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What Happened to Innocent Devaki: Read Interesting Story – Imagine Story

What Happened to Innocent Devaki: Read Interesting Story – Imagine Story

The atmosphere at Devaki’s house was a bit different this Saturday. Today the house had to be evacuated under any circumstances. The truck loaded with the goods of the new landlord was about to reach Delhi from Bangalore at some point. Most of the items in the house had been sold, all that was left was something which was very dear to Devaki’s heart and she did not want to sell them at any cost. The son was to be removed from the house and kept in son Dushyant’s car, and Dushyant’s drawer was doing this work very promptly.

Devki used to watch every item while staring at it, until the driver kept them in the car. Not knowing how many memories were associated with each item, the tears dripping from Devaki’s eyes were making him brighter.

When all the stuff went out, Devaki felt as if someone had pulled all the power from his body. With a desire to see his house wholeheartedly for the last time, he wiped tears from his eyes and walked around the house with slow steps.

He made this house so diligently, Every brick of the house was witness, his ascendant, his hard work. Winter, summer or rain used to stand fast, the workers used to come before the workers came on the front road and after they finished their work, used to sit and breathe peace. Will this house belong to someone else from today?

His bedroom, his kitchen, his small room of worship and a lovely balcony, which was his till yesterday, how today he was alienated in a moment. Trees grown by raising their own hands – plant, do not know what will happen to them from tomorrow, whether they will take care of them or not. After thinking about all this, she had to cry.

It was an easy task to leave the house with memories of thirty five years.

The new owners had come to the house. Dushyant handed over the keys of the house to him, Devaki was watching the scene unaided. Wish her husband would not have died untimely, Dushyant could have had the audacity to sell this house if Dushyant’s father was alive. no never . I am left alone, so the sons have become very dominant over me.

Devaki, along with her son Dushyant, daughter-in-law Malati and grandson Prithu, sat in the car. Dushyant, Malti and Devaki were sitting on the back seat of the car. Grandson ‘Prithu’ was sitting on the seat next to the driver. The car was running on the black long road of Delhi.

Today, despite the agitation on the streets of Delhi, he felt a strange silence. Before today, he did not find the city of Delhi so stranger. Forty years ago, when his doli came to Delhi from Bijnor, it seemed as if the whole city of Delhi was performing his aarti. Neighbors – Neighbors were so attached that they could not even remember the maiden.

Brick and stone buildings are being built, the people of this place have lost their hearts. What to say about the new generation? In the race to earn money, the fog is running. ‘Mother and father’ are like mites used in grains, which destroy all the wealth lying in the house, ‘this is what you must think’.

Devaki was entangled in the fabric of thoughts, then Prithu’s soft voice was heard “Where are we going?” Devaki replied, “Where time is going”. Malti blushed and said, “Mommy is still innocent, why are you talking like this?” Devaki looked at Malti with eyes and said, “Which one did I tell him to fire the cannon.” Malti looked at Dushyant with complacent eyes. Tiyori climbed Dushyant’s forehead as well.

The sun was hiding towards the west. Surya and Devaki’s silence begins. As if he is saying to Devaki, “Every day comes to an end, Devaki! I am leaving today with darkness, tomorrow I will return again with a new dawn.” Devaki mumbles in despair, “What is the light and light for the one who snatches the light from his eyes?”

Waves of thoughts were constantly hitting Devaki’s inner self. Meanwhile, Delhi’s border ended. The car stopped at the toll gate of NCR Gurgaon. Prithu then questioned, “Where are we going, why is no one telling.” Devki said in a trembling voice, “What will they tell you, son! I will tell you.” Devaki’s throat was sore for a moment.

She said to herself, “Your grandmother is going to a boarding school for old people.” For Prithu, this answer also became a question. He asked Bhole Pan again, “Old man’s boarding school?” Devaki said, “Yes son, you have heard right, I am going to old school only.” Malti again looked at Dushyant with a disdain.

Devaki still respected his son-in-law very much, but today he did not care what adverse effect his conduct and his words would have on his ‘mother-in-law’ reputation. She said, “A single mother can raise ten children, but ten children cannot raise a single mother.”

Still sitting silent, Dushyant said, “Mama, you are eradicating Prithu’s curiosity, answering her questions or taunting us.” Malati also said in tune with her husband, “I have spent seven lakh rupees, Mummyji we have only for you.” Devaki said, “This new generation only knows how to do it. We have never learned or never guessed how much is being spent on the person of the house.

We were probably mad people, who just kept running in emotions. . We should have written the expenses on the diary. Today, how much money was spent on such and such person. What did we write about the account of writing the account, …. Today Dushyant killed Kilkari for the first time. Today he took the first step on the ground. , Mother today learned to speak. She began to sob without completing her voice. Dushyant looked at Devaki and said, “Mama! What good is it to be emotional like this?”

