Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English Story in 2020

Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English Story in 2020



These all the Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English are Separated to get success in their life Because everyone Motivates himself after listening or hearing and reading the story of success others and who have done something big in their life after learning some thoughts so in Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English you all will also get many ideas to go ahead in your life. These all virtuous and righteous thoughts or massive excellent, as well as upstanding, are given by great people which we all need to implement to get achievements in our life.

1. Triumph Over Troubles

Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English
Do not Live

Two men, Ram and Shyam were returning home after earning money from the city. Ram had earned a lot of money with his hard work, while Shyam could have earned less. Shyam got upset.

He started thinking that if somehow he gets to grab Ram’s money, then a lot of ash will pass his life. On the way there was a shallow well, so Shyam pushed Ram into it. Ram tried to come out of the hole.

Shyam thought it would be difficult if it came up. So Shyam dug soil with a shovel and put it in the well. But when there was mud on Rama, he would knock the soil down with his feet and climb on it. Shyam was so tired in the undertaking of pouring mud that he started to sweat. But by then he had put enough soil in the well and Ram climbed those soils and came up.

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Therefore, there are many such moments in life when a lot of difficulties come together like mud in our life. The person who conquers these difficulties and moves forward, he wins and he touches every height in life.

2.Luck and You

Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English
Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English

Once upon a time, a teacher was explaining to his students that his future is hidden in human hands. He gets the fruits as he does. This nature looks at all humans from a similar point of view. Nature gives equal opportunities to all, it depends on you how you use the opportunity.

All the students were listening carefully to the teacher’s talk when a student asked the teacher. Sir, if this nature gives equal opportunity to everyone, then why do people keep cursing luck. The teacher listened carefully to the student’s question and gave an example to explain to the students.

The teacher took three bowls and put the potato in one of them, egg in the second bowl, and tea leaf in the third bowl. Now the teacher put water in all three katoros and put them to boil on gas.

All the students were looking at their teacher in surprise. No one could understand what their teachers were doing. All the students kept watching their teacher for 20 minutes. The teacher noticed that all three bowls were now boiling, so he took them down from the gas.

Now the teacher took out the same stuff in the bowl one by one and asked all the students to look carefully. The students still could not understand what was going on.
The teacher now called a student and where did he see the three things and tell him what has changed. The student first saw the potato and said that the potato has become more soft and soft than before.

Must-Know Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English

Now he looked at the egg and said that it was very delicate at first, but after boiling, it has already hardened. Now he saw a tea leaf similar to the third bowl and said that the tea leaf mixed with water is now a tea. The teacher now asked the student to sit back in his seat.

The teacher now explained to all the students that, we have seen all these things going through the same calamity, all the things have gone through the same situation, but all three have shown different behavior even after going through one situation.

The potato which was hardened earlier became soft after boiling, the egg which was soft before would be slightly hardened by boiling whereas after boiling the tea leaf, the tea has become completely mixed with water. Just as these three things changed their form, in the same way, this thing also applies in human life.

A human being loses his patience in adversity while the same person achieves his goal with his intelligence and prudence under similar circumstances.

All humans are the creators of their own destiny. How he faces adversity depends on himself. It is wrong to curse fate because in reality luck depends on your own actions. So do not rely on luck, work hard and achieve your goal.

3. Stubbornness is Necessary to Win


Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English
Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English

The world teaches us most of the things that we should never forget. After all, why should we not insist When we were younger, we used to insist on toys, and we did not sit until we took them. Stubbornness keeps the ardor in us for which we are ready to do anything. In this article, we are going to tell you the story of a man whose stubbornness made him the first shooter in the world, who has won two consecutive Olympic gold medals.

an obstinate man was Keroli Techx. Karoly Tekkes was born on January 21, 1910, in Hungary. . Karoli Tekks was a soldier of the Hungarian Army before the shooters. By 1936, Carrolli Techx became a high-pistol shooter. Kerouli Tekkes wanted to be a shooter for his country in the 1936 Olympics, but because he was a soldier, he was not given a place in the Hungarian shooting team. The rule in Hungary at that time was that only high-ranking officers could take part in the Hungarian shooting team.

Karoli Techxwant to become the best shooter in the world. But Hungary’s rule prevented him from going to the Olympics.
Karoli Techx felt that his dream would not be realized. Still, he kept practicing his marksmanship. As soon as the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin came to an end. Hungary changed its rule and removed the Saadi ban. He was very happy as soon as Keroli Tekkes came to know about this because now he could also be a part of the Hungarian team and go to the Olympics.

