Best 5 Akbar Birbal Stories in English

Best 6 Akbar Birbal Stories in English

Introduction of Akbar Birbal Stories…

These all the Akbar Birbal Stories in English are Separated to get success in their life Because everyone Motivates himself after listening or hearing and reading the story of success others and who have done something big in their life after learning some thoughts so in Akbar Birbal Stories in English you all will also get many ideas to go ahead in your life. These all virtuous and righteous thoughts or massive excellent, as well as upstanding, are given by great people Akbar  Birbal which we all need to implement to get achievements in our life.


1.  Clever Mahajan and hardworking painter

Intro…this is the first story from Akbar Birbal Stories in English

Akbar Birbal Stories with painter

Once a Mahajan felt fond of getting his portrait made. He called a painter and asked him to get his portrait made. According to Mahajan, the painter worked very hard to get Mahajan’s portrait, but Mahajan was a very sly person.


He said to the painter, “This picture is not made right, please make it again.” While doing so, Mahajan made many pictures and told them wrong. Now the painter had understood that Mahajan is adept at changing the face and change the face every time a painting is made.


So he asked Mahajan for the remuneration of all the pictures made so far. The rascal Mahajan said, “What kind of labor? You have not drawn a single picture yet. When you make the right picture, you will get your wages. ”After listening to Mahajan, the painter returned home disappointed.


And told his wife about this act of Mahajan. Seeing her husband in trouble, she advised the painter Akbar’s court to plead for justice. The painter understood the matter of the wife and the very next day the painter told the whole situation in the court of Emperor Akbar.

The emperor ordered all the paintings from the painter and also called Mahajan in the palace. After carefully looking at all the pictures, Emperor Akbar asked Mahajan, “Is there anything missing in all these pictures?” Mahajan said, “Yes, Hujur! None of these pictures are exactly like my face. On hearing Mahajan’s talk, Akbar got thinking and asked Birbal to solve the case.


Birbal was already present in the court. And had understood all things well that Mahajan is adept at changing faces, so that is bothering the painter. After looking at all the pictures for a while, Birbal too started drawing flaws in each picture. And asked the painter to make a beautiful portrait of Mahajan after two days.

And giving orders to Mahajan, he said, “If you like the painting, you will have to pay the painter of the painter.” Saying so, Birbal sent both of them out. After some time, the painter was called back and asked him to bring a big mirror for two days.

Two days later, when both of them appeared in the court, the painter placed the mirror in front of Mahajan and said, “This picture is absolutely right, isn’t it”. Advertisement Mahajan said, “But this painting is not a mirror.” “This is the real picture”, the painter said.

Then Birbal also got up from his place and said, “The painter is right. This is your picture. ”Mahajan understood that now his pulse was not going to melt, so despite not wanting to, he gave Bikram his earnest money to the cheering. The painter happily thanked Birbal and walked from the palace towards his house.

2.  Seth Tied Guard Pajama

Intro…thus is the second story from Akbar Birbal Stories in English

Emperor Akbar was a funny man. He loved the joke. One day he ordered the Seths of the city that from today on they are put on guard. Hearing this, Seth got nervous and reached Birbal and started asking for a solution to his problem.

Advertisement Then Birbal gave them an idea while giving them courage and said that all of them, while wearing their turbans on the feet and wearing pajamas on the head, shout and shout, “Now the hell has come.” Changed and went out on patrol.

While patrolling, the king’s eyes suddenly fell on Seths. Seeing his strange form, the emperor burst into laughter and asked them all. Then the head of the Seths said, “Jahanpanah, we used to sell jaggery and oil from the books. Where will we be able to be cared for? ”Emperor Akbar understood that he was the only way of Birbal and withdrew his order.

3.  Tree Testimony

Intro…this the third story from Akbar Birbal Stories in English

Akbar Birbal stories with tree

Roshan was in his last stop of life so he wanted to go on a pilgrimage. He had collected his entire lifetime income in one place. When he thought of going on a pilgrimage, he took out some of the Ashrafis and filled the remaining one thousand Ashrafis in a bag and gave it to his friend Dinanath and said, “Friends, this is the earnings of my life.


Now I Going on pilgrimage If I am not able to come within a year, then you should spend them in some noble work. ”For one year, these Ashrafiyas are yours for me. If I come, I will come and take it back. Dinanath said, “You will not worry, I will take care of you.” You go on a pilgrimage comfortably without worrying. Roshan went away after believing Dinanath.


Seeing so much money, Dinanath changed his mind and decided to digest all those Ashrafis. A year later, when Roshan returned from the pilgrimage and went to take his money to Dinanath, Dinanath refused to give the money, and even refused to recognize Roshan, and insulted him and drove him away from the house.

Poor poor Roshan could not believe his friend’s actions, but Roshan too did not give up and he pleaded for justice in Emperor Akbar’s court to take his money from Dinanath.

Advertisement Now Dinanath was also summoned to the court but Dinanath was still refusing to recognize Roshan. Roshan had neither a witness nor any evidence to prove his point. To find out the truth, the king handed over the case to Birbal. Birbal interrogated both of them but Dinanath stood firm on his point. Birbal asked Roshan to whom did you give your money to Dinanath.


