Horror Story in English

Horror Story in English


The Haunted and Horror Story in English will remind you of all those incidents which people have observed in their real life.

The True ghost Horror Story in English

True ghost story
Horror Story in English

  1.   English ghost story 2019 till the last because it is a very interesting and true horror ghost story. You will like this short Indian Horror Kahani 2019 Juror

We had just built our new house and the house-entry ceremony was over.

In India, children usually sleep with their parents until they are 10–12 years old.

But when we moved into the new house, my father decided that in the new house, I and my sister would sleep in a new room.

We were not so happy with this new system, but we could not go against our parents. So we agreed.

It was difficult to sleep in a new bed in a new house and somehow we managed to sleep that day.

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It was just past midnight, I do not know, I started getting jerks and I looked at a woman standing under a tree near the boundary wall.

That lady was calling me nearby pointing to me. I was fearful so that I started screaming.

When I looked around, I could see in the dim light that my sister was sitting on her bed screaming.

My parents arrived in our room to ask what happened to us.

I explained to them that I saw a woman standing near a tree.

My sister was surprised and told that she too saw a woman standing under the same tree, who was watching her.

We were crying and we told my parents that we do not want to sleep alone.

Our parents took us to their rooms and we slept with them.

The next day, our parents inquired about this in the vicinity.

It seemed as if the plot of our house was falling in the path of a Yaksha.

The path of the Yakshi is the route where the Yakshi goes to his place of residence/resting place.

It is a kind of local superstition.

If you do not know what a Yakshi is, I can tell you something about them.

Yaksha is a supernatural force in Kerala, India.

It is said that the Yakshas are the souls of women who die unnaturally – such as someone who kills them or commits suicide due to torture.

They roam at night. In ancient times, there were stories about the Yakshas that they looked very beautiful.

She used to trap the passengers at night and drink their blood etc.

Anyway, my father decided to meet the priest of our church for peace and purification of the entire house.

After that, we never saw any such scene.

True ghost story
Horror Story in English

2.                  Ansh: Suddenly this child started to appear again behind me, then to the left and then to the right of my head with an interval of a few seconds. I felt like I’m in hell. I started remembering Lord Krishna (I am a devotee of Krishna) but to no avail. I was trying to get up from the bed, but no power was preventing me from doing so.

I knew it when I came to Hyderabad.

I stayed at my brother’s friend (Ravi’s) house. Ravi lived with his elder brother and sister-in-law.

Ravi’s elder brother and sister-in-law went out of Hyderabad for a few days.

The day I reached there, Ravi gave me breakfast and asked me to rest, as I had an interview the very next day. Having said this, he left for office.

I was alone at home and I was really sleepy due to the long train journey, so I went and lay down and slept deeply. They had no beds and so I lay on the mattress on the floor.

In deep sleep, I felt a fully burned child standing behind my head. I was looking at his whole body in sleep.

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I was really sleeping but I was not sleepy. Suddenly the child disappeared. I could not understand. So i
Sat up and shouted loudly “If you dare, come and show me?”

Suddenly this child started appearing again behind me, then to the left and then to the right of my head with an interval of a few seconds. I felt like I’m in hell.

I started remembering Lord Krishna (I am a devotee of Krishna), but to no avail. I was trying to get up from the bed, but no power was preventing me from doing so. I thought that doing so would solve this problem. Then with full concentration and strength, I finally started shouting Jai Shri Krishna – Jai Shri Krishna! And suddenly that child disappeared from the front of my eyes.

There was silence in the room. Now there was nobody but me. Now thousands of thoughts started coming in my mind.

I immediately got out of that house and went out.

I went back to that house only after the friend returned, and told him all these things, then he said, “Oh, so you saw them too”

Now I got more scared, I asked him what he was saying.

So he said me that his sister-in-law also (not one) sees three burnt ghosts – father, mother, and child, and kept screaming throughout the night, while he and his elder brother see nothing.

Does the mystery still remain who they are?

By the way, there was a Tabaristan next to this apartment and which was in a very dirty condition. People litter there. It is not known that this happened because of some other relationship.

I went to the hotel that night, I never dared to stay in that house.

True ghost story
Horror Story in English

3.           There was a Boy his Name was Vaibhav and He was from Sikkim. This is my real experience, with supernatural power.

In Sikkim there is a place called Pakyong, there is a Catholic school. I have studied there for five years living in a school hostel. Our hostel was a three-story building.

In the year 2007, I was in fourth grade and this was my first year in that school.

We found a large hall-like dormitory room in which 30 boys lived, where I lived with my new friends. Our dormitory had bunk beds and each of us students was given cupboards.

Our hostel had a caretaker, whose room was right next to our dormitory.

We could go up to our dormitory in two ways, one was a large toilet in the middle of the way which had many taps and the other way was the dormitory of our seniors.

One night around 8:30 I was in my bed and most of the children were sleeping except me. There was a light coming from the toilet in our dormitory. I was just watching that light. Suddenly I saw a glimpse of an old man in the light slow light, near the toilet and he came straight away some distance and disappeared in an instant under that dim light. I panicked and then quickly covered my face with my blanket.