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Caroli Tekkes gave herself full attention to the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics in 1940. He was now seen getting closer to his destination. Everything was going fine when suddenly one day in 1938 during army training, a grenade exploded in his right hand. In this accident, the straight arm of Keroli Techx suffered significant damage. The doctor said that he will never be able to use his hand in shooting. On hearing this, all of Keroli’s dreams were shattered. The hand with which he used to shoot was no longer able to support him.

But still, the dreams of Keroli Techx and Zid did not leave her chase. Karoli Techx thought why not shoot with my left hand now. He hid and started shooting with his left hand. In 1939, there was a national level pistol shooting competition in Hungary. Karoli Techx participated in this competition and defeated everyone to win this competition. Today those people who started making fun of Keroli techs, bowed down to them.

He impressed everyone and earned his place in the Hungarian shooting team.. But because of the Second World War, the 1940 Olympic Games were canceled. Carelli then turned his attention to the 1944 Olympic Games. But the 1944 Olympic Games canceled due to the World War. He now turned his attention to the 1948 London Olympics. At the age of 38, he won a gold medal in the London Olympics, beating everyone in the 25m rapid fire pistol competition with his left hand and shocked the whole world.

Kairoli Techx did not stop, he also gave his country a gold medal in the 1952 Olympics in 25 meters rapid pistol competition. And became the first shooter in the world to have won a gold medal in the 25m rapid pistol competition 2 times in a row. The story of Carolina Techs has been given a place by the International Olympic Committee in its “Olympic heroes”.

4.Successful and Unsuccessful People

plan to success
Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English

You will definitely have friends who will be more successful than you. You must be thinking so often then. After all, what did he do that he succeeded and we could not? The two of you lived together. Used to study together. Even then, he overtook you. I hope this article will be able to answer all your questions. Which you could not find till today.

What do and not do
1. Optimistic

The person who remains optimistic He is always successful. He finds a ray of hope even in the dark and reaches his destination. The first mantra to be successful is to be optimistic.

2. Identify and correct your own fault

No human is perfect. But the person who learns from his mistakes. He moves forward. The successful person always finds his mistakes and corrects them. He constantly improves himself and tries to be a good person.

3. Not becoming arrogant

Always remember one thing that is arrogant can never succeed. And what is successful can never be arrogant. EGO is an enemy that does not allow us to move forward. This jumla may be useful for you, it is the same in which it is known that the heart is dead and the identity of the dead is there. So if you also want to be successful, then discard pride.

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4. Be polite

The biggest secret of successful people is that they are always humble. The tree that bears fruit on it. So always be polite and talk to the best. Believe me, if these qualities are in you, then no one will stop your path.

5. Speak and listen more (be a good audience)

Be a good listener. Listen to more and more others and bring their goodness in their lives. Unsuccessful people are always in the ego that they know everything. Because of which they are unable to acquire the knowledge of others. As a result, it has a very bad effect on their lives and they fail.

6. Continuous efforts

The biggest difference between unsuccessful and successful people is how much effort they are making to get something. The successful man is the one who never gives up his efforts despite failing. Whereas the unsuccessful man tries only once and if he fails in it. He then gives up his efforts and suffers a failure.

7. Decision Taking ability

Successful people make decisions fast with an amazing ability to make decisions. They take the right decision at the right time.

If you get these seven things in your life, then believe me you will also try in the category of successful people. I hope you got answers to your questions from this post.

5. Patience

Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English

the Story starts from person man. He was very disappointed and frustrated with his life. One day he decided that I would end my life. While thinking this, he reached the banks of a river.

The man met a monk there. The monk listened to all the problems of the man and said that he has such a knowledge that he can make a magic pot. Whatever you ask from that pitcher, it will fulfill it. But if for some reason the pot will break, then everything that the pitcher has given will be destroyed.

If you serve me for one year, I will give this pot to you. Through which you can fulfill all your desires.
And if you will serve me for two years, then I will also give you the knowledge of making this pitcher. Tell me whether you want a pitcher or pottery.

On hearing this, the man immediately said, Sadhu Maharaj, I will serve you only for 1 year so that I can take this pitcher from you. And as far as the pot is concerned, I will keep the pitcher very securely and will not let it break.
In this way, the person started serving the Sadhu Maharaj.

