Akbar and Birbal’s Famous Stories

Akbar and Birbal Stories 


Akbar and  Birbal stories

Akbar and Birbal Stories are good thoughts to present attractive thoughts between society because Akbar Birbal Stories provide morals for life people avoid to make mistake after getting ideas from Akbar and Birbal stories. Akbar and Birbal Stories tell that how much good bonding people should have in a relationship because it was also one of the best relationships among all.

Akbar and Birbal Story in English
Akbar and Birbal Story in English

Akbar and Birbal Stories starts now………..

1.  How Birbal Caught The Theif

Intro:- This is the first story from Akbar and Birbal Stories which will tell you that Akabar and Birabal used their mind and caught thief.

Once something was stolen in the kingdom of Akbar. In this condition, a thief stole very valuable goods from a businessman’s house. That businessman was convinced that the thief was one of his 10 servants, but he did not know who he was.

To know who is a thief! The merchant went to Birbal and asked Birbal for help. Birbal also said yes on this and asked his soldiers that all 10 servants be put in jail.

On hearing the same day all the servants were captured by the soldiers. Birbal asked everyone who had committed the theft, but no one refused to believe that he had committed the theft.

Birbal thought for a while, and after some time he came carrying a stick of ten equal lengths and held each stick to all the chosen people. But while holding a stick, Birbal said one thing! The stick of that person will be 2 inches larger, the person who has stolen it. Saying this, Birbal went and instructed his soldiers not to leave any of them till morning.

When Birbal looked carefully at the stick of all the servants in the morning, it was found that one of the servants’ stick was 2 inches smaller. Birbal said just after seeing This is a thief.

After seeing this, the merchant asked Birbal how he came to know that the thief is the same. Birbal said that the thief had reduced his stick by 2 inches at night time due to fear of his rod becoming 2 inches larger.


Truth never hides, so never lie in life.

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2.   The  Women

Intro:-This is the second story from Akbar and Birbal Stories, in this story, you will know that how Birbal did Justice in his supervision for men with the Woman.

Once a woman quarreled with a man and came in front of the crying king and said that this man took away all my jewelry

Have taken Badshah handed over the investigation of the case to Birbal. Birbal called the two to him and first asked the woman: – what

Do you have a complaint? Huzoor, this man caught me, beaten and took away all my jewelry. Birbal looked at the man. then that

Asked the man, have you snatched this woman’s jewelry?

No government, this woman is completely false. I have not taken its jewelry. Birbal said in anger: – You are lying. You are this woman

The jewelry is peeled. I am not telling the truth, I am telling the truth. Birbal then asked: – ‘Tell the truth’.

I tell the truth, Huzoor, I have not taken its jewelry. Birbal asked the woman: – ‘How much was your jewelry?’

Huzoor is at least 500 rupees. Birbal said: – Nevermind, this man will give you 500 rupees.

Threateningly said: – Give 500 rupees to this woman. The man panicked and gave 500 rupees to that woman.

The woman walked away with 500 rupees. She was very happy. When she left, Birbal said to the man: “Follow the woman.

And take away 500 rupees’.

The man started seeing Birbal’s mouth. Birbal said: “See what happens, go snatch”. Hearing this, the man left. After some time

He brought the man dragging the man and started crying.

It was snatching my money again. Not taken away? Birbal asked. No humor, it could not be snatched, but it tried hard to snatch it

I have caught it and brought it to you. Decorate it. You will surely punish, but not it, you will get punished. The woman panicked.

Birbal said: – This person has not taken away your jewelry. You are lying. The man who cannot snatch 500 rupees from you, well he

How can you remove your jewelry from your body? You will surely get punished for this lie. First, give this man back his 500 rupees

And you will also have to pay a fine of 500 rupees. The woman started crying and fell at Birbal’s feet. ‘Forgive me, Hajur’. Pity to Birbal

She came and took 500 rupees from that woman and gave it to the person and left the woman ashamed.

