Best Haunted and Horror Experienced story for 2020

Haunted and Horror Experienced story

1.  Terror of two-headed horror spirit

Two Headed Dayan
Haunted and Horror Experienced story

My name is Vipul Rajpara. I am working in a studio of photography. I had my own camera, so I used to take private orders as well. One day my Lata Bhabhi got a job done in Kutina village. It was someone’s birthday party. There was separate money for transportation. And photography was also getting good payment.

So I immediately agreed to work. The only problem was that the party had to go on till late in the night. After that, there was no good place to stay there. Therefore, traveling at night was to return home. I wish I will never forget that day from my life.

I remember, on the date of the order, I reached thereafter taking the camera setup. The party started at 8 pm. I had just taken 4 to 5 photographs, then suddenly, a white girl with golden hair came in front of me. He gestured to come out of the hall. Maybe he will have some work.

I showed him the camera and said I can’t come now. Then after some time, after taking all the photographs, my eyes started searching for that girl. Suddenly she saw me a little outside the house. I immediately went to him.

That time he was in anger condition. His face looked red even in the fading light. I said… Sorry I could not come to take pictures. Why are you standing here Do not come in?

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She kept staring at me for a while. After that, she started pointing to the bush. I refused with hand gestures. And the house and told him to come. Now, instead of anger on his face, there was a sense of resentment.

He asked me to return by hand. On seeing me, she went beyond the bush. If I could not keep up with me, I also started following him. At that time, I did not even think of the consequences of my stupidity.

After walking for some time, the darkness came out. I suddenly felt restless. I started sweating a lot. Now my heart was warning me that something bad is going to happen. My phone was lying in the pocket but due to a cloak, I could not even carry it on. Suddenly I saw the brownstone.

It seemed that two people were sitting there talking. I started falling and going. But when I reached there, my spirit shivered.

The same girl was sitting there who told me to come inside the bush. Now his formidable form was in front of me. Seeing the terrible view of two heads on one torso, my scream was copied. Another head that was on the torso of the girl was severely crushed. The heart-pounding sounds were coming from that terrible figure.

I then ran indiscriminately from there and somehow fell on a rough path. Shortly, two bullet boys came and took me to the birthday party house. They asked me threateningly, what I was doing inside the bush.

Now I did not want to increase my difficulty by telling the girl. Then suddenly they hit me loudly. And said, do not come back here to return photos. He gave me my money and immediately asked me to leave from there.

I left the place but, upon knowing about this incident, I came to know the shocking truth. The owner of that house together with the family had killed his young daughter and her lover.

It is said that both of them were killed and buried inside the bush somewhere. Since then the spirit of both of them wanders with one torso and two heads. Dead Birds and animals are also found in the bushes. I survived from that dangerous place, but a never-ending terrible memory has settled in my mind.

2.   Terrible underwater death

Haunted and Horror Experienced story
Haunted and Horror Experienced story

My name is Rannvijay Badal. My father is an employee of an electricity company. It was about a month before today, the mother asked me to go to mandi and bring vegetables. After completing my work, I started to go to the market, then suddenly I heard a loud cry of a dog. When I looked back, I came to know that there was an under-construction house there.

I thought that the dog must be crying due to hunger. Therefore, while coming with the vegetables, I took the packet of Parle Biscuits and started going towards that house. So that I can feed the dog something.

Now I reached the door of the house, and the dog started crying out loud. Along with this, the remaining water of open sewage (open tank being made) of that house started bouncing loudly. Seeing all this, my hands and feet swelled up.

I dropped the vegetable bag and biscuits and ran to the open tank. I thought the dog might be drowning in a water tank. But when I looked inside there, my spirit shivered.

A black dog was sobbing in the pit of that ground tank. At first, I thought it must have fallen into it. But after staying there for a while, I came to know the dreadful reality. The dog was lying in a corner, yet his feet were being repeatedly pulled underwater.

I dared a little to pick up the log to fill the roof from around and, I started to drown in the shallow water of that tank. I did not know whether he was courageous or stupid but I was going to do all that.

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After continuously immersing the log in shallow water, I realized that someone is catching the log inside the water. After seeing all this my sweat was gone. I left the log out of the pot. Then suddenly heard a terrible shrieking scream.

At the same time, that scared dog was pulled under shallow water in front of my eyes. And in the second moment, that dog’s truncated head of me started swimming in water.

Seeing all this, I immediately ran from there and started screaming out loud at the block. People gathered. I took everyone and went to that tank. Going there, there was nothing left. Perhaps that unknown power may have chewed the dog’s mouth. I could not prove anything at that time.

People made fun of me. Then I came home. Talking about that dreadful anecdote, my hair still stands today. Whether someone believes or not, I am sure that there is some terrible power in that pit.

I was convinced of this when I heard the news of the death of a worker there. People from the surrounding neighborhood say that he fell and died due to the breaking of slippers. But my heart knew what was hovering at that place.

It is being said that after being an accident of that worker, he had fallen in the same open sewage pit where I saw that heart-wrenching mood. One thing bothers me a lot, what will be the condition of the people living there when it becomes a house?

When I started spreading my bad experiences, trouble arose at my house. The builder of that house threatened at home. And then, my father started complaining about maligning the house. Because of that story, Papa raised his hand on me for the first time. Now I did not want to stay at home. That’s why I took the hostel.

3. The danger story

Danger dayan
Haunted and Horror Experienced story

My name is Latika Karim. My parents operate a bakery. I was about to get married But then suddenly a big problem hit our house. Actually, our house was built in a non-proprietary place, so the notice of leaving the place came from the Municipal Corporation. When Abbu sought help from my maternal uncle, he arranged for our stay in Noor Manzil.