As soon as the completion of 1 year of service, the monk gave that man a magical pot. The man took the pitcher with him.

Now he started getting his wish fulfilled by that pitcher. He built a palace with a pitcher, asked for servants, asked for diamond jewels. And he became very rich. Along with being rich, he also became arrogant.

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One day, he himself would drink alcohol and would gladly put the pot on his head and dance. Suddenly, the pitcher fell to the ground from his head and the pot broke, and everything that the man had asked for from the pit was destroyed.

He ran and went to the monk and started crying loudly and told the whole story.
Sadhu Maharaj said to him, why are you crying now. I already told you that everything will be destroyed as soon as the pot splits.

I had also told you that if you serve me for 2 years, I will give you the knowledge of making a magic pot but then you did not have patience. You just wanted that pot.

Now I can not help you any.
The man apologized to Sadhu Maharaj. And returned back to his home. Now he was poor again and started living the same way.

Friends, this story tells us that we should not do anything in haste. We should be patient Maybe God wants to give us an urn full of nectar and we run away with a drop of nectar in a hurry.

 6.How to be motivated

Motivational and Inspirational thoughts in English

The word that will be used the most in today’s world. That is MOTIVATION. Before we tell you how to get Motivated.

Actually Motivation is an English word whose Hindi translation is an inspiration. Motivation means. The urge to do anything.
The power that inspires us to do any work. It is called Motivation.
We need the inspiration to do any work. Motivation is such a force. Which helps us reach our goal. Let us then tell you how motivated you are.

1. Make a Goal

Always remember never do any work without making a goal because if you do not make a goal, then your mind will remain fickle. If the mind is fickle then you will not be able to move towards any one goal. The result will be that you will not be able to get anything and the world will consider you a looser. As a result, you will lose the emotion inside you and sit down disappointed. So to avoid all these situations, you should set a goal.

2. Keep thinking about what you want

Keep thinking about what you want because when you think that thing, you will be more excited to get it. By which you will be motivated. As long as you keep your craving alive. You will feel energized and work hard to achieve your goal.

3. Publish Target (Post Your Target)

If you want to stay motivated. So put a picture related to that goal on your fridge or near your bed. Or write and stick to your goal. In this way, you will not deviate from your path and remain motivated.

4. Start Small (Use Baby Step)

If you are doing something and if you are having difficulty in doing it and you are feeling disappointed with yourself, then break that work down into small parts and start again. With this, you will be able to do the same work and remain motivated.

5. Think about the benefits

Whenever you feel disappointed, think about the benefits of doing that. Surely you will find that new energy has come in you. This energy is nothing but your motivation.

6. Find Your Inspiration

Whenever you demoralize, you find your source of inspiration. Source means inspiration. You read the things that motivate you. See, like, read a story, a song, or a person who is your hero. To know how he has struggled. Surely you will get your lost courage back.

7. Tell Your Problems

Do share your problems with anyone. Maybe he can give you the right advice. Whenever you demoralize, talk to your mother, talk to your friends. Tell them about your problems. It would be nice to tell you your problems and maybe a friend of yours can fill you up again.
8. Think Positive

The best way to keep yourself motivated is to keep your thinking positive. Positive thinking is one such mantra. Which can reach you from where you are. So always keep your thinking positive and keep your thoughts good.
I hope you have liked this post and you will definitely adopt all these things.

7.Why goals are important in life

In childhood, people must ask you what you want to become. You will then answer according to yourself as if one of you wants to become a doctor. An engineer, an author or something. But how many of us have become what they really want. I think the number of such people is very small. When someone asks you what you want to become, then, in reality, he wants to know your goal.
You must also have stirred this question in the mind that why is the goal necessary in life? What if we move forward without aiming? In this article, we will try our best to answer you.

So we will know what is the goal?
In common language, goal means our destination. Where we want to reach in life, that is called the goal. Without aiming, a person is misguided and spends his entire life in vain. Let us know why it is important to have goals in life.

1. To proceed in the right direction:

If you really want your life to get the right direction, then you should set your goals. Being a target in life, a person knows his destination and he reaches his goal by choosing the right direction. Suppose you go out of the house to go somewhere, but you do not know that you have to go. Then you will move in any direction and in the end you will not be able to reach anywhere. Conversely, if you know where to go when choosing the right direction.
Similarly, if there is a goal in life, then we continue to move in the right direction without wasting our time.

