Best 11 Motivational story book to Read for 2020

Best 11 Motivational Books to Read for 2020

Introduction -:

These Best 11 Motivational Books to Read for 2020 are written by many best motivational entrepreneurs as well as authors these are from top motivational books Because After reading these your Creativity and Productivity will bounce towards boom area. These Best 11 Motivational Books to Read for 2020 these Motivational Books are very important for the student they must read as the understanding for making a career. These books of motivational books of all time will give them the energy to do things.

So Let’s Start Now Best 11 Motivational Books to Read for 2020  ………..

1.The Power of Positive Thinking

This is the first book from the Motivational Books was written by Norman Vincent Peale in 1952 and was an American Minister considered as the best positive thinker.

The Main Features of Book Given Are…

Best 11 Motivational story book to Read for 2020

  1. It will help to brush up your mental power, what you expect.
  2. You can change your negative thinking towards positive.
  3. Your Mind Will create ideal thoughts towards the work.
  4. This book will transform your laziness into energy.
  5. You can be seeing your positive mindset after reading it.
  6. Book will prepare you Achieving the goals.
  7. It will build confidence and will power in you.
  8. you will be able to beat the negativity.
  9. After reading it you will able to see your conversion in every sector as best performance.
  10. You will be seeing happiness and humility in you towards others.                                                                                                                                                      Check The Full detail

2. Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow is the 2nd book from 11 Motivational Books

  • The book is written by Napoleon Hill. He was an American Journalist. This Book has some Fundamentals rule to become Rich in Life. The Book will build you to become master in all these fields Which you will see below as Feature…………

The Main Features of This Book Given Are…

Best 11 Motivational story book to Read for 2020

  • 1. This Book Will create the desire in you do the activities
  • 2. You will become faith able so everyone will believe in you
  • 3. The book will make you generate the autosuggestions towards the work
  • 4. After reading it you will be seeing specialization knowledge in one sector
  • 5. You will able to imagine then thinge before starting or completing the task
  • 6. Your mindset will able to make decisions with the proven facts
  • 7. You will be doing the activities with the persistence or with the continuity
  • 8. Book will introduce you with proven facts to becoming the rich
  • 9. You will be able to listen to your subconscious mind’s ideas
  • 10 You will be becoming the master in the planning of the task
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    3. Now, Discover Your Strength

  • Now, Discover your Strength is the 3rd book from Motivational Books

  • The book is written by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O.In the Year of 2001. This book will help you to get or increase your strength for any work if you do not have then you should read this book Th Major features of the book are given Below…………

The Major features of the book Given Are…

  1. It will tell you to find out dominating strength
  2. The book will help you to boost your strengths
  3. It will tell you to use the leverage in any sector
  4. How you can increase the productivity of work
  5. you will know about some tools to ascertaining the strengths
  6. You will know how anyone can get skills to earn more
  7. You will be getting ideas to become effective and produce with efficiency
  8. It will build you to get mastery in specialized skill
  9. You will able to control your unnecessary thoughts and will become to convert into necessary thoughts
  10. Your desire will make you talented.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Check The Full Detail

4. The Magic of thinking Big

The Magic of thinking is the 4th book from Motivational Books

This book was written by David J. Schwartz, it was published in 1987

The 5 Biggest feature of Book Given Are…

1. Be Humble

The Magic thinking Big
The Magic thinking Big

In the words of Schwartz:
“There is no more convincing way to make people want you to encourage them to talk to you.”

2.Thinking It’s Possible

Believing Allows You to See the Routes to Success

“Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution pays the way to solution.”

3. Ignore the Haters

A piece of very simple advice, but always smart to remember: if someone is someone who falls, gossips, is friendlier or simply has a simple meaning, ignore it.

Change the subject, getaway or just nod and say, “Oh, I see.” For people who can’t leave work, ask a manager to have good advice.
When your family is, remember, even the most advanced of us fight for it.

4. One Step At a Time

To make your dreams come true, you must take action, but that action shouldn’t be grand.

Or, perhaps it’s going to the grocery store, buying healthy food for the week, and making one healthy meal. And then another, and another.

Whatever your goal, you can take one forward step toward it, probably right now.

5. Do More, Not Less

Being busy forces you to find extreme competition and prioritize.
In my personal life, I discovered that my ability to achieve more than the second one added responsibilities, projects, classes and hobbies to my painting.
Even Jennifer Lawrence agrees:
“When I’m not working, I’m the laziest person.