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3.  Three Questions of Akbar

Intro:- This is the third story from Akbar and Birbal Stories You Know In this Story Why Akbar was one of the best people from all and how he solved all questions.

Akbar and Birbal Story in English
Akbar and Birbal Story in English With Some Questions

Birbal was the best person to King Akbar. He used to make many of his decisions in the assembly on the strength of Birbal’s cunning and intelligence. Seeing this, hatred towards Birbal aroused in the minds of some courtiers. Those courtiers together made a plan to make Birbal appear inferior to Emperor Akbar.

In one day’s meeting, those courtiers said in front of Akbar that if Birbal will answer our 3 questions then we will assume that no one is smarter than Birbal. Emperor Akbar always stood ready to test Birbal’s intelligence. King Akbar said yes on hearing this.

3 questions were as follows –

Question 1: How many stars are there in uneven?

Question 2: Where is the Earth’s center?

Question 3: How many men and women are there on this earth?

On hearing this, Akbar immediately said to Birbal! If you will not be able to answer these questions then you will have to renounce the post of your Chief Minister.

To answer the first question, Birbal came to a thick-haired sheep and said that the number of hairs that are in the body of this sheep is uneven. If my court friends want to count all the hair of this sheep, then they can count.

To answer the second question, Birbal drew some lines on the ground and after some time he buried an iron rod and said this is the focal point of the earth. If my court friends want to measure, they can measure themselves.

In response to the third question, Birbal said, it is very difficult to tell how many men are there in this world and how many women are there because there are some people in this world who cannot be added to that calculation like our court friends… If we kill these types of people, then we will also be easy to calculate.

On hearing this, all the courtiers took down the head and said! Birbal, no one is more intelligent than you
There is definitely some way to achieve success, it is necessary to be firm in your words.

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4.  The Brightest

Intro:- This is the Fourth story from Akbar and Birbal Stories in this story you will get that how Birbal Proved that day is Brightest among all the things.

One day the emperor asked all the courtiers a question, what is the brightest?
Some of the courtesans called cotton and some called milk. On seeing Birbal silent, the King said: – Birbal, what is your opinion?

Birbal said: ” in my opinion day is brightest”. The King said: – ‘You have to prove it’. Birbal accepted this. The next day in the afternoon when the emperor was resting.

Then Birbal took a bowl of milk and 2-4 cotton flowers and kept it near the door and closed the doors from all sides.
The light was not coming at all. When the emperor arose, he proceeded straight towards the door.

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Because of the darkness, all the milk fell. When the door opened to light, the king found the bowl of milk and the cotton scattered. As soon as he came out, the king saw Birbal sitting and thought in his mind that this is definitely Birbal’s career.

The emperor summoned Birbal to the court and asked the reason for this impudence. On the emperor’s asking, Birbal replied that Jahanpanah, the brightest in yesterday’s court, people gave their opinion. Everyone said that milk and cotton were mainly. I described the day as the brightest.

I put milk and cotton on the way, because if these things are bright then they will definitely be seen. But this could not happen. So now you have to believe that the day is the brightest too because light opened as soon as you opened the door. So that you will able to see everything. Emperor stunned at Birbal’s intelligence

5.  The Ring Of Akbar

Intro:- This is the Fifth Story from Akbar and Birbal stories you will know that how Akbar Helped To find Akbar’s Ring in the kingdom.

Akbar and Birbal Story with the Ring
Akbar and Birbal Story with the Ring

When The Akbar lost his ring in the court. As soon as the king came to know about this, he asked the soldiers to search but he could not be found.

Raja Akbar told Birbal with a sad heart that the ring was the possession of his father, whom he loved very much. Birbal said in response! Don’t worry, sir, I’ll find the ring.

Birbal looked at the people sitting in the court and said to King Akbar! Maharaj has committed theft from any of these poets. The one who has a straw in his beard is the one with your ring.

The courtier who had Maharaja’s ring was shocked and suddenly looked at his beard carefully in a panic. Birbal saw his action and at the same time ordered the soldiers and said! This man should be inquired.

