Greatest excellent in the world

Greatest excellent

Sign of Excellent
Sign of Excellent

A king was a great Prajapalak, always in the interests of the subjects. He was so diligent that he used to spend all his time in public welfare, leaving his happiness, happiness, and comforts. Even for the means of salvation, that is, the Bhagavad-bhajan, he could not find time for it.

One morning the king went to visit the forestand saw a god. The king greeted Dev and greeted him and seeing a long book in Dev’s hands asked him, “Maharaj, what is this in your hand?”

Dev said- “Rajan! This is our bookkeeping, in which all the hymns are named. ”

The king said with dismay – “Please see if my name is in this book or not?”

Dev Maharaj started reversing each page of the book, but the name of the king was not seen anywhere.

The king looked at Dev worried and said- “Maharaj! Don’t worry, there is no shortage of finding you. In fact, it is my misfortune that I am unable to take time out for the bhajan-kirtan, and that is why my name is not here. ”

That day, self-guilt arose in the mind of the king, but in spite of this, he ignored it and again started serving others with a sense of benevolence.

A few days later, when the king went out for a walk towards the forest again, he saw the same Dev Maharaj, this time he also had a book in his hand. There was a lot of difference in the color and size of this book, and it was much smaller than the first one.

The king then bowed to him and asked- “Maharaj! Which bookkeeping do you have in your hands today? ”

Dev said- “Rajan! In today’s bookkeeping, the names of those people are most loved by God! ”

The king said- “How lucky will those people? Surely they must have been absorbed in Bhagavad-bhajan day and night !! Is anyone in this book also a citizen of my state? ”

Dev Maharaj opened the bookkeeping, and what is the first name of the king on the front page.

The king asked in astonishment- “Maharaj, how is my name written in it, I go to the temple only occasionally?

Dev said- “Rajan! What is surprising in this? Those who serve the world fruitlessly, those who offer their lives in the benevolence of the world. Those who give up their greed for salvation and contribute to the service and help of the weak children of the Lord, the Gods themselves worship the departed great men. Hey Rajan! You do not regret that you do not worship, you actually worship God by serving people. Philanthropy and selfless service are more than any worship.

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Dev, giving the example of the Vedas, said- “Kurvanneveh karmani jijeevishyachchanam samah avantvap nanyatoasti and karma scriptate nare ..”
That is, ‘if you wish to live a hundred years while doing karma, then you will be involved in karmbandhan’. God is Deendayalu. They do not like pleasing but conduct is pleasing .. True devotion is the way to do charity. Do the benefit of the oppressed. Orphans, widows, farmers and the poor are persecuted by the oppressors today, help and serve them as much as they can and this is the ultimate devotion. ”

The king had got a lot of knowledge and now the king also understood that there is nothing greater than charity and those who do charity are the most loved of God.

Friends, the person who comes forward to serve the people with selfless spirit, God at all times tries for their welfare. Our ancestors have also said- “philanthropy punya bhavati” means to live for others, to act as worship by serving others, making one’s life meaningful for philanthropy is the greatest virtue. And when you do this too, you will automatically join the beloved devotees of God.

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