Know the power of Words in English with story

Know the power of words in English with story


A young cheetah went hunting for the first time. Now that he had passed a hyena a bit, he stopped him and said, “Hey Chotu, where are you going?”

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“I went hunting for the first time today!” Said the excited cheetah.

“Ha ha ha, hyena, hyena”, it’s now your game days, you’re so young, you have no hunting experience, what are you going to hunt? ”

Hearing the hyena, the cheetah became depressed, wandered aimlessly for hunting all day, made a few attempts but failed and had to go home hungry.

The next morning, he went out to hunt once more. When he left, an old monkey saw him and asked, “Where are you going, son?”

“Uncle ape, I’m going to hunt. Said the cheetah.
Monkey says you have enough power so you can become a skilled hunter, so much early due to your strength,

The cheetah was filled with emotion and quickly chased the little deer.

Friends said that matters a lot in our lives. The cheetah was the same the two days, had the same fertility and the same strength, but the day it was released failed and the day it was anchored succeeded.

There are three important things we can learn from this story:

First, our effort should be to encourage someone with our “words”, not to discourage them. Of course, this does not mean that we should not let you know about its shortcomings, nor just invade the lie.

Second, we must avoid people who always think and speak negatively and support those with a positive outlook.

The third and most important, what we are talking to ourselves, the words we use in internal dialogue should be followed mainly because these “words” are very powerful because these “words” are our thoughts. They are made, and these thoughts become the reality of our lives, so my friends, recognize the power of words, use positive words as much as possible, understand that this is your life. They can go to

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