Birbal was right, the ring was with him. He was captured and imprisoned in prison. King Akbar was very happy.

A guilty person is always afraid.

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6.  The Best

Intro:- This is the sixth story from Akbar and Birbal stories, in this story that when Akbar was not presented then, how all courtiers gave the answer to Akbar.

Akbar and Biral Story
Akbar and Biral Story

One day five questions came to the attention of Emperor Akbar, which he asked all the courtiers. Birbal was not present in the court at that time.
Those five questions were as follows-

1. Which fruit is better?
2. Whose good is milk?
3. Which dessert is good?
4. Which leaf is better?
5. Who is a good king?

Hearing the emperor’s questions, differences arose in the court. Some say that rose flower is good, and some say lotus flower. Similarly, there were differences in milk. Some called cow’s milk, some called buffalo and some goat’s milk as the best. In sweets, some called sugarcane and some other sweets as superior.

Some in the leaf showed their worthiness by calling banana leaf, some neem leaf as a virtue.

Raja, who is good, I have been told by a flattering court that the king is good.
Just what was it, everyone supported this answer that our king is the best.

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The king was certainly pleased with the devotion of these people but did not get the right answer to his questions. Therefore, he was not satisfied. The king was waiting for Birbal because he knew that only Birbal could answer these questions correctly.

The emperors were thinking that suddenly Birbal came to the court. The king repeated the five questions to Birbal and asked for their answer.

Where did Birbal:

1. The flower is good for cotton, which makes the curtain of the whole world because the same flower makes clothes.

2. Milk is the best of its mother because it makes the body.

3. Sweetness is in the voice of Jiwa.

4. The leaf is good for betel leaf, which is also revered in religious ceremonies.

5. Indra is the best among kings, because of these orders, it rains water, due to which the work of agriculture is done in the world and ours and the subjects

Is nurtured.

The king and all the courtiers were very happy to hear these answers of Birbal.

7.  The Birbal Counted Crow

Intro:- this is the seventh story from Akbar and Birbal Stories in this you will know, how quickly Birbal counted the crow.

Birbal and Crow
Birbal and Crow

Once upon a time Raja Akbar and Birbal Raj were in the palace garden. It was a very beautiful morning, many crows were flying around the pond. On seeing the crows, a question arose in Emperor Akbar’s mind. The question arose in his mind how many will be in the kingdom?

Birbal was walking in the garden with him, so King Akbar asked Birbal this question and asked! Birbal, how many crows are there in our kingdom? On hearing this, the driver Birbal immediately replied – Maharaj, there are 95,463 crows in our state.

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Maharaj Akbar was stunned to hear the answer given so fast and thought of taking Birbal’s exam. Maharaj asked Birbal again! If the crows grew more as you calculated?

Birbal may have spoken without any hesitation. Crows from neighboring states may have come to visit. And it has reduced Birbal replied, “Some crows in our state may have gone to visit relatives of their other states.

By listening and thinking with a calm mind in life, every question of life can be answered.

8.   Who is Greatest

Intro:- this is the eighth story from Akbar and Birbal Stories, in this story you will that how Birbal proved that the child is the greatest in the kingdom.

One day while walking, Emperor Akbar asked Birbal who is the largest in the world? Birbal understood that it was the king who came into the ego of expanding the state and asked such a question.

Akabr and Birbal story With Kids
Akabr and Birbal story With Kids

Birbal replied that the eldest is a small child. The emperor was not satisfied with this answer and ordered Birbal to prove it again. Birbal asked for some time for this work. The king accepted.

To prove his answer, Birbal put a friend’s 2-year-old child in front of the emperor. The child was also very beautiful, so the king lifted him into his lap. The boy started pulling the beard hair of the king due to his fickleness. The king asked Birbal why did you bring this child.