The car stopped in front of a big building. There was a board on the building, which was shining with the light of a colorful bulb. It was inscribed on it, ‘Your own abode’

The driver got down from the car and opened the car doors. Dushyant moved his hand to support Devaki. Devaki was feeling like, shake his hand and say, “When you are leaving your mother in the lurch, why are you extending your hand to support me for a few moments”, but were forced to support myself She could not even get down. From the other side, Malti came and grabbed the bag. Devaki felt sad. She said, “Rhein de Bahu yeh nayat”

All three enter the building. Dushyant takes Devaki to the cabin, seated on Prithu and Malti on the sofa, seated in the reception. He made some payment with a credit card, signed the form and after these formalities Devaki was handed over to ‘Your Apna Niwas’. Devki was looking all around. According to his name, he did not see anything like his home in this ashram. A caretaker named ‘Sukanya’ had come to take Devaki to the room. Now the time had come for Devaki to bid farewell to his family. Malti covered the pallu on her head and touched her mother-in-law’s legs.

The son hugged the mother and said, “Take care, Mamma.” Devaki said, “Here is mine, who will give more time than myself”. Many questions arose on Prithu’s face. Even Devki could not answer them. Devaki kept watching Apalka, his family would be away from himself

In the wet eyelids of Devaki, many past moments have emerged. Sukanya takes Devaki from the lift to room number four hundred and seven of the fourth floor. There were ten beds in the room. Ten cabinets were kept. Ten chairs were placed around a large table. Numbers were all over. Devaki received thirty four items. When Sukanya handed over the keys of the number thirty-four to Devaki, Devaki said, “What criminal are we, which is the number anal on everything”. On this Vimla, who is number thirty, said, “Why are you taking small things to heart. ! What is less of the misery given by our own people. Kumud, who is number seven, also supported Vimala.

Now the bed of thirty-four was the bed of Devaki. His own home and his adorned kitchen, his own room and the balcony adjacent to the room, all remained as memories of the past.

Devki’s mobile got chirped. As Devaki raised her hand to pick up the phone, Sukanya said, “Aunty! You can only use the phone between four and five o’clock, the rest of the time you have to switch off the mobile.” Devaki almost pleasantly told Sukanya, “My son has a phone. Let me talk.”

Sukanya said, “Today is your first day. Keep it closed from tomorrow.” Devaki shook the phone by ear. From the second came Dushyant’s voice, “Hello Mama.” Devaki’s Rome-Rome blossomed as if she had reached among her family members. Dushyant started speaking further, “Flight is on time.” Devaki happily said, “Very good son. Take care of Prithu very much in Russia. There is a lot of cold there. Keep mixing it with honey and giving ginger juice.” Dushyant said, “Yes mother you don’t worry.”

Devaki wanted to tell the son that he was allowed to talk on the phone here from four to five o’clock, but he heard the voice of Malti on the phone, “You cut the phone Yes, the old lady’s lecher will not stop. “Hearing this, Devaki’s hands trembled, ears were numb. The phone slipped and rolled on the floor. After a while the hello-halo was heard and then the phone went silent. Devaki sat down on her bed and started crying bitterly. But the walls here had become hardened by hearing the sobs of so many goddesses.

Preparations for dinner were going on in the ashram. Sukanya had told Vimala that he brought Devaki into the hall. Vimala celebrates Devaki a million but Devaki is not ready to eat. Vimla tired and said, I am going, I have injected insulin.

The room was empty. Everyone gathered in the hall to eat. Devaki got a nap while sitting on the bed. Devaki slowly redeemed herself from the present, lost in the dream world. Grandson Prithu is running away with glasses. She is running after him. Prithu is laughing and laughing. “My glasses, my glasses” she muttered.

That’s when Sukanya enters the room. She shrugs Devaki’s shoulder and says, “Glasses are on your eyes, aunty.” Devaki’s colorful dream breaks, she comes to the surface of reality. Sukanya says, “Let’s go eat auntie food.” Devaki says in a sad tone, “No, today I am separated from my family.

Today I have absolutely no desire to eat.” Sukanya holds Devaki’s hand and says, “Auntie you walk down with me and see how happy everyone is. Everyone here is separated from his family.” Devaki said, “All are boasting. Inside, all the silence is sitting in the heart.” Sukanya said that the manager would be angry with me for not coming to you. “Devaki said,” I will leave. Both of them walk towards the dining hall.

A large hall was filled with about four hundred elders. Devki stood aside on the other side. Someone suddenly came back from Devaki and said, “Hey, Mrs. Chopra! You here too?” Devaki looked back, seeing Colonel Ranjit Singh standing in his neighborhood ten years ago. Devaki said with surprise, “Colonel Sahib! How are you here?” Ranjit laughingly said, “Just like you here, so are we here.

Everyone is riding on the same kayak.” Devki asked, “Where is Bahinji?” Ranjit smiled to hide the sadness on his face. He said, “Sudha, she kept walking step by step throughout her life. Two years ago her footsteps faltered. Maybe it was my fault. At every turn she kept leading it by saying ‘ladies first’. God felt like this. Feeling. ” Devaki’s eyes were filled. Ranjit said, “Let’s eat food. If the chapatti becomes cold, it will become difficult to chew.

On the other hand, when Vimala was calling Devaki to sit in the empty chair with her. Devki sat near Vimala. He took a little food out of his heart. Being a Sunday, two hours after a meal, a concert was also held.