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Days passed and soon one day I heard that our school was built on top of a cemetery, which belonged to the Muslim people, who were killed by the British.

Soon three years passed. This was my fourth year here that something happened again. I passed seventh grade and shifted to senior dormitory but the toilet was near the old dormitory.

One night I had a very hard toilet. I had to pee. So I woke one of my friends to go to the toilet. Together we started going towards the toilet and started moving forward. As soon as I entered the toilet, the first tap opened completely. I pushed my friend and ran to her bed while running, my friend also came running after me.

Soon after that incident I heard many stories that took place at the hostel compound, such as the night the caretaker heard someone walking, and upon checking that there was no one there;

A student, who was a class older than me, when I was in Swainthood, saw him walking around in a dormitory with a baby in his lap, a white sari-clad woman, and seeing this, he went a little crazy in a few days. Was.

Then in 2011, we were told by a Bengali and a Nepali student that he had seen something strange passing very fast in the corridors of the first-floor dormitory window at night.

I left that approximately in 2011. Recently I heard that a child in a hostel is possessed by ghosts. This is the same thing as last year.

True ghost story
Horror Story in English

4.          It was raining that Saturday night; I was spending a great time with some of my friends in a restaurant. It was almost midnight and the restaurant was about to close so we had to leave. We came out, and we called each other goodbye and then I walked towards my car. I went inside the car and started the car and started going towards my house. He was feeling tired. The driving distance from here to my house was about an hour.

On the way, I started feeling sleepy, so I turned on the radio to keep myself awake. But there were some problems with radio; No one was holding the channel and only the sound of flickering was coming.

I was checking the radio while driving, then suddenly I saw that someone was standing in front of my car in the middle of the road. I applied a thrust brake, turning the steering left. A loud noise came from the car tire and the car stopped. I got out of the car to see if anything happened but there was no one there. I looked around my car and also where I saw the person standing, but there was no one to look around. But there was no one, there were no tire marks, there was nothing to make it seem that anything had happened there.


I thought that my mind is no longer in my control because I was really feeling very sleepy at that time. I went back to my car, checked the car, everything was working, except the radio. I felt a little weak after this incident and then I slowly started moving towards my house. I reached home at 1 o’clock at night.

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As soon as I came in, my phone rang. It was Andy, it was one of the same friends I was having dinner with a little while ago tonight. He was worried and he said that he made a call to check if I arrived home safely.

I told him that I am fine and asked what happened why are you so upset? He was fearful. He said that on the way home, he saw a man who looked exactly like me and was standing in the middle of the street. He thought he hit me with his car, but when he stepped out, there was no one there.


This thing was very strange. I said that I have also experienced the same thing. So he said that he had called the other two friends as well, and they even saw something similar. He started to panic by saying, I told him don’t think too much about it right now and just go to bed and sleep well, we’ll talk about it tomorrow. After the call, I took a very nice hot shower and then went to sleep.

The next morning the four of us decided to meet at that restaurant and discuss the events of last night. I reached there first but the restaurant which was there last night turned into ashes. The entire restaurant was ablaze. The entire place was completely destroyed by fire. Paramedics and firemen were searching for any survivors and were trying to take out the dead bodies.

I saw some people standing on the other side of the road watching all this. I went there and asked one of them what had happened here.

He said there was a fire last night, a huge and terrible fire. No one survived, all the people were trapped inside the building. The fire was so strong that no one could get out and by the time the fire brigade and paramedics arrived here everything was over and all the people were already dead.

I felt all this strange because we had dinner here last night. I went towards the road to wait for my friends. As I was leaving, I saw paramedics carrying a dead body, but that dead man’s face somehow looked familiar to me. I looked closely and then I remembered that I saw him somewhere. I was talking to him on the other side of the road a few minutes ago! I went back there to see him, but he was gone from there. I start wondering if I have actually seen a ghost ?!

The paramedic placed the dead body next to another dead body. Incidentally, it also sounded familiar. To my surprise, this was the person I saw last night. I thought I almost hit it with my car. But from his wounds, it seemed that he had died from the fire. Seeing all this my head was spinning.

What was all this happening? It seemed as if suddenly I was seeing ghosts everywhere.

At that time, my friend Andy also arrived there and went to the square looking at the burnt restaurant. He said, “How can be it possible?”
Then he said, “We were the last here, and the owner said he had to stop the restaurant.”

Then I said, “Yes, I know, this is all very powerful, this place has caught fire and suddenly, I only see ghosts everywhere.”

Andy asked, “What ghost?”

I said to her about the body I saw last night and on the road.

Andy said, “It’s very weird.” “I never saw ghosts, but last night I saw you in front of my car,

As he spoke, my eyes turned to the paramedics, they were bringing four dead bodies out of there – Andy, Me, and two other friends of ours. All four were burnt.

I looked at Andy, then my eyes on my burnt and lifeless body … I was being taken right in front of my eyes …

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