Birbal understood this to be an appropriate time to prove the child to be big and said: – No matter how big you may be from other people in the world, but at this time even this little child is older than you. If it is not so, how would it have dared to pull your beard? No one else has the courage to do this, where the wall. The King felt glad to listen to this

9. The Khichri Of Birbal

Intro:- this is the ninth story from Akbar and Birbal Stories, in this story, you know that how Kbar proved valuable to a person.

King Akbar and Birbal were taking a walk. At the same time, an idea came to Birbal’s mind and he said in front of King Akbar that a man can do anything for money. On hearing this, Akbar put his fingers in the water of the nearby lake and immediately removed it, due to the water being very cold.

Akbar said, is there anyone who can stand all night in the cold water of this lake for money. Birbal said, “I will find more like that.” On hearing this, Akbar said to Birbal, “If you bring such a person to us and he is successful in doing this, then we will give him a hundred gold coins.”

The very next day Birbal went in search and found a man who was very poor and agreed to stand all night in the water of that lake for hundred gold currencies. The man went into the water of the lake and stood up.

King Akbar’s soldiers also stood near the lake to guard the poor man overnight. He stood up till his throat all night in the water of that lake. The next morning the man was brought to the court to King Akbar. Emperor Akbar asked that person, “How could you stay submerged in cold water all night till your head?”

The poor man said in reply, “O Maharaj, I kept watching a lamp burning in your palace all night so that my attention would be away from cold. On hearing this, Akbar said, “There will be no reward for a person who has spent the whole night in cold water with the heat of my palace lamp.

The poor man was very sad to hear this and asked Birbal for help. The next day Birbal did not go to the court. When the king was upset, he sent his soldiers to his house. When the soldiers returned from Birbal’s house, he told King Akbar that he would not come to the court until Birbal’s khichdi was cooked.

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The king stayed for a few hours and on the evening of the same day he himself went to Birbal’s house. When he arrived, he saw Birbal sitting under fire in some wood, and hung it some 5 feet up in a bowl of clay to cook the khichdi.

Seeing this, the king and his soldiers laughed. Akbar said, “How can you cook this khichdi while a bowl is far from the fire.

Birbal said: “If a man can spend so much time away from the heat of a lamp in the cold water of the lake all night, why can’t this dish be cooked? Raja Akbar realized his mistake and said this poor man, his reward (one hundred gold pieces).

One should understand the importance of the hard work of other people in life and respect should be given to everyone.

10.   The Foolish

Intro:- This is the tenth story from Akbar and Birbal Stories and this tells you how Birbal found four foolish.

Akbar and Birbal Stories
four foolish

One day a thing came to the mind of the king that there are many fools in the world, but I want to see the four biggest fools.

King Said to Birbal: – ‘Go, look for four fools whom no one else can find’. Whatever command was given, Birbal said.

After going some distance, Birbal saw a man who took a glass of betel leaf and dessert with great enthusiasm towards the city.

Was running quickly.

Birbal asked the man, “Why quickly running you”? Your feet are not lying on the ground in happiness.

The man said: – Hujur, I am late. But on your so much request, I want to tell that my woman has made another man

Have taken I am going to invite him on his invitation.

Birbal stopped the man and said: “First you have to go to the king, then only you will be able to go forward”. That king’s name

Hearing this, he got scared and went helpless with Birbal.

Birbal went ahead with the fact that on the way a horseman was found who was riding on a mare. But a big bundle is placed on his head

Was Birbal asked the man: “Why brother, what is the matter?” Why don’t you put the head burden on the horse?

The man said: “This mare comes from my stomach.” In such a situation, this burden cannot be imposed on him. It’s taking me

Is it low?

Birbal threatened and took this mare rider with him. When Birbal arrived in front of the king with both the men,

Birbal said: “These four fools are in front of you, Hazur”.

The king said: – Where is the third and fourth?

Birbal said: – The third fool is you, Hazur, who wishes to see such fools and I am the fourth fool who can find such fools.

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The king was surprised by this answer of Birbal, but when he got to know about the foolishness of both of them, he laughed with joy.

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