sewing and weaving. She was somehow teaching her child.
Sameer was a little shy of nature and often kept quiet. One day when he returned from school, he had an envelope in his hand.

He grabbed the envelope to his mother and said, “Mother, Master Sir has sent this letter to you, just look at what is written in it?”

Mother read the letter in her heart and said with a smile, “Son, it says that your son is very clever, his mind is much sharper than the rest of the children of this school and we don’t have teachers to teach it, so tomorrow You send it to another school. ”

Mother, took him admission in another school

As time went on, Sameer studied hard, later he also passed the civil services examination and became an IAS officer.

Sameer’s mother was now old, and had been ill for several days, and died suddenly one day.

It was a great shock for Sameer, he wept bitterly. He could not understand how he would live without his mother… He opened his old mother’s wardrobe and wept his garland, glasses, And started kissing with other things.

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Sameer was keeping old toys, and childhood clothes in that cupboard, Sameer started removing all the things one by one and then he looked at an old letter, in fact, it was the same letter that Master had given him for 18 years. Was given earlier.

Sameer started reading him with moist eyes.

We want to tell you that Sameer is not good in the study as well as not sports. It seems that Samir’s intelligence has not been developed by age, so we are unable to teach it in our school.

You are requested to get Sameer enrolled in a dim-witted school or keep it at home and study it.

Sameer knew that his mother will not survive so far, but his blessings would still be on him!

Who can be better than the mother for sacrifice and penance? We can read and write, to become something by growing up, for this she does not know how many sacrifices she makes quietly, fulfills our hobbies by killing her needs. Even if the child behaves badly, the mother thinks well of him! Really, there can be no mother like that!

2. Who is Good Man

Long ago a king put a question to his courtiers, “Who is a good man?”
“One who does good work” – said a courtier.


“I have built a temple where hundreds of people go to worship every day. I have done a good job for the public interest. Therefore, I am entitled to be called a good man. ”

“And who has done good deeds?” The king asked the other courtiers.

“I made pond where normal people can bath, “it other hand ‘s statement

The third court also quickly said, “I have built a Dharamshala for the stay of the passers-by.” This is also a noble cause, so I too fall under the category of a nobleman. ”

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Then all the courtiers proving themselves, but a court was silent. He said nothing. When the king looked at that age, the king asked him “Why are you silent?”

“Once I was passing through a mountainous forest that many dacoits surrounded me. Angry at not getting anything near me, he tried to kill me. “I told him,” I am sad that I have nothing to give. Yes, if you can be happy with my life, then I am ready to give my life gladly. I think, let my life work for someone, but listen to my advice before death, it will give peace to my soul. ”

“What advice?” Asked the robber chieftain.

After completing all the activities that you leave everything. If you do so much work in good works, then God will give you all kinds of comforts and peace. I understand that by now all of you will have never found true happiness in your life by looting and killing and neither will you ever get true peace. Told me what I had to say. Believing it is all on you. Let us now start praying in my heart to God, that he should grant good faith to these bandits. ”

The very next moment the bandit chieftain fell at my feet and said, “Open your eyes. I will not kill you now. I accept your good advice. Truly, until today we have got only trouble and unrest due to looting and bloodshed. We have never lived in peace. Now, according to your suggestion, everyone will live only after doing the right thing, from today, he will leave this sorrowful task completely. ”The courtier told the king.

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The courtier paused for a moment and then said, “And all of them left the work of looting from that day. This is a memorable event in my life. If you see something good in it, say it. ”

he started looking in court king. The king kept quiet for a while and said, “A man who calls himself good and others bad, in fact, he is not only a good man, he is the only one who can make his good effect on the bad man so that he becomes good.” The noble deed you have done by holding the bandits in the path of evil proves you a good man. You should not consider this an exaggeration. ”
The king changed the philosophy of all the people who were in court, who were ready to prove that we are good.

Education: Discard the tendency to think of yourself as smart and foolish. There is some goodness in a person and some evil. You accept his goodness and abandon evil. This is the essence of life.


3.   The Hunger

Just like the rest of the days, today I finished my work and was returning home from the factory. The struggle of the new project that was going on with the management of the new project from the last few was finally over, I was happy to win it.