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5. Choose Yourself

Choose Yourself is the 4th book from Motivational Books

James Altucher has written this book in 2013. He was a Founder of company approximately 20 companies he has found

The 5 major ideas of the book Given Are…

Choose Yourself

  1.  In this book you have two options: become a temporary employee become an artist “
  2. Rejection, and fear of rejection, is the biggest obstacle we face in choosing ourselves. “
  3. Think only of the people you enjoy. You just need to read the books you love, that make you happy to be a human being, just go to the events that make you laugh or fall in love.
  4. The only skills you need to be an entrepreneur are the ability to fail, have ideas, sell and implement those ideas, and be continuous even when you don’t learn and move on to the next adventure.
  5. Everyone Is in the world to teach you something just you have to learn it                                                                                                                                                  Check The Full Detail

6.  Smarter, Faster, Better

Smarter, Faster, Better is the 6th book from Motivational Books

The book is written by Charles Duhigg in 2016

Major Ideas in this book or as features

Smarter, Faster, Better

  • 1. To motivate you, you must think you have independence from your actions and your environment.
  • 2. People who are particularly good at handling their attention generally tell their stories all the time.
  • 3. Experience has shown that people with SMART goals are more likely to take advantage of easier tasks, become obsessed with project completion and freeze priorities once the goal is set.
  • 4. Good decisions depend on the main ability to visualize what will happen next
  • Innovation becomes more likely when old ideas are mixed with new forms.
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    7. Start With Why

  • Start With Why is the 7th book from Motivational Books
  • This book was written by Simon Sinek in 2004. He was American Motivational Author

    The Main features this book

    Start With Why

    1. Assume That You Know

    2. The Golden Circle of Life

  • 3.Clarity, Discipline, and Consistency4.The Emergency of Trust
  • 5. Start With Why But Know-How
  • 6.Know Why. Know-How. Then What?
  • 7. Communication is about Listening8.The Origin of a Why9.The New Competition10.Split Happens

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    • 8. The Richest Man in Babylon

    • The Richest Man in Babylon is the 8th book from Motivational Books
    • The book was written by  Richest man Babylon in 1926. He was the richest man in the city.
    • The Big Features of This Book given are…

Motivational story book to Read

  • 1. To fulfill your dreams and desires to fulfill, you must succeed with the money
  • 2. The laws of money are similar to the laws of gravity: guaranteed and unchanged.
  • 3. Money is abundant for those who understand the simple laws of making money.
  • 4. You must always have the income to keep your portfolio complete
  • 5. It is easy to say, but many people never reach a great deal of wealth because they never seek to do so. They don’t really look for him, they focus on him and stick to him
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    9. Rich Dad and Poor Dad

  • Rich Dad and Poor Dad is the 9th book from all Motivational Books
  • This book was written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter in 1997. He was

The Hidden Features of this Book are…

Motivational story book to Read

1.The poor and the middle-class work for money. The rich have money for them

2. It does not matter how much you have earned money whatever you have earned. This is the amount of money you save

3. The rich get the assets. The poor and the middle class acquire the obligations they consider active.

4. Financial preparation is what you do with the money once you get it, how you prevent people from taking it away from you, how you keep it longer and how you make money work hard for you

5. The strongest individual assets we all have are our minds


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    • 10. So Good They Can’t Ignore You

    • So Good They Can not Ignore is the last book from all Motivational Books
    • The author of this book was Cal Newport and it was written in 2012. He was a writer and professor.
    • The Features of the book Given are…

Motivational books to Read

  • 1. The conventional wisdom of professional success, follow your passion, has serious failures. Not only does it not describe how most people really end up with compelling professional jobs, but for many people, it can make things worse: it leads to a chronic job change and extreme anxiety when one’s reality inevitably falls into short dreams.
  • 2. If you don’t focus on being too good and you can’t ignore yourself, you’ll be left behind.
  • 3. Regardless of how you feel about your work at this time, adopting the mindset of a craftsman will be the basis on which to build an attractive career.
  • 4. If you just look up and work hard, you will soon reach a level of performance beyond which you cannot improve. To successfully adopt a literal mentality, we must treat our work with dedication to intentional practice.
  • 5. The control obtained without working capital is not sustainable.

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    • 11. The Miracle Morning

    • The Morning Miracle is the last Book From the Motivational books
    • The Author Of This Book Was Hal Elrod. This book was written in 2012.
    • The Major Ideas of This Book Are……

Motivational books to Read

  • 1. Do not choose the easy, choose the right.
  • 2. Pressing the afternoon nap button gives us permission not to track the things we intend to do
  • 3. You are here as a result of who you were, but the place you go completely depends on who you choose, from this moment on.
  • 4. Every time you press the repeat button, you are in a state of resistance to your day, your life, to get up and create the life you want.
  • 5. Everyone who has been a great success, from CEOs to professional athletes and the President of the United States, is adopting a high degree of responsibility

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