Must know ,How our rejections punish us

Must know, How our rejections punish us


One day, one person came from the village to Delhi to visit the temple. So he was 1 kilometer far from the temple and he did not know, which side is the temple. That is why he said to ricksha man, leave me temple but first tell me how much money you will take.

ricksha man told him 20 rupees but the stranger denied who came from the village. The stranger said to him, it is only 1 kilometer so why should I give you 10 rupees. At last, the stranger said, if you want 5 rupees then I can give you otherwise, I can go by walking also. The ricksha man denied.

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After that, then stranger started to walk and he was thinking. I am going nearby the temple but by the mistake or unfortunately. He went in the wrong direction and did not reach to temple  After a few hours, ricksha man again mat to the stranger.

Now again asked the stranger to ricksha man, now I am the nearby temple, tell me, In how much money you will leave me to the temple then RicKsha man said to a stranger now I will take 80 rupees. The stranger was shocked to listen to it. The stranger asked why” RicKsha man told him this time you are so far from the temple that time you were 1 kilometer far from the temple but that time you were 1  kilometer from the temple that is why.

Now stranger gave him 80 rupees and went to the temple.


1     Never become, much clever.

2     Try always to compromise with everyone

3     If you do not something then do not hesitate to ask.

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