Chanting my favorite song, the eyes passed by the market, and I forgot the sweet face of Manju Batiya. Stopped the car and got everyone’s favorite sweets in the house, when he was about to sit in the car back then only the sound of glass was heard. And the day might have been unheard of, but in the mood to share the happiness, I took a lookout of the glass, a 60 – 65-year-old woman with a half-year-old baby in her lap, in a dirty kutchali saree. She was looking at the petition with outstretched hands. I had something to say about the age difference between them but stopped. His hands were still spread. Wrinkles on the face and white graying hair were clearly telling that the oppression of time has passed very heavily on him. At the time of dusk sun, her forehead was sweating that she was carrying the child for a long time and away.

In less than half a minute, his eligibility to receive donations was spilled into me, I took out five coins from my pocket and put it in my hand. While mounting the mirror, the child kept an eye on it, the color like wheat, cheeks with withers, black eyes. There was not a trace of the versatility that was found in normal children in that child. The child cried and fell silent.

The inundation of sentiment, which is waiting for such a follow, started trying to climb on me. She started turning away after praying, then my eyes again fell on the child. Sometimes he looked here and there did not seem to be a feeling of permanence or staying anywhere in his eyes. I opened the glass again and pressed the unruffled honk, the child did not seem to have any effect.

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I feared something bad. I have already expressed my apprehension to the demanding woman. Has anything happened to this child’s eye?

She said, Sahib, she is blind since childhood, she cannot hear anything so she cannot speak. Understand, the child was blind since deaf, deaf. I felt an invisible claw grabbing my neck, some bandage has been left in my eyes by twisting, some melted lead has gone into my ear. After a lot of stress, I could only ask, its mother ……? She said that when she was three months old, someone had put it in our footpath where we sleep.

I looked at the idol of Krishna in the dashboard of the car for a moment, and told the lady, he is crying constantly, maybe hungry, gave him a box of sweets nearby. Taking out the purse from the pocket, he caught the note of hundred rupees and proceeded to put the car in gear.

I left to say that place and that environment, but now whenever I have to go through the same path again, I pray that the child and it’s zero stares at me, the hungry eyes that eat can not face me.

4.   The Birthday

Chunmun was a very sweet and beautiful girl whose blond cheeks were always red like a Kashmiri apple and when she looked around her blue eyes, a smile floated on everyone’s faces.
Today Chunmun looked very beautiful because today was his “Special Day” ie his “Holi birthday”… Ever since his mother told him that his first birthday was on the day of Holi, since then he has done his birthday Holi every year. Thought to celebrate on the day of

It was not that she loved to play color or she enjoyed walking in the locality all day long like other children, rather she was mad behind the many dishes prepared on the day of Holi.

Especially the grandmother’s hand gujiya and sand. Ever since he came to know that even in the neighboring houses, near the time of Holi, delicious sweets and many different things started to be made, he ran his mind very fast. So fast… so fast, that someone else’s horse could reach there.

She declares at home that she will not take any gift from anyone on Holi as she is a very simple and naive child. If someone wants to give him something, then just bring homemade dishes, especially the sweet ones…

After this announcement by the younger Chunmun, the love of the locals grew manifold for him. They all give their children an example of chunmun, saying, there is a chunmun that no one asks for a gift and one you are the people who keep the house in the house for two months before the birthday, this is what they want… Poor children would grow up here and there by reprimanding and on the pretext of Chunmun birthday, Emirati, Jalebi, and Gujhiya used to attack with full vigor.

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Today, on her birthday, dressed in white fairy-like dress, she looked like a real angel, why didn’t she, today was her birthday, Holi, which she used to wait eagerly for the whole year.

She had just asked all the friends and a lot of neighbors in the neighborhood to bring only homemade sweets as gifts because she did not eat anything other than them all the time after her birthday.

Mummy also used to explain to her all the time that eating too sweet causes insects in the teeth causing the teeth to fall apart, but Chunmun used to hear all these things immediately from one ear and remove them.

If she ever heard the name of Jalebi or Baalshahi, then her mouth would get watery and she would crack on them. That is why she used to look at the way of her birthday throughout the year because even today her mother and father did not scold her at all and she could eat whatever she wanted with all her heart.

Today, even after a whole day of bouncing in the house, his day was spent in a large batch on an evening and as his friends and a lot of uncles and aunts started coming, he was not happy. Seeing the colorful big boxes in everyone’s hands, she had gone into some fantasy, but when everyone started giving her gifts in her hands, then somewhere she believed that she was not dreaming.