All returned to their rooms. Laying on the bed, some started talking, some started snoring and some started looking for light in the black ink of the night. A subtle point of light, even if it has brought firefly with him. Devki’s two-minute meeting with Ranjit Singh took her thoughts back by ten years. How much reconciliation was there between the two families? He slept while wandering in the streets of memories.

It would have been two hours that someone had been sobbing. He picked up his glasses from the table nearby. Sitting on her bed, she started looking here and there. Vimla muttering loudly, “Sleep sister, Kumud sighs like this every night. Very bad happened to this bachari. I’ll tell you tomorrow.

On the first morning of Devaki in the ashram —– If he had his own house, he would go to the kitchen and make a cup of hard tea and stare out the golden rays of the sun in the balcony. The basil plant in the pot separates the yellow leaves from the plant. Waiting for the newspaper. But it is heard here, tea will be available at eight o’clock. Have to do yoga. Have to go to the hall after taking a bath. All of the routines here are done. In this, the desire seems less helpless.

After breakfast, for some time, we are given an opportunity to get to know each other. Devaki and Vimala sat in a corner, away. Vimala started telling the painful story of Kumud with a cold sigh… a boy of Kumud. The husband was left with an early age. Like – taught the son – taught. This enabled us to get a good job. He also got a good job abroad. The boy got married soon. One day he spoke to Kumud, selling his house and going abroad. Kumud approved. The house was sold and the day of going to Vidash was fixed. Kumud’s family reached Delhi’s international airport.

The boy asked the mother to stay outside. He went inside the airport with his wife. Hours passed when he did not return, Kumud panicked and started questioning. The police investigated the name of son and daughter-in-law and found that both of them had flown to America. Kumud could not believe it.

She reached the Ministry of Home Affairs. When the police showed the pictures taken from CCTV, the poor woman was shocked that don’t ask. Devaki asked Vimala, “How did Kumud come to this ashram? It is private. Here we have to pay a sum of seven lakhs. Vimala said softly,” Colonel Sahib read the news in the newspaper. They have given money only. Do not tell this thing to Kumud ”.

The order to return to the room was received. Devaki had not come here for twenty-four hours, there was hardly any moment in these twenty-four hours when Devaki did not remember his house.

Why does a woman become so helpless? When the father is at home, then no action can be taken against the father’s will. When the husband comes home, he cannot go against her wishes. As soon as the son grows up, he starts giving instructions to the mother. Why does a woman become incompetent while being competent in all respects? It is his physical weakness, mental failure or a feeling of abandonment. Time also takes the person from where to where.

Devaki was lost in thoughts, that Vimala came from Dhamma and sat on her bed. She said to Devaki, “Why do you keep thinking about your house?” Devaki’s gaze goes out of the window, as if she is looking for her home among distant houses. She tells Vimala, “Our home is our own.” Vimala says, “I will call you one day to see, this ashram is better than home.” Devaki just smiled.

Four months passed like this. Devki and Vimala’s friendship continued to deepen. Devki could not get out of the memories of her house and Vimal stood firm on his statement that we are more happy here than in our house. Devaki often saw Vimala staring at a piece of paper. If someone came near, Vimala would quickly fold the paper and tie it in the pallu. She slept pressing the corner of Pallu into a fist. Devki would sometimes joke with Vimala, “Whose love letter are you hiding?” Vimala used to tease something else immediately.

It was Ekadashi day, some women kept fast. Sukanya came and told that fruits are being distributed on behalf of ‘Pratap Club’. On hearing this, everyone started preparing to go down. Devaki was lying on the bed. Vimla said, won’t you walk down?

Vimla said, “No, the whole life continued to do charity, now it would be nice to spread hands in front of others?” Vimla said, “Stay hungry till evening, here the fasters will not get anything to eat.”

After some time Vimala returned with four bananas. His mouth was discolored. Giving two bananas to Devaki, he said, “Don’t know how many people send people, club people.” After taking my two bananas, I asked for two bananas for you too. Do you know your sister, what did that boy tell me? Devaki asked, “What did you say?” Vimala said wiping her eyes from Pallu, “Behenji, she said, old lady! Don’t feel ashamed? Legs are hanging in the tomb, not left greed yet”. Devaki got angry on hearing this, but she said, “Let go , He has dirty his tongue. ”

Vimala went to her bed and lay down. It was evening tea time. Devki went to Vimala’s bed. Bananas were still placed on the adjacent table on the bed. Devaki shook Vimala’s shoulder and said, “Feed me bananas, your bananas are still kept as they are.” When Devaki could not find an answer to any of her questions, she was shocked. Her most loved friend Vimala had slept in perpetual sleep.

The paper that Vimla used to tie in the pallu, today he kept that paper with the chest. Devaki slowly pulled out that paper. Seeing the piece of paper, Devaki’s eyes were stung. A piece of paper had a picture of Vimala’s house, whose name was clearly written on the plate in large black letters – ‘Apna Gharaunda’.

Source: This story has been taken from the story mirror directly.

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