4 Famous Story in English with Morals

4 Famous Story in English

1. Arrogant elephant and ant

Introduction………. story in English is like energy for our body so you will get energy after reading these stories.

Story in English
Elephant and Ant

Intro………. stories in English are like energy for our body so you will get energy after reading this story. The story in English starts now…Once upon a time, there was a powerful elephant in the Chandan forest. The elephant was very proud of its strength. He used to threaten all the creatures on the way and kept furiously destroying the trees and trees of the forest without any reason.

One day that elephant started torturing all the creatures of the forest like daily when suddenly lightning flashed in the sky and torrential rains started. To avoid the heavy rain, elephants run and hide in a big cave.

There was also a small drop inside the cave. On seeing him, the elephant started laughing-

Haha.ha..ha… how young you are, if you die a blow to me, you will reach the moon… Look at me if I want to shake the whole mountain… your life is meaningless…

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The little ant explained not to boast to the elephant, but the elephant was crushed under his strength… He kept making fun of the ant constantly and started banging his leg to scare the ant…

The elephant was doing so when a loud noise came from outside… a big stone fell at the mouth of the cave due to slamming feet.

Now the elephant’s senses flew away… He proceeded to remove the stone, but even with his full strength, he could not touch the stone.
As the rain stopped, Chitty said, “Look you were making fun of me being small, but this time I can come out of this cave alive because of my small size but not you.”

And by saying this, the ant walks his way.

After a while, the ants go into the forest and call the other elephants, and together they remove the fallen stones at the entrance of the cave and drive the elephant out of the cave.

As the elephant arrives, he apologizes to the ant for his behavior and thanks to him for saving his life.

This incident makes the elephant understand that it is good to live in harmony with all creatures. And after that day, that elephant never persecutes any creature.

Moral of the story:

Whether you see it or not, everyone has some quality, so if God has given you some ability, then never boast on it, everyone is capable in some form or the other.

2.   Jug’s genie

Story in English

A poor fisherman worked hard to earn his living. He used to follow the rule of fishing by putting nets in the sea only four times a day. Due to that rule, he had to return home empty-handed several times. The fisherman’s wife was also troubled by this rule of her husband.

As usual, one day the fisherman took his net and reached the sea. He threw the trap in the sea for the first time as per his rules and after a while, he pulled it above the water. He noticed that pebbles, stones, and friable bones were stuck in the net.

The fisherman tried again, this time he found a rusty box full of garbage, which cost nothing.

For the third time, when the fisherman plunged his net into the sea, he again suffered failure. Now the fisherman’s courage had answered. He looked up at the sky with dismal eyes and cursed his bad luck.

While giving courage to himself for some time, he threw his net in the sea for the fourth and last time.

This time when he pulled his net above the sea, he saw that there was no fish in his net, but a big brass jug of brass was stuck. He quickly filled the jug in his bag and covered his net and went home.

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On returning empty-handed, he had to listen to his wife’s burning words like Hemasha for a while. After that, he quietly went to his room and started looking at Jug. Curiously, as soon as he opened the lid of the jug, the smoke started coming out of it and in a moment a huge Kya Jinn came in front of him.

The genie said as soon as he got out of the water

Swami, I am your servant… I will do what you say but remember I can never sit empty… If you cannot tell me any work, then I will kill you immediately and I will be free for Hemsha-Hemsha.

The fisherman says, “for organizing good things for my family!

And in the blink of an eye, the elusive genie puts a pile of delicious food in front of him.

The fisherman is terrified that how did such a genie do this job so soon?

This time he gives him a big task, “Go build a luxurious palace for me to live!”

At present, the fisherman does not even give his order properly that the genie erects a palatial palace there. The fisherman is now even more nervous that he does not understand what job the genie should be engaged in.

On the other hand, the genie shouts standing on the head of the fisherman, “Tell me what to do now?”

Then the fisherman senses an idea, he smiles and says, “Go get a long, thick bamboo cart in the middle of the palace.” Done. “, The genie says.

Very good now go climb on that bamboo again and again and do not come until I call again!

The genie was hanged and the fisherman lived comfortably in the palace with his family.

Moral of the story:

The biggest problem can be solved with intelligence.
The fourth story of Panchatantra – Three works

3.  Monkeys and crocodiles

Story in English
Monkey and Crocodile

A monkey lived on a berries tree by the side of a river, who befriended a crocodile living in that river. That monkey used to give that crocodile berries to eat as well. One day that crocodile also gave some berries to his wife. Feed. After eating delicious berries, she insisted that the heart of the person eating such sweet fruits every day would be very sweet; she urged her husband to bring the heart of that monkey.

The crocodile, forced into the hands of the wife, also did a trick and told the monkey that her sister-in-law wanted to meet her so that she could sit on his back so that she could safely reach her house. He jumped and climbed onto his back. When they reached the middle of the river.; The crocodile thought that there was no harm in telling the monkey the right thing now and he revealed the secret that his wife wanted to eat his heart. The monkey was shocked but he did not lose his patience and said with aplomb – ‘

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Oh, why didn’t you tell me this thing earlier, because I have kept my heart in the hollow of the berries? Now quickly take me back to the river so that I can bring my heart and gift it to my sister-in-law; I can make him happy.

As the foolish crocodile brought the monkey to the banks of the river; the monkey loudly leaped over the berries and said in anger – “Oh fool, can anyone live without a heart?” Go, your friendship with me ends today. ”

Friends, this story, read in childhood, still inspires us to be patient in the moments of trouble so that we can face tough times firmly. Secondly, always respect friendship.

4.    Great head barber

Story in English

There lived a very kind husband and wife in a city. He was financially prosperous and used to grow up in worship, charity, and religion. His good behavior was far-fetched and often attracted guests at his house.

Time is never the same. Once a terrible calamity strikes them and they become poor. Gradually everyone turns away from them and some do not even desist from insulting them.

The husband and wife accept it as a punishment for the deeds of their previous lives and start living their lives in poverty. One day a miraculous beggar comes to their door and begs for alms. Nothing happens at home, the husband and wife are confused as to what to donate to the beggar?

When nothing is found, the couple donates a handful of rice left in the house to the beggar.

A beggar is a transgender, he is overjoyed by this donation and tells them –

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I will come to your door again tomorrow morning… As soon as I knock the door, you open the door and start hitting my head with a stick… By doing this all my hair will turn into gold and you will collect it. Taxes will become rich again.

The next day when the beggar came, the husband and wife did the same. The truth of the beggar came out, all his hair turned into gold and once again the couple became as rich as before.

As soon as the beggar leaves, the barber who is making the hair of the child on the other side of the road is watching all this. He thinks in his mind – “Well, this is the secret to their being rich … I can also become rich …”

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And thinking like this, he goes to a well-known monk in the city and invites them to his house at dawn the next morning. As soon as the dawn, a beggar knocks at the door of the barber.

As if a hairdresser is sitting in this gaze. He immediately opens the door and strikes the beggar’s head.
The monk becomes blood and blood.

Seeing blood, the barber blows his senses… he does not understand what is happening ???

The beggar, enraged by this behavior of the barber, complains to the king and the king sends the barber to a mental asylum.

Moral of the story:

One should not follow blindly or else one has to repent later.

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