He happily cut a cake and made a lot of jumps with his friends. They all enjoyed partying, eating cake, boiling colorful balloons and dancing to favorite songs. Finally, when everyone had eaten very good food, Chunmun departed again giving him a lot of birthday wishes.

As soon as all the people were gone, Chunmun immediately started opening her gifts and broke down on them by offering a variety of delicious dishes. His mother explained to him that he should have dinner first and then eat a little cake, but what Chunmun had accepted to date, which mother would have accepted today.

He ate a lot of gujiya and then put the rest of the cans around his bed and slept. Even in the dream, she kept looking at the shops of Jalebi, the toys of the sweet potatoes and the palaces of cakes.

When she woke up in the morning, she first ate the earth immediately after brushing and took a lot of gujiya too with stubbornness in the tiffin.

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In this way, the days and nights of Chunmun nowadays are spent eating various types of sweet dishes.

One day there was a program to go for a picnic from the school side and there were groups of children doing many games and dancing. A special prize was also announced for the winning team on behalf of Principal Sir.

Chunmun was also very happy like other children. When all the children gathered in the ground at the interval, all were becoming part of some team. Many were called teachers and got themselves recruited in the team.

Chunmun was running from one teacher to another, but no one wanted to take him in his team. Seeing this insult from Chunmun’s eyes, tears flowed and then she started pleading with all the children to take her into her team, but the children ran away after seeing her.

Chunmun could not understand why everyone was treating him like that.

She started crying bitterly and sat in a corner.

Seeing this, his friend Pehu came to him and said – “You don’t know that when we go on a picnic, there will be a lot of games?”

Hearing this, Chunmun wiped tears and said – “Yes”.

“That’s why nobody wanted to join their team. did you see yourself in a mirror? Like football, you are going on day after day, and you start panting only when you walk a bit. You will beat whichever team you go to, so all the children are running away from you. ”


Hearing this, Chunmun would say something, even before Peehu said – “You never eat bread and vegetables and you don’t know how many vomit-poultry things keep eating, so our mother does not even want us to be friends with you”. Saying that as soon as Pihu was about to get up, Chunmun held her hand tightly and cried out loudly,

“I made a mistake that I never respect my mother and gave up green vegetables and nutritious food” I ate so sweet that I became so fat and unformed. But till now I could not understand that I was so weak in the greed of all these things that I did not even pick up my school bag properly Is In. But now I promise you that it will never happen again.

“No-no I will not anything”. While saying this, Pihu stood up and started to release his hand from Chunmun.

Chunmun shouted loudly while saying “don’t go … don’t leave me”.

Then he lost sleep. Opening her eyes, she saw her mother lovingly stroking her head and asking – “Did you have a scary dream?” Get up and ready quickly. This time is you to go to school. ”

Chunmun wondered and realized he had seen it all in his dream.

When she got ready quickly and reached the breakfast table, as usual, her favorite big box full of Gujhi was kept and her mother was sitting sadly.

He removed the box and said – “Forgive me, mother, I will always accept you from today and now you give me milk and fruits quickly for breakfast”.

Hearing this, Mummy looked at him with surprise and he embraced Chunmun with love.

After this, on any of his birthdays, Chunmun never asked anyone to bring a lot of sweet and delicious dishes made on Holi. Yes, it is another thing that the logic of celebrating Chunmun’s birthday on Holi was understood by everyone and there were a lot of colorful, colorful smiles on their faces.…

5.   The Holi of Smile

There was a stir throughout the house. The eight-year-old little smile kept falling forward, and grandparents and parents followed her. After all, Grandma gasped and said – “Stop, son, in my old age, will my knee be bent only by tearing it”?
Hearing this, she smiled and smiled and said, “Grandmother, why are you all following me?” I will not play Holi. ”

My dear change dress and do not play holy.

But that is my favorite dress. No, it is a pink dress.

The mother looked at Dad with a little anger and said – “I was already telling you that this beautiful frock should not be worn this morning on Holi, otherwise it will not change.”

Father silently moved from there and understood his goodness and sat down with the old paper of the previous day.

Grandpa said – “Hey we will get our queen

Muskaan looked at Grandpa with big eyes and asked – “Sure, you will not get me”?

“Yes, absolutely sure”, the grandfather said lovingly, turning his hand to his head.

