Short Baby Story to Read Moral

Short Baby Story to Read Moral

Short Baby Story to Read Moral
Short Baby Story to Read Moral


These all the Short Baby Story to Read Moral are Separated to get success in their life Because everyone Motivates their selves after listening or hearing and reading the story of success others and who have done something big in their life after learning some thoughts so short Baby Story to Read Moral you all will also get many ideas to go ahead in your life.

These all virtuous and righteous thoughts or massive excellent, as well as upstanding, are given by great people which we all need to implement to get achievements in our life.

1.   The Happiest in the World

Short Baby Story to Read Moral

Once upon a time, a crow lived in a forest, he was very happy, because he did not have many desires. He was satisfied with his life, but once he saw a goose in the forest and upon seeing it, he started thinking how beautiful this creature is, such a creature I have never seen before! So clean and white. It is very white and beautiful in this forest, so it must be very happy.

Kova went to Hans and asked, brother, you are so beautiful, so you will be very happy?

To this Hans replied, Yes, I used to be very happy at first until I saw the parrot. After seeing him, it seems that the parrot is the most beautiful creature on earth. We both have the same color of the body, but the body of a parrot has two colors, there was a red circle around its neck and it was green in color, it was really beautiful.

Now the crow thought that Hans is telling the parrot the most beautiful, then he has to see it.

The crow went to the parrot and asked brother, will you be happy to get two colors?

To this, the parrot said, yes I was happy until I saw the peacock. I have only two colors, but there are many colors on the peacock’s body.

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Now the crow thought who is happy, I will only know this. So now we have to meet peacock. The crow found the peacock in the jungle but could not find a single peacock in the entire forest and while searching for the peacock, he reached the zoo, so many people came to see the peacock and there is a huge crowd around it.

After everyone left, the crow asked the peacock, brother, you are the most beautiful creature in the world and colorful, people were photographed with you. You must like it very much and you will be the happiest creature in the world?

On this, the peacock said sadly, even if the brother is beautiful, what difference does it make! People keep me captive in this zoo, but no one keeps you captive in the zoo and you can roam freely on your own. That is why you should be the most satisfied and happy creature in the world because you remain free. The crow was surprised because the importance of his life was revealed to someone else.

Friends, we do the same. We compare our happiness and qualities with others, people whose living environment is completely different from us. There are many such things in our life, which only we have, but we are not happy considering its importance. But the small happiness of others also makes us feel big, while we ignore our great happiness.

2.   The River

Short Baby Story to Read Moral

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in a village. His name was Chhotu, he used to work in the fields all day and used to run his family. Though Chhotu had grown up now, he had seen a lot of poverty since childhood.

Chhotu always felt how hard his life is. One problem does not end that the other begins. The whole life is being spent on solving these problems.
One such day, Chhotu approached a monk and told him all his troubles, how he found it difficult to manage his household expenses, how hard he was able to fulfill his responsibilities.

After telling all his problems, he asked the monk how to face the difficulties of life. If one problem ends then another start.
Sadhu Maharaj laughed and said – Come with me, I tell you the solution to your problem.

The monk took Chhotu to the bank of a river and said – I will go across the river and tell you the solution. Saying so, the monks stood on the banks of the river. Chhotu also stood with him. He was too late to stand like this. Chhotu asked in surprise that Maharaj, we have to cross the river, so why are we standing on the shore for so long?

Sadhu Maharaj said – Son, I am waiting for the water of this river to dry up when it dries up then there will be no problem and we will cross the river comfortably.

Chhotu found the monk’s words silly, he said – how can the water of the Maharaj river dry up, what are you talking about …

The monk said with a laugh – this is what I want to explain to you son. How can this happen if there are no problems while living in life?

Must-Know Short Baby Story to Read Moral

When you know that the water of the river will not dry, you will have to try and cross the river on your own. In the same way, problems will continue in life, you all have to keep looking for solutions through your own efforts. If you sit on the banks and wait for the water of the river to dry, then you will not be able to get anything for life.

Water will keep flowing, problems will continue to come, but you have to go ahead by ripping the edge of the river, every problem has to be dashed. Only then you will be able to move forward in life. Now Chhotu understood the words of Sadhu Maharaj very well.

3.   The Politeness

Short Baby Story to Read Moral
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Once upon a time, there was a saint, he often traveled and his rule was that he used to take shelter of such people, whose idea of ​​pickle was good and the house was pure. This time he thought of going to Vrindavan but it was the night before he reached a distance of a few miles before reaching. So they thought that the path they were walking on would spend the night in the village and they would get up early in the morning and start their journey again.

Now according to his rule, he had to find a house that would be worth living for him. When he questioned some people about this, someone told him that all the people of the village near Braj are religious and devotees of Krishna.

The saint went to that village and knocked on the door of a person’s house and said: Brother, I want to rest a little, so can I spend the night at your house? But my one rule is that I only take food and water from the house of whose house the idea of ​​ethics is pure.

To this, the person said: Excuse me, Maharaj, I am an insignificant person in this village. But all the people of this village are more sacred than me. Still, if you stay in my house, I will consider myself lucky.

On this, the saints did not say anything and went ahead, they went ahead and requested another person to spend the night. So this other person said: Maharaj, I do not consider myself as holy as everyone else in this village. Still, if you stay in my house, I will be very happy.
The saint then proceeded without saying anything. Now everyone who went home said almost the same thing.

Now the saint began to feel ashamed of his own thinking that he, being a saint, has such small thinking to think of others as small. Whereas a common man who is a householder, while performing the responsibilities of his family, has taken such best behavior that he is describing himself as the youngest of the village and others better than himself!