I just gave money under a mango tree and there was no witness. This means your witness is a mango tree. Go tell the mango tree to testify in your favor. If he does not agree, then pray for him but bring the tree for testimony. Only then you can get your money back. Poor Roshan went on murmuring. Trees can also testify well.

Dinanath and Birbal started waiting for the light in the palace itself. When some time passed, Birbal said, “By now Roshan must have reached the mango tree and begged him.” Then Dinanath said, “Roshan is an old man, he cannot reach there so soon yet It will take a long time because the way there is not even clear.

”Birbal became calm and waited for Roshan. Advertisement After a long time Roshan came to the palace and said, “Maharaj, I pleaded with the tree a lot but he remained the same. Now, told me what can I do right now?” Birbal gave Roshan an assurance, “Don’t you worry Karo Ped has gone by testifying in your favor.

Dinanath wondered, “When did the tree come?” I am sitting here for a long time. ”Birbal said,“ Dinanath when I asked you that Roshan must have reached the tree, you immediately refused. It means that you were well aware of that place but you were lying.

Now you directly tell about Ashurfis or I ask in my own way. Poor Dinanath accepted everything in fear. He apologized to Roshan and returned all his money.

4.  Who is the liar Oil or butcher

Intro…this is the fourth story from Akbar Birbal Stories in English

Once Emperor Akbar was busy in the discussion of the royal court sitting in the court that suddenly the concierge came and said, “Maharaj! Outside the palace, two men are quarreling over a bag.

”The emperor summoned the two inside and inquired about their problem. That moment one spoke, “Hazur, Kashi is from this side and I sell petroleum..” One day this person came to my shop to get oil and then took the opportunity and took my bag full of Ashrafis with him.

When I asked him about that bag, it started calling that bag his bag. Now you just judge. ”Advertisement Emperor Akbar asked the butcher,“ You have something to say about this. ” Jahanpanah, I am a Ramadan butcher. When it came to my shop today,

I was counting the Ashrafis from the meat sold today, that it snatched the bag from my hand and is now telling it as my own. Hojoor, I am a poor man, please get my bag of Asharfis back.

On hearing the side of both, the king got into thinking who is right. In whose favor should the verdict be given. He then asked Birbal to find out the truth and sent them both out. Advertisement Birbal asked the servant to bring water in a bowl and took out some ashfaris from the bag.


When the servant brought water, Birbal poured those ashfaris from that water and then said to the emperor, “Huzur, these asharfis are butchers because they do not see the oil particles when they are put in water. If these ashfaris were of Teli, some oil would have been applied to them.

Emperor Akbar also agreed with Birbal. Both were again called to the court. Birbal said to Teli, “You have lied. This bag belongs to the butcher, not Ramadan. ”But Teli was still telling that bag as his own.

While he was adamant about it, Birbal showed him the bowl and said, “If this bag full of Ashrafis was yours, it would have put oil on them.” Teli named Kashi stood silent after listening to Birbal. The king put Teli into action for lying and returned his bag to the butcher.

5.  Mali and Matka Chor

Intro…this is the fifth story from Akbar Birbal Stories in English

Once upon a time, Birbal was passing through his village when he heard the cry of someone crying. When he looked around, he saw an old man. Birbal looked at him and found that he was a gardener working in the garden of King Akbar.

When Birbal asked her the reason for her crying, it was found that under the root of the mango tree in the royal garden, there was a Matka of her life’s earnings, which are no longer there.

Advertisement Birbal listened to them and then said don’t worry, you will get your pot. Having said this, Birbal left from there and started thinking who could get the Matka out because only the gardener (whose Matka was stolen) in that garden could go to King Akbar and Birbal. Except for these three, no one else is allowed in that garden. After thinking a lot, Birbal remembered that Shahi Hakim did not come to the garden to take herbs.


To find out, Birbal asked Akbar to invite Hakim to the palace. Hakim was ordered to enter the palace. Before coming to Hakim’s palace, Birbal asked the ministers present in the palace, who is getting Hakimji’s treatment. Then a minister told me that he had diarrhea, which is being treated by Hakim Ji.

For diarrhea, he has given medicines made from the root of the mango tree. When Hakimji reaches the palace, Birbal says to him – Hakimji, I have trouble with diarrhea, give me any medicine for this. So that it can be fixed as quickly as possible.


Hearing this, Hakim Ji said that I have a medicine that will cure your diarrhea. I had given this medicine to the minister too, but these medicines can be made only from the root of the mango tree in the royal garden. As Hakimji said, Birbal immediately understood that he had removed the Matka.


Gold Coin Pot Birbal said that now you will tell yourself about the pot full of coins or we ask in our own way. Advertisement Hakim said, please forgive me. I thought this Matka was very long suppressed, so I took it out. Praising Birbal, Akbar said, “Today you have again caught the one who steals the Matka with your intelligence.

” Because of stealing Matka, Akbar ordered Hakim to take away the royal post, but Birbal said that he had told the truth so he should not be punished. The gardener whose Matka was stolen was called to the palace and asked him what was in the pot.

The gardener said 120 gold coins. Birbal said that it was your fault that you hid the pot in the ground, so 10 coins of your pot are given to Hakimji for the truth so that no one else makes such a mistake. Hearing this argument of Birbal, King Akbar was very happy…

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