2. To use your energy properly:
God has given all of us limited time and energy. As time goes on, you also lose your energy. To use this energy properly, you should set a goal so that you can use your time and your energy properly.

3. To be successful:
To achieve success, we must set our goals. A person is called successful in life only when he achieves his goal. Without remembering this much, the person of the target is like animals roaming the world. God has given you the birth of man only to do something, do not waste this life.

4. For stability of mind:
If you do not have a goal, you will keep wandering. You will always be confused and in the end, you will sit down feeling anxious and frustrated. To stabilize the mind, it is essential to have goals in life.

If you still have not set any of your goals, then get up and make your goal. Give your life the right direction, you will see that success will definitely knock at your door.

8.Bad Habits and You

This story is about a farmer who has a son. The farmer is very decent while his son succumbs to some bad habits. The farmer always used to convince his son that the son should leave all these bad habits before it ruins you. But his son did not listen to one of his. Eventually, the farmer asked for the help of a monk Baba. The farmer told all his talk to Sadhu Maharaj.

Sadhu Maharaj told the farmer that he would definitely help him. And also said that bring your son to me tomorrow. The farmer took his son the next day and reached the hermitage of Sadhu Maharaj. Sadhu Maharaj went into a forest with the son of the farmer.

After reaching there, Sadhu Maharaj said to the son of the farmer, the son will do one thing for me. The farmer’s son immediately replied that Sadhu Maharaj, tell me what to do.

Sadhu Maharaj said to the boy, bring a small plant out of the forest. According to Sadhu Maharaj, the boy went to the forest and brought a small plant uprooted. Sadhu Maharaj saw this and said to the boy, “Now go son, bring a little bigger tree than this.”

The boy went to the forest again and started uprooting a little plant. This time the boy had to work very hard to uproot the plant and he took full force to uproot the plant. Taking the plant, he again reached the monk and gave it to the monk.

Sadhu Maharaj again asked the boy to go into the forest and this time bring a tree uprooted. The boy again went into the forest and started uprooting a tree. A long-time passed but the tree did not budge. The boy exerted his full strength, yet he could not succeed in uprooting the tree.

Finally, after losing tired, he went to Sadhu Maharaj with an empty hand. Sadhu Maharaj asked the boy what happened son, which you have come back empty-handed.

The boy then told Sadhu Maharaj that he exerted his full power but he could not uproot the tree. The boy also said that uprooting the tree is an impossible task.
Sadhu Maharaj smiled and said to the boy – Look, this plant is like your bad habits. When the plant was very small, you threw it out easily.

You faced so many difficulties in uprooting some big plants, but you also threw them out like that. But when you went to uproot the tree, it did not uproot you. You yourself just said that uprooting the tree is an impossible task.

In the same way, if you do not leave bad habits in the beginning, then it will take the form of a tree. Which you will not be able to leave then.

The boy immediately understood Sadhu Maharaj and swore in front of Sadhu Maharaj that he would give up all his bad habits today.

9.Difference in thinking

There was a person who was very rich. He used to proud of his wealth. He always considered others inferior and younger than himself. One day he felt some difficulty in his eyes.

What was it then? He showed his eyes to all the legitimate people around him and found out that he had an infection in his eyes. But no one was able to cure his eyes.

Then he wondered why I should show my eyes to the elder doctor. In the same thinking, he met a doctor. The doctor examined his eyes and told that your eyes can be cured. If you see green color everywhere. There is no other treatment.
He was a very rich man, so he got his entire house painted with green paint. But still, his eyes were not healing because he would see some other color somewhere.

Then he thought of getting all the places around him painted green. He started getting very upset because all his wealth started going into getting the paint done. But still, the eyes could not be correct because he could see the other color.

He was very frustrated standing outside his house when a man passed by him and he asked the rich man that you look troubled.

On hearing this, that rich man started crying bitterly and told his whole story. He said that I have so much money but still my eyes are not healing. I spent so much money, I got everything painted green, yet I see some other color somewhere.

Because of which my eyes are not getting completely correct. On hearing this, the person said that you are spending so much money, you are getting everything painted, it would be better if you put a green spectacle and everything will look green.

The rich man tried this method and his eyes were fixed. He started thinking about how much trouble his thinking had made.
Friends, from this story we get to know that we make the problems small or big ourselves.