Now he went to the first man and said to him: Sorry, I think every person in this village is holy, but I would like to stay at your house.
Friends, this story teaches us to be humble. Thinking of yourself as small and not comparing yourself to others makes you a great person in real life.


4.   Guru and Shiahya

Guru and Shishya

A disciple went to his village after taking a week’s leave from his guru. Then the city had to go on foot. On the way, he saw a well on the way.

The disciple was thirsty, so he drew water from the well and closed his throat. The disciple had wonderful satisfaction because the water in the well was extremely soft and cold.

The disciple thought: why don’t I drink here also for Guruji? The coat was filled and returned to the ashram. He reached the ashram and told Guruji everything.
Guruji drank the disciple’s water and drank water and felt satisfied. He said to the disciple: water is like the water of the Ganges. The disciple was happy. Hearing these praises from Guruji, the disciple took orders and went to his village.

Shortly after, another disciple who lived in the ashram arrived at Guruji and also expressed his desire to drink water. Guruji gave the disciple the mushroom. As soon as the disciple filled the sip, he rinsed the water.

The disciple said: Guruji, there is no bitterness in this water, nor this cold water. You have praised this disciple unnecessarily so much.

Guruji said: Son, sweetness, and freshness are not in this water, so what happened? It is in the mind of the wearer. When this disciple had to drink water, his love grew in my heart. It is important, I did not like the water of this flash like you. But I didn’t mean to make her sad to say that.

It is possible that when the water is filled in the flash, it is cold and if the flash is not clean, the water does not stay the same but does not reduce the love of the wearer’s mind.

History lesson: things that hurt others’ minds can be avoided and good can be found in every evil.

5.   The Jeweler

After the death of a jeweler, his family was in trouble. I also had to eat food.
One day his wife gave his son a sapphire necklace and said, “Son, take him to your uncle and tell him to sell it and give the money.

Son, he took the necklace and went to Chachaji.

Uncle looked at the necklace deeply and said, “Son, tell the mother that the market is very dirty now. Sell ​​a little, you will get good prices. And by giving him a small amount of money, he asked you to come and sit in the store from tomorrow.

The next day, the boy started going to the store every day and began to learn the work of diamonds and precious stones there. One day he became a great connoisseur and people came from all over to try his diamond.

One day, his uncle said to him, “Son, take this necklace to your mother and tell her that now the market is very fast, you will get good prices.”

Taking his mother’s defeat, he tested it and discovered it was wrong. He left it at home and returned to the store.

Uncle told, “it is not defeated?

He told, “Itis false.”

Then the uncle said, “ When you brought the necklace for the first time, then I would have said it was wrong, then you would have thought we had a bad time today, then the uncle started calling our thing fake and today when you found out then it turned out This necklace is really fake.

The truth is that what we think, see and know in this unconscious world is all wrong. And because of these misunderstandings, relationships are deteriorating.

6.   Properties of brinjal

Bablu was quarreling with his sister for a long time. The sister was older than him and was patient for a long time. Finally, he got angry. Bidding silences or not, otherwise, I will beat and make it filling.

Bablu was also very fond of not only quarrelsome food. He grabbed the sister’s tongue as soon as he heard the filling, oh wow! I like it very much. Brinjal fills with hot paratha. The sister understood that she was not the one to win over her brother. He took the initiative of reconciliation.

Gourmet Rama, when he sees, he thinks of eating. Okay, tell me this is the food of brinjal. Bablu was not such an easily compromised creature. He said, I like to eat a little of the brinjal, I like the brinjal more than anything.


Meanwhile, the children’s mother arrived in the room. At first, she had come out with an intention to calm the quarrel, but upon hearing the mention of the brinjals, she too started extinguishing the puzzles… The brinjals of the bazaar are just like or even know where are being made. Before the elder sister wins, Bablu replied impatiently like a contestant in Antakshari.

In Hyderabad, in Hyderabad… brinjal brinjals are made there and they contain sourness of tamarind and…. The sister continued to tease her brother while writhing his nose. I do not like brinjal at all, neither it is full, nor the bhagars. You do not remember what the emperor Akbar named the brinjal in the story of Akbar Birbal. Eggplant, which does not have any quality.

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Bablu said in a shaken fashion on the bath, and why are you forgetting it, Emperor Akbar was also happy with the flavor of brinjal and said to Birbal that look, this vegetable is the king of all vegetables, only then it has a crown on its head. By now the sister was ready to compete, said… What about Birbal, it was absolutely eggplant. Where the plate tilted and rolled away.

Mother was also enjoying the things of children. He was not restrained without… The girl still stood on her stubbornness… Whatever I say, I do not like the filling nor the brinjal. Bablu was not going to leave the victim so easily… and who was eating that stuffed pickled eggplant in a picnic that day?

I got only half a piece. The mother again defended the middle and said… Look how wonderful this vegetable really is… Know how many ways it is cooked in different parts of the country.

In Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, people roast it in a tandoor or in coal and fry it in raw mustard oil. In Orissa also eat it with fervor. In Hyderabad, Andhra, as well as many other places with tamarind, jaggery and ground peanuts, it can be seen in the form of a bath. In Tamil Nadu, it is custom to put small brinjals in sambar as well. Sister said… and you forgot the pickled eggplants. The mother started laughing.

I don’t know, I like you the most. The long brinjals were filled with four slices of ripe fennel, kalonji, fenugreek, and mango powder, he said…

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