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Best Horror Novels in English
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Twenty-five-year-old Anuj came to his flat for the first time, which was given to him by his company as a convenience.

Actually, Anuj had a new job. He left his family in Haryana and shifted to Shimla.

Anuj, who has been wandering in search of a job for a year, started playing his sad life happily after getting a good job.


As soon as the flat was given to him by the company as a convenience, Anuj came out of his lips spontaneously on entering the flat-

“Wow, most beautiful flat!”

He was very happy after seeing everything inside the inner wall and the flat.

The golden glow of getting a job was already there on his face, but now after seeing the comfort of living on behalf of the company, his face had blossomed with happiness.

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He took the bag full of his belongings, took it off his shoulder and dropped it down on the floor and filled the long leg and sat on the sofa facing him.

As soon as he sat down on the couch, he exhaled deeply, closing his eyes in a relaxed manner. Then after a few moments, Anuj grew up humming towards the bathroom in a happy mood to get fresh. Not only this, his trembling steps were expressing his joyous expression on his humming.

He swung and reached the washroom.

In the bathroom, Anuj looked at the mirror in front and smiled at himself in an elegant style.

Then soon he got busy with his work preparing for a bath.

Best Horror Novels in English
Best Horror Novels in English

After dealing with the bath, she was shocked when she looked at herself again to look in the mirror.

Suddenly, confusion appeared on his face. Questions emerged in the eyes.

Because this time, while watching the mirror, Anuj saw that many cracks are lying on the mirror simultaneously.

The cracks on the mirror were as if someone had licked it in the middle of the mirror with a loud stone.

But Anuj had not heard any such voice, from which he could infer that Aaina was dead when she was stoned.

A little while ago, he had seen the mirror in its right form, but now the mirror was in front of his eyes full of cracks.

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Anuj could not understand how the cracks were in the mirror? He was entangled in this mystery.

The cracks in the mirror came during his bath. He was constantly wondering what happened in the meantime that caused cracks in the mirror?

Even after thinking a million, he could not understand anything, so he came out of the bathroom, stuck in this confusion.

At eleven o’clock at night.

Anuj was reading a horror story lying on his bed. There was a deep silence in his flat. In seclusion, he was enjoying the horror story with full joy.

He had spent many nights reading the story. He looked at the front wall clock with the intention of falling asleep.

Because at six o’clock in the morning he had to get up to go on his duty.

As soon as Anuj looked at the wall clock, the clock on the wall, leaving his strength, broke the glass of the clock with the sound of ‘Chhan’ falling on the floor below.

Anuj immediately got up from the bed and he picked up the clock and the wall clock was completely damaged.

As it was, he covered the watch glass scattered on the floor and put it in the dustbin and Bapu’s came to his bedroom.

Best Horror
Best Horror Novels in English

When he came back to his bedroom, he saw that all his clothes were spread on the floor.

He was shocked to see this. He quickly guessed that someone must have sneaked into his flat!

Anticipating the entry of a thief in his flat, he called in a loud voice

‘Who is here?’

At the same time, he stood to fight the thief with full valor.

As he replied, he heard the echo of some steps, it did not take long for Anuj to understand that someone was trying to escape from his flat. Because the sound of footsteps echoing in the flat was heard going out of the flat.

With impatient footsteps, Anuj moved to the same side, where he was anticipating the sound of footsteps echoing. When he reached forward with agile steps, he saw that the door of the flat was open.


Anuj was surprised to find the door open. Because he had gone to the bed with the door ready to sleep, but now he was surprised after seeing the door open.


He did not have time to think about the answers to these questions, how the door opened or who opened it. In the mind, he moved quickly like leaving the questions in his mind, like a swan.

Anuj came out of the flat and looked outside.

Best Horror Novels in English
Best Horror Novel

But he did not see anything outside. At the same time, feeling the peace of the atmosphere, there was no such feeling that some time ago someone has come and gone.

Feeling deep silent feet spread everywhere.

Anuj went back to his flat expressing a confused gesture.

But after knowing that the door of the flat opened, the questions that flashed in his mind were hitting him with equal vigor. He was not stopped yet. Coming into his departure with stormy speed, he was worrying about Anuj.

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Moving slowly towards his bedroom with slow steps, Anuj said in his heart –

“Is it that the door has been left open from me?”

