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Story of a Woman and Three Sages

A long time ago, there was a woman who owned a small house and lived in that house with her two children and her husband. It is a matter of one day that she was going out when she saw three colorful sadhus in front of her house. Seeing them, she did not say anything and started going silent, then one of them said that would we get food in your house. Why did she not go? I come inside now, then one of them said that is your husband Dev at your house. The woman has not said, she is out now, she will come in a while, Sadhuvo said that when your husband comes, we will go. The lady said, “Okay Baba, in a short time her husband came and she told the whole thing to her husband too.”

Her husband said go now, call and come, when she went out, she said to those monks, Baba, come and eat food, now my dead husband has come. Then one of them said that daughter, we three do not go to any house together. Hearing this, the woman stopped and said what is it that the three of you do not go to the house together. Then a monk said that I have a wealth and a breakthrough in love and love. Whenever three of us go to someone’s house, the same thing happens in his house. The woman became very happy and said that you people stay the same, I come by asking my husband. She went to her husband while running and told the whole thing, then the husband said that he would call a saint with wealth. But the wife said, if you call a monk with success, money will come automatically if you get success. Then, after a long debate in both, thought why not call both money and success together.

After that the woman came out and said we want to take both money and success together. Hearing this, the three sadhus smiled and said, “Son, no one will leave us now, because we never go to their homes, who call wealth and success together.” Hearing this, the woman felt very sad and went into the house with a sad heart. We get to learn from this story that one should never do any work by greed, if the woman had called Prem at home, he would have got both wealth and success on his own. The world can be won with love.

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