Short Stories for kids

 Short Stories for kids

Introduction – These all the Short stories for kids are Separated to get success in their life Because everyone Motivates Theirself after listening or hearing and reading the story of success others and who have done something big in their life after learning some thoughts so, in these Short stories for kids, you all will also get many ideas to go ahead in your life. These all virtuous and righteous thoughts or massive excellent, as well as upstanding, are given by great people which we all need to implement to get achievements in their life.

Short Stories for kids Short Stories for kids

1.  The Hen

Once upon a time, there was a lot of rooster in a village. The village child had harassed anyone chicken. The cock got upset, he thought I would not make a sound the next morning.

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Everyone will keep sleeping, then everyone will understand my importance, and will not tease me. The cock did not say anything the next morning.

All the people got up on time and started doing their work, on this, the chicken understood that no work stops without anyone. Everyone’s work goes on.

Ethics – should not boast. Your priority is logo shows without informing.

2. The Lion

A lion most of the time be the king of the jungle. He lives in his forest scaring everyone. The lion is fierce and powerful. One day the king of the city went for a walk in the forest. The lion saw the king sitting on the elephant posture.

The lion’s mind also suggests a solution to sit on the elephant with a pedestal. The lion told all the animals of the forest and ordered that an asana be placed on the elephant. What was there, quickly became easy. The lion jumped and sat in the seat on the elephant.

As the elephant moves forward, the posture is shaken and the lion falls down. The lion’s leg broke and the lion stood up and said – “Walking is fine.” ‘

Ethical education – whose work was embellished, the lion wanted to copy the man and the result proved wrong.

3. The future of Children

Pinky is a very sweet girl. Pinky teaches in class II. One day he saw a train in his book. He remembered his train journey, which he had done a few days earlier with Papa-Mummy.

Pinky raised the chowk and, what was then, made the train engine on the wall. The first box was added to it, the second box was added, many boxes were added. When Pinky woke up in the square, she saw that a train had been built on half the wall of the classroom.

Then what happened – the train went to Delhi, went to Mumbai, went to America, went to Nani’s house, and also to Grandpa’s house.

Ethical education – Boost the morale of children, let the future of tomorrow be built from today.

4.The hard work of Rat

A mischievous mouse arrives at Golu’s house. He was very small but used to run in the whole house. He had also written a book about Golu. Some clothes were also given by the dog.

Golu’s mother who cooks and keeps it uncovered, the rat used to lick her too. The mouse was grown by eating and drinking. One day Golu’s mummy kept the syrup in a bottle. The mischievous mouse looked at the bottle. The rat was tired of many tricks, he had to drink syrup.

The rat is able to open the lid in some way mounted on the bottle. Now the rat tries to penetrate it. The mouth of the bottle was small, it does not penetrate. Then the rat got the idea, he put his tail in the bottle.

The tail becomes wet with the syrup and by licking it, the rat’s stomach is full. Now he started resting on his bed made under Golu’s pillow.

Ethical education – no work is impossible by working hard.

5. The Happiness

Dholu – Molu had two brothers. Both played a lot, studied and sometimes fought a lot. One day both were playing behind their house.

The cats were in the room. The cat’s mother had gone somewhere, both children were alone. He looked like Starve and was weeping. Dholu – Molu heard the sound of both kittens and called his grandfather.

Grandpa saw both kittens were hungry. Grandpa fed the two kittens and fed them a bowl of milk. Now the cat’s appetite subsided. They both started playing amongst themselves. Seeing this, Dholu-Molu said the cat survived. Grandpa complimented Dholu-Molu.

Ethical education – happiness is good for others

6. The Real Truth

Ritesh studied in class III. He had three small cute rabbits. Ritesh loved his rabbit very much. Before going to school, he used to bring green soft grass from Pak and feed his rabbit. And then went to school. He used to bring grass for him even after coming from school.

It is a matter of one day that Riteish was delayed for school. He could not bring grass and go to school. The rabbit was not in his house when he came from school. Ritesh searched a lot but could not find anywhere. Everyone asked, but the rabbit could not be found anywhere.

Ritesh became sad, crying and eyes turned red. Ritesh started crying in the park. After a while, he sees that all three of his rabbits were eating grass, and playing. Ritesh was happy and understood that he was hungry so he came to the park. When I feel hungry, I ask for food from my mother. But they do not have me either. He also felt sad and was happy to meet the rabbit.

Ethics – One who understands the pain of others does not even know grief.

7. The Friends

Veda visits her grandmother at her summer vacation. There the Vedas enjoy a lot, because the granny has a mango garden. There Veda eats and plays a lot of mangoes. He also has five friends, but Beda does not feed them mangoes.

Once upon a time, Ved got hurt while playing. Veda’s friends picked Veda and brought her home and told her mother about her injuries, on which Veda was massaged.

Mummy thanked those friends and fed them lots of mangoes. When Veda recovered, he understood the importance of a friend. Now he used to play with them and eat a lot of mangoes.

Ethical education – friend happiness – partner of sorrow. You should love them, do not hide anything.

