Is there really a Devil

Is there really a Devil

Is there really a Devil


It was morning. Like every day in the Gurukul, Guruji was teaching his disciples. Today’s theme was “Soul”

While telling about the soul, Guru Ji said this verse of Gita –

Nain chindanti shastraani nain dahti pavakah |
Neither chain kledayantyapo nor shosayati marutah ||

That is, neither the soul can pierce the arms, nor can the fire burn, nor can it burn the water nor can the air dry it. This soul can never be destroyed
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Hearing this, a disciple got curious, he said, “Guru, how is this possible? If the soul exists, it is indestructible, then how does it dwell in this mortal body and why is it not visible to us? Is there really a soul? ”

Guruji smiled and said, son, today you take a bowl of milk from the kitchen and keep it safely in your room. And tomorrow at the same time, he will take the bowl and be present here.

The next day the disciple appeared with a bowl.

Guruji asks, “Can you still drink milk
The disciple spoke, “No, Guruji, was torn last night…. But what is the relation with my question and with it?

Guruji told while uttering the disciple, “Even today you go to the kitchen and take a bowl of curd, and be present here tomorrow with a bowl at the same time.

The next day the disciple appeared at the right time.

Guruji asked, “Is the curd still good

The disciple said, “Yes, Guruji, it’s good to consume.”

“Okay okay, tomorrow you bring it here again.”, Guruji ordered.

The next day when Guruji asked the disciple about the curd, he told that the curd had gone sour and that it looked bad.

On this, Guruji kept the bowl aside and said, “Never mind, today you have to take a bowl of ghee from the kitchen and bring it when it gets spoiled!”

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Days passed but the ghee did not deteriorate and the disciple continued to appear before the Guru every day empty-handed.

Then one day the disciple could not stay and he asked, “Guruvar I had long ago asked you -” If the soul exists, it is indestructible, then how does it dwell in this mortal body and And why don’t we see it? Is there really a soul? ”, But instead of answering it, you tricked me into milk, curd, ghee. Don’t you have an answer? ”

This time Guruji said being serious, “Watts I was doing all this to answer your question – see milk, curd and ghee are all part of milk… but milk gets spoiled in a day .. Curd is not spoiled in two to three days, but pure ghee. ”

Similarly, the soul is in such a mortal body that it can never be destroyed.

“Okay Guruji, I have accepted that the soul is indestructible, but we see ghee but the soul is not visible.”

“Shishya!”, Guruji spoke, “Ghee is not it’s own? First, we have to add sourdough to milk and turn it into curd, then the curd is churned and converted into butter, and then when butter is melted at the right temperature for hours, ghee is made!

Every person can have a darshan of the soul i.e. self-darshan, but for that first, this milk-ridden body has to be made pure with hymns in the form of hymns, then with the churning of karma, this body has to be churned in the service of the oppressed and then For years, it has to be meditated on the heat of meditation and penance… Then self-realization is possible!

The disciple had understood the Guru’s words well, today his curiosity had subsided, he touched the Guru’s feet and proceeded on the path of self-realization!


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