Saying this in his mind, Anuj stayed in one place to adopt a thoughtful posture.

Then the very next moment, Anuj’s mind-brain asked him-

“But what were the sounds of the steps that were just heard?”

Then the next moment he felt that in this silent atmosphere of the night, his ears would be at. Seeing the scattered clothes, he thought that maybe a thief had entered his flat, then he might have felt as if someone had sneaked out of his flat secretly.

He closed all the questions and answers emerging in his mind and closed the door of his flat and came to the bed after turning off the light.

Half the night had passed.

Anuj’s eye opened as a strange smell spread in the flat.

After getting up from the bed, he turned on all the lights and running around, trying to know where and why the smell was coming from.

In search of this, he searched the flat and went towards the bathroom at the end.

When he reached the bathroom, he was badly shocked. Unlimited expressions of fear had arisen not only in his eyes but also on his face.

Anuj had become a stone idol standing in its place. The heart was palpitating. But the mind came to silence in silence.

Because in the middle of the bathroom a dead body of a girl, lying in blood, was lying. The body of the corpse was safe, but his face was completely stained with blood.

Looking at the corpse, it was well known that he was killed by hitting his head.

The blood on the corpse’s face had become a dry crust. From this, it could be inferred that a lot of time had passed since his assassination.

Seeing the corpse in his bathroom, fearful Anuj could not understand how this corpse came to his bathroom.

Anuj’s entire mind was spoiled. He did not get anything.

After some time, as if he woke up from deep confusion, he thought that he should immediately inform the police about this incident.

As soon as this idea came to his mind, he turned back to his bedroom.

Put on the bed, he picked up his mobile and immediately started matching the police station number.

Before he should dial number, someone called him in a melodious voice, he immediately turned back on hearing this sweet voice.

He turned and saw that the same girl was standing in front of his eyes, seeing him as a corpse he had left in his bathroom.

The girl was in her form, in which Anuj saw her in the bathroom.

Anuj was horrified to see him. Forgetting everything, he asked the girl in a frightened voice-

“Who are you?”

She expressed a very frightening gesture with the young face-

“I am a corpse. The same corpse that you saw in your bathroom a while back. ”

“I know that too.” Anuj said in a stunned voice, “But how have you been alive?”

“To make you corpse!” The woman’s voice was horrified.

It does not take time for Anuj to understand that the living corpse standing in front of him is actually a ghost.

Anuj Spoke-

“But why do you want to make me as death?”

I gave you many gestures to get out of this flat. First, your bathroom mirror cracked, then your wall clock broke.

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Then after emptying your bag full of clothes, throwing your clothes out and throwing them away, then opened the door of your flat so that you run away afraid of these small incidents that were presented.

But you turned out to be very fearless. So now I cannot leave you alive at any cost. ”

“But why do you want to get me out of this flat?”

“because I have gotten die by some people. Since that day, I live in this department.”

” why it happened with you? Why did those two men kill you?” Anuj asked.

“Because they picked me. They raped me by bringing me to this floor. Then they killed me after that. Since then I have been here waiting for him.

One day the two will definitely come here and I will finish them with my own hands. For this, it is very important to keep this empty floor. ”

“Well, then I’m leaving this apartment and I’m leaving now. Anuj said retrospectively.

“No,” he said in a monotonous tone: “Now your body will leave this floor. Because you know my reality. So leaving you alive, I don’t want to become a topic of discussion for the moment. Otherwise, my motive will be incomplete. “.

Must Read Best Horror Novels in English

“Trust me.” Anuj replied and said: “I will keep your rule secret.” I won’t tell anyone about you. Believe me, Let me go. Anuj began to pray.

“You will not live here.” The woman said.

Anuj retired to the point that he could no longer return. That is, his waist was adjacent to the wall.

The girl began to walk towards him with a fearful gesture. Anuj’s heart started beating loudly. He was seen dancing his death in front of his eyes. He had no way to save himself.

He didn’t want to die at all costs, but even though he didn’t want to, his death was constantly advancing towards him.

Anuj was thinking at all times that if there is any form of rescue, he would immediately be saved from the death of this person. But there was nothing except his death in front of him.

Death increased his proximity to her at every moment with the intention of filling her in his arms.

When she was alive, just four steps from her body …

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