“Ok” – Smile said, spread her little hands towards the mother.

Mummy lovingly lifts her up in the lap and goes to their room.

After a while Smile was ready wearing her old frock, which was already colored a bit. Muskaan came out and saw that Grandpa had yellow and pink gulal on his grandmother’s face and grandmother was tilak with green gulal on grandpa’s forehead. It was great seeing Smile.

He felt that he would take a lot of gulal and blow it on everyone, but everyone was ignoring him even after seeing him. The smile was not stopping now, so she went to Grandpa and said – “I am afraid of colors. I will not play Holi and I am sure, if anyone tries to put color on me, I will be the worst bitch ”. The smile said looking at Gulaal with glee.

“No, no… none of us will paint you” – the mother smiled while saying.

Muskan thought that the mother would make her proud, would cherish and forcefully paint a lot of color on her mouth, but nothing like this happened.

Muskan looked at the mother who was decorating Gulal’s plate with Papa, Smile went silently and stood near the window. After a while, the voices of children started coming from outside. He could not stop smiling.

He slowly opened the window and saw that his friends were completely tinted in green, pink, blue, yellow. They were all having a lot of fun and coloring each other with squeaks.

Smile shouted happily – “Hey mummy, look at Nikki, how she is wandering around and adding dry color to everyone’s hair”!

Hearing the smile, the mother came there and smiled seeing the colorful children.

A smile was not able to take her eyes off her friends even for a moment.

In her own tune, she then chirped and said, “Just look at Bablu, he has drowned in the water of the whole fountain.” Oh, how fun they are all splashing, isn’t it?

Mom saw the smile and said – “But, don’t go out at all.” You don’t like the color, don’t you?

She woke up like a smile and said softly – “Yes … Why do I like the color?” I don’t like colors at all “?

Smile now stood up very quietly. But then his friends started dancing vigorously.

“Hey, where is the sound of this song coming from”? Thinking, Smile looked around here and there.

Then he got his eyes on Golu’s father, who was playing a tape recorder standing in a corner.

“Wow …” they are all really enjoying. There is so much fun dancing in colorful water, but I kept insisting that I will not play Holi, now what to do… how to go out. Smile thought.

Then came the voice of Papa’s laugh, he turned back, and grandfather, grandmother, mother, and father were all sitting comfortably and gossiping with each other and giving greetings of Holi. Then she remembered that last year the mother had put a red color on her cheek, she cried and cried and she did not talk to the mother for several days and rubbed her cheek for about an hour. Was. All his friends kept celebrating him for how long but he also returned them from the door itself. For how long they all kept on knocking at the poor door, but the smile kept sitting with the door closed. Golu had come near the window and said. Aaja Muskan, it would be fun to play Holi and Muskan angrily closed the window very fast.

Golu’s finger was also pressed. For how long Golu’s nails remained black and then his friends did not talk to him for several days. But then everyone forgot each other and everything started going as before. But today, on the day of Holi, he did not come to call a single friend, nor did his mother paint him. Tears welled up in Smile’s eyes. He thought that if the mistake is his, then he will have to apologize. After all, the teacher has also explained that apologizing does not make one any less.

Wiping his tears, Smile reached near Gulal’s plate and picked up a pinch of Gulal and put it in Grandpa’s cheek.

Grandpa embraced him with love. What was it then? Mama and papa’s grandmother all embraced a smile and fed them, sweets.

“Mom, you have not forgiven me…” The smile said softly while looking at the mother.

“Nothing beats my sweet chubby smile …

“Can someone be angry at such a sweet and chubby smile

Muskaan immediately asked – “So will my friends also forgive me”?

“Yes, I will do it … why won’t I do good … here you take your atomizer” – saying Papa gave a very beautiful yellow atomizer smile from the cupboard and also some packets full of colors.

The mummy said-, play Holi with your friends.”

“True… but first, open a door” – Smile said looking at the door, but the upper latch.

Papa laughingly opened the door and the smile reached near the fountain at the speed of the wind.

The smile was clean in all the painted faces. He looked at Golu and said – “I want to say something”.

I understood, the tears floating in Smile’s eyes as if she had told everything.

Golu’s heart melted – he said – “Don’t say anything, take it at first”, saying that Golu left his colored pitcher on him.

What was just then, all friends came around him and started showering colors on him. Today, people who always disliked the colors seemed to have colors, very nice…




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