Now we took refuge in Noor Manzil, but we were feeling very terrible at that place. Just like a poor person is trying on a living person, like someone crying innocently and begging someone for mercy.

When we said this to Abbu, we got scolded. At that time, the conditions of our house were so bad that day and night my whole family used to be immersed in the same thinking that if we had to go from Noor Manzil then where would we go? There were no savings or no land.

The one who had deemed his home just became history. It rained a lot that night. When the rain stopped, Bijali went. We thought we go to the roof of the house and breathe in the open air.

Ammi Abbu kept coming upstairs. My younger brother Karim and I sat on the terrace. It was very dark upstairs. Suddenly Karim got angry with me. When I asked the reason for his displeasure, he pushed me hard and ran down. I was shocked by his stupid action.

My younger brother never used to do such a thing. Now I was alone up there. Then suddenly I felt rustle near my ear. Realized to be very close to someone.

Even today I have not forgotten that wretched feeling and the stinky smell. I was about to left. But I did not dare to look back. For a moment I felt like someone was swinging me, I started feeling light jumps from my back. That terrifying feeling aroused my spirit. I immediately screamed out. In a short while, my father and mother arrived there.

Now I understood that something similar happened with Karim. My brother was in awe that he was not even looking at me. Like we all went to sleep. On changing my clothes, I noticed that there were deep scars on my back. I did not share it with anyone.

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Now I could not even sleep due to fear. She was thinking about the dreaded scene by putting the cover on the head. Suddenly I felt the same smell. When I removed the cover from the pot, my heart was shaken. Little children started appearing around my bed.

Dry blood spots and black marks of marks were visible on all their faces. Children sometimes looked at me and sometimes pointed to the window. For a moment my fear took the form of curiosity.

I was not in a position to speak anything at that time. I was just crying, asking the gesture, why have they come to me? For a while, this dreadful scene remained. Hearing my crying, my mother woke up. He freaked me out of that state. Ammi listened to me carefully this time. He knew that his daughter would never do such a play in Fool.

The next day, Abba brought the money by pledging the gold ornaments of the house. We immediately called Mamu and returned the key to Noor Manzil. Now we live in rented houses. The home loan will be available in a few days. The house will become new, but the dreadful memory of Noor Manzil will remain in my mind forever.

By the way, there was a piece of flying news about Noor Manzil that there used to be a Jatimkhana there, and their guards were very persecuted with the children living there.

That is why all their souls have been wandering there for years. – Well now the house belongs to Mamu – I do not want their house to be infamous – but if all this is true, then just pray that the soul of those innocent children is destined to be destined and that poor is forever Get the courage

4.   lightning flashes in the heart from the memory

witch house
Haunted and Horror Experienced story

My name is Sadhana and I am an art student. Father is a government officer, we had to change the city again and again. As soon as I got a good college in Dehradun, I took admission there. I met Pooja on the very first day in class. She was beautiful in appearance and very playful by nature.

He was very fond of spending money and traveling. Due to this same habit, Pooja got stuck in the trouble of giving a rogue food.

Being a friend, I explained to him again and again but all my attempts failed. In fact, she used to take boys to meet her small needs. I still remember that terrible time of the day when we saw the boy standing under the banyan tree. When the college was over soon, Pooja wanted to go to the film at that time at all costs.

If we did not have much money, Pooja made a plan to enjoy this trip at the expense of that boy. I did not agree at all for such petty acts. I still do not know why I could not stop myself at that time.

In a short time, the boy agreed to take the film to both of us. I do not know why my heart was beating badly. The boy had a deep sadness in his eyes and felt a strange smell as he walked along. The three of us walked to the cinema hall while walking.

So suddenly that boy stopped near the bushes. It was very strange, me and Pooja pointing her hand and asking her to come to the cinema hall, but he kept looking at us with an indifferent gaze. Now the danger had evaporated. Something was not right I stopped Pooja from going any further. But she shook my hand and increased it further.

For a moment my feet got buried in the ground. Suddenly I got a sweat on my forehead. Pooja was with the boy shortly. She was probably telling him to get along quickly. So that the picture does not start. Pooja was probably repentant that the boy should not turn back by making an excuse. I could not hear their debate clearly from a distance.

Suddenly the boy grabbed Pooja’s wrist and, he began to drag her behind the bushes. Seeing all this my hair stood up and I screamed. My heart started to palpitate very fast. I looked around for help,

The next moment both of them were missing from my eyes. I screamed and cried and ran. Maybe I should have gone to the theater and got help from people. But it was my quick decision to run for both of them. When I went to investigate, I found insensitiveness on the ground of worship.

There were marks on his face. His hand was deeply swollen and his face was fearful. Then I looked at his salwar. There were spots of dark red blood.

Now before I say anything, Pooja put her hand on my mouth and hid the stain from Chunri. He told me that, please support and reach home. And forget everything else. I asked him again and again on the way, how it all happened at that moment.

How did that boy disappear? What did he do But she did not say anything. On reaching home, I also swore our friendship to Pooja. So that he can tell me the truth about what happened there. But with tears in her eyes, she only said so much,

If you want to see your friend alive, then you will not ask me anything about this incident. She completely changed after this incident. He gave up laughing and smiling. He also missed college.

In that incident that happened in those few minutes, what can happen to my friend, only she can tell. Even today I wake up late in the night and think that I wish I could get out of that wretched day from my life of worship.

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