8. The Wondering of Birds

There was a bird, she used to fly very high, kept chirping around here and there. Sometimes on this branch, it used to puddle on that branch. But that bird had a habit of keeping whatever stones he had with him in the day, good or bad, in his bag and often saw those stones coming out of the bundle and looked at the good stones. Seeing the good things that happened in the past, she would be happy. And sad to see the bad stones.

Used to do it every day. Due to the collection of stones every day, his bundle was getting heavier day by day. After a few days, he started having trouble flying with a bundle. But she could not understand why she could not get up.

After some time, the bag was getting heavier and heavier. Now it was difficult to even for him to walk on the ground. And one day it came that she could not even arrange food and drink for herself and died under the burden of her stones.

Moral Of the Story –
Friends, the same happens with us when we keep old things with us. Instead of enjoying our present, we keep thinking about the things of the past. Enjoy this moment.

9. The Relationship

Once upon a time, the girl was there. She was so beautiful, whoever looked at her, kept on watching. But he used to get angry. In anger, she would say anything to anyone. Everyone at home was very upset with this habit. Once his father thought to teach him a lesson.

His father gave him some nail and blows and said that for one month we will do an activity in which you have to reduce anger for just one month, after that you can get as much anger as you want. And whenever you get angry and you speak badly to someone, put a nail in the wall. And have to try to reduce the anger, the girl is ready.

whenever she got angry and said something to someone, she would put a nail in the wall. The first time she put 30 nails. But slowly the nail in the wall started working. In 15 days, that girl did the worst thing to say. Now his father told him that if you do not speak badly to anyone once you are angry, then remove one nail from your nail.

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The girl did the same. By the end of 1 month, all the nails were removed from the wall. The girl was very happy that she won the game. Ar started telling her father
See, all the nails went out of the wall.

His father said that the nail went out of the wall, but does the wall look as beautiful as before. Marks have been read all over the wall.

The father explained to his daughter, similarly, when you get angry at someone, then bad marks are left in your relationship. And one day these marks also spoil Risto, the girl’s point was understood and she reduced her anger from that day.

Moral of the Story Friends, everyone has the same condition. We say the opposite of what we can get angry on, and we spoil our relationship. We make a habit of getting angry and we get angry at what we can do.

As if the boss has said something in the office, we cannot say anything to him, then he comes home and scolds the children without any fault.
Therefore, rectify this bad habit before your relationship deteriorates.

10.The Elephant

Once, a person was going with Elephant tied with a rope and somebody saw it. He was surprised that such a moving animal is being tied to the rope by this lighter.

Another person asked the owner of the elephant “How is it possible that such a big animal is not able to break a light rope and is following you |

The owner of the elephant said that when these elephants are small, they are tied with a rope, at that time they try to break the rope but cannot break it. If they do not break that rope even after repeated attempts, elephants think that they cannot break this rope and they stop trying to grow.

moral – Friends, we also keep many such negative things in our mind that we cannot. And we tie ourselves with a rope that does not really exist.

11.The level of understanding

Once upon a time, there were 3 disciples of a Guruji. Guru Ji tied some lentils in a bundle to his 3 disciples and told them to use all three of them as per their choice. And I met me after 1 year.

The three disciples took their own bundles and left.
The first disciple opened the bundle and he saw that it contains only grains of the gram, he took the grain and kept it in worship that this Guruji has given us prasad and worshiped him daily.

The other disciple saw that there are grains of a gram in it, so he made his pulse and he ate the pulse himself and he fed his family.

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On the other hand, the third disciple saw and thought that Guruji has given these grains of lentils, then there will be some mystery in it. Feeding lentils bread
After 1 year all three disciples came to Guruji. And all three told Guruji one by one what did he do with that bundle.

Guruji said that I have given the same knowledge to everyone but everyone picked up the knowledge according to their reverence. The same thing happens to us as well, in a class, the teacher reads all the children together; they study the same, but a child topped someone becomes a failure, how much we stabilize our intellect, how we use our mind.

It gives direction to tour life. So always keep learning attitude, keep learning and make life good.

12.The scorpion

Once upon a time, a saint was going to the shore by sea. He saw a scorpion which was drowning in water. The saint got pity, he picked it up and left it out of the water. The saint was carrying away the scorpion again, and the scorpion started stinging the saint, yet the saint saved him from the water. Then a wave came and took away that scorpion.

The saint then rescued him. The scorpion tried to sting again. It happened many times that the saint would try to save him and sting a scorpion. A person was watching all this, he came to the saint and asked why are you saving that scorpion, let it kill you, it is stinging you, so the saint responded that how can the scorpion leave its sting If you are leaving, how can I leave my nature to hit others?

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moral – We may not be like those saints, but we are human, we have a good nature of our own, but when others do bad, we leave our good nature and start replying to him according to his bad nature, like someone has done something with us. If we have done wrong then we also start doing wrong with it and after doing this many times.

It becomes our nature after a few years and we start doing wrong with everyone. Therefore, we should not change what is our nature if someone does something wrong.