There is not necessarily one solution to every problem. Whenever you are in trouble, you must change your mind. Maybe you can find an easier way to get out of that problem.

10.Story Of Success

Once a teacher thought that why should not children be taught success today. With this thinking, he called all his students and conducted an experiment. He filled water in a vessel and put a frog in it. The frog swam comfortably in that water. Now the teacher started heating this vessel from below. All the students were keenly watching this experiment.

As the temperature of the pot started to rise, the frog had some trouble but still, he tolerated this temperature comfortably. Gradually, the temperature of the water started increasing and the frog started to have more problems, yet he faced that temperature.

The frog was still at rest in that water. Slowly the temperature started to rise and surpassed the frog’s ability to withstand. When the frog thought it was impossible to stay in the pot, the frog decided to go out of the water. The frog jumped to get out of the water but was sadly unable to get out of the water. Because he wasted all his body’s power to withstand the rising temperature of that water.

Eventually, the frog could not get out of that water and gave up his life in the water itself.

The teacher asked all the students, tell me who killed the paddock? Some students said that the frog was hit by hot water, while some students said that the frog was hit by fire. Because the water was heated due to the fire.

The teacher listened to all his students and then said that the frog was neither killed by the fire nor by the temperature. All the students asked the teacher, how did the frog die again?

he teacher then told all the students that the frog was killed by its mentality. When the frog had full power to come out of the water, then the frog was able to withstand the rising temperature and lay in the water comfortably.

He decided to come out of the water when he did not have the power to get out. So the frog died because of his mindset and wrong decision.

The teacher said, my dear students, this is the story of all of us. We are always engaged in compromising our circumstances. Instead of getting out of situations, we keep on compromising that situation and spend the whole life like that. When circumstances surround us badly, then we keep thinking about how to come out of it now. While thinking this, we die.

Whenever we are in such odd circumstances, we are always engaged in compromising with him. Instead of taking drastic decisions at the right time, we think of being happy in it and slowly go on kneeling in it.


Therefore, instead of compromising at any time, we should think of getting out of it.
All the students now started to understand why this experiment was done in front of them.

11.Risk and Success

Shankar was the strongest boy in his village. Shankar was a good player besides being tall and wide. Shankar was a little weak in studies, but he always topped in sports. Shankar used to participate in any sports competition and he would win. He had no other competitor in any game.

Due to his game, he used to get a chance to play in another village as well. Shankar used to get up every morning and run. To jump 15 feet was a game of Shankar’s left hand. Seeing his jump, good people used to press his fingers under his teeth. Nobody used to jump around him in a jump.

One day Shankar was reading a newspaper when he saw an advertisement. He saw in the advertisement that he had a jump competition in the nearby village, in which the person who jumped 13 feet had a reward of 1 lakh.

Shankar felt very happy in his mind because if he jumps 15 feet easily every day, then 13 feet is nothing for him. Thinking about this, Shankar made up his mind to participate in that competition.

On the appointed day he reached out with his friends to participate in the competition. There Shankar was stunned because he saw that the jump had to be hit by 13 feet but the leap had to be made between two buildings. Both the buildings were 5 storeys.

Shankar thought that if he failed to die, then he might have fallen directly on the ground, he might have died. Due to this fear, Shankar flatly refused to jump and came home.

The next day he finds out that his only friend has won the competition, which he used to beat every day in the jump. His friend’s photo was in the newspapers and he had become quite famous. Shankar now regretted thinking that he should have jumped, he would have taken a little risk, he would have won the competition today.

Like friends Shankar, we too are afraid of taking risks. Despite our ability, we hesitate to do that work because we are afraid of taking risks.

If Shankar had wanted, he would have jumped 13 feet comfortably and would have won, but his fear did not defeat him. Similarly, if we start a business or think of doing something big, then the first question that comes to our mind is if I lost? If you fell somewhere? It is because of this fear that we suppress our abilities and stop ourselves.

Friends, if you want to do something big in life, then take a risk, you cannot get anything big without risk. If you have any desire to do any work, then work hard for it with full enthusiasm, do not panic. Success will definitely kiss your footsteps. If you are afraid to take the risk, then you will have to live with this burden throughout your life that if you had taken the risk at that time, you would have been somewhere else today. So friends do not be afraid to take the risk, work with full ease. Surely you will have become, achiever.

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