13. The Greedy

There used to be a farmer in a village. Working hard day and night, he wanted to earn a lot of money but was greedy and stingy because he used to spend nothing, whenever he felt like eating his meat, he would kill any creature from the forest and cook it.

One day he took a golden idol from the forest and brought it home. His wife was very happy to see the idol because she was greedy like her husband. She immediately sat down with the knife to halter the idol.

Before she could shoot the knife on the neck of the idol, the idol said – Do not kill me, I will make you rich. Seeing the idol speaking in human language, the farmer’s wife got scared and she shouted and called her husband. Listen, this is an elusive chicken, it speaks like us, what God said? Does a farmer speak like a human?

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Yes, she says “will become we rich”. La I cut it maybe it is doing this to save its life.

As soon as the farmer went to cut the chicken, the chicken again said – Oh you stupid farmer! Hearing my words, the idol gathered courage and said, “Save my life, I will make you rich.” Hearing this, the farmer said – well, how will you reward me? Do you consider me stupid? “The farmer was tempted to listen to the chicken”

Then the idol said – I will give you a golden egg every day, after listening to the hen the golden egg hears water in the farmer’s mouth. He looked at his wife. Do you know that this idol is telling the truth, what is the harm in trying once? If it turns out to be false then we can do it tomorrow also.

The farmer got the word of his wife. He kept the idol in a good aviary and made good grain water. On the second day, as soon as the husband and wife opened the sculpture, they were surprised to see that there was a golden egg lying in the aviary.

The farmer grabbed it, then it started happening every day, the idol would give a golden egg every day. In a few days, the farmer became prosperous, he built a Pakki Haveli in place of the raw house, kept the knuckles for taking care of the fields, bought a horse-baggy to go somewhere.

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But even after all this, the farmer did not get the craving, he wanted more money because he had not yet become as rich as the zamindar of the village. As he was getting rich, his greed was also increasing.

Sometimes he thinks that his golden idol will give two eggs every day, then it will soon become rich. Once he thought that perhaps the idol had eggs lying in its stomach, but this evil idol gives me only one egg if I tear the stomach and take out all the eggs together then what is the harm?

Thinking that the greedy farmer picked up a knife and caught the hen and gave the hen a lot of giddiness and explained to him that the farmer, do not be lured too much if you get lured and kill me, you will even wash your hands with an egg.

But the farmer thought that the idol was making him stupid, so he did not listen to one and tore his stomach. The idol died and not a single egg came out, but now the farmer kept rubbing his hands.

moral – A person’s life is looted by greed, and many people are looted as well. Both greed and craving are things that have no end! By completing them, the human being definitely comes to an end. So always avoid greed, and work with your intelligence.

14. The Solution

Once upon a time, a new daughter came to the village after getting married. There was an atmosphere of happiness all around. Now was the time of multi-planetary entry. At the same time the mother-in-law sees that a cat has entered the house, she was just cutting the path of the daughter.

The mother-in-law was a little old-minded, she picked up a basket and put the cat’s side so that the cat could not cut the path of the daughter-in-law. Bahu saw the mother-in-law with a basket over the cat. After a while, the mother-in-law died. Bahu had a boy. He is now married. The boy was married. It was the turn of multi-planetary entry.

Mother-in-law said that it is our custom when a new daughter-in-law comes, the cat is covered with a basket and the mother-in-law enters the planet. And it became custom.

Moral of the Story
Friends, we get to learn from this story that we make any practice without thinking and spread many fears in the society that if it does not happen then something will go wrong. For example, if the cat is cut off, then it is bad, or if the tick comes, it should not go away from home. And all these slowly turn into fear and make a person weak.

Totke is not needed to get success, you just need to leave Totko Totke. All Totko Totke have the same treatment, ignore them.
Let’s build a civilized society, liberate India from Totko Totke.

15. Victory is Beyond Fear

Friends, this is a story of a wolf who once used to be young and nimble but says that he does not sit for any time, he always keeps on walking.

And now that the jackal was old, he did not have much strength to hunt his stomach’s hunger, sometimes he had to sleep hungry.

The jackal had not eaten for several days and the hungry stomach was wandering around. One day Jackal is going somewhere and he comes to know that a dead body of a dog is lying on this road and he thought to go that way to satisfy his stomach’s hunger.

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Jackal was on his way, he heard a frightening sound coming from the same side on the way, Jackal got scared and he changed his path but then he thought that if I went through this path then due to hunger my life would have to go If there are people, then why not walk this hunger to satisfy your hunger.

And the jackal started on the same path on which the dead body of the dog was lying, after reaching there, he saw that two branches of the tree were colliding with each other and that sound was coming from them.

Seeing this, the jackal started laughing loudly at himself that I was afraid in Phaltu, well I did not change my path.

And he erased his stomach’s hunger from the dog’s dead body.


When we are moving forward towards our goal in our life, many scary voices will come in our way that some people come back from the same fear and some lives move at stake. And those who go ahead create history and the world remembers them for ages.

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