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Story of a Blind Girl – Thinking of People – Moral Story

Story of a Blind Girl – Thinking of People – Moral Story

Story of a Blind Girl – Thinking of People

There is so much in this world that all of us speak without knowing and understand and are ready to do anything. Today is the story that will make your mind think from inside and you will definitely tell yourself something. Once upon a time, some people were going to sit in the bus, a ten-year-old girl on the same bus Was also going The girl is happy to see the green trees and gardens and speaks to her father – don’t see how the trees and the land are running together. His father did not say anything and just smiled. Beside the same seat, there were some young people who had just been married, they were getting upset about saying this thing of the girl again and again.

After a while, the girl who shouted loudly said, “Hey, father, look! They are also changing with the tree, after hearing this kind of girl, the people next door got very angry and they said, why do you give your daughter a good doctor?” Do not show It has become so big and is saying that the baffle is going on too, on hearing this, the girl’s father said that she has just come from the doctor and was blind since childhood, today her eye came back. And he has never changed and seen the tree. Hearing this, the girl’s father started feeling very bad and immediately apologized to her father.

We get to learn from this story that it is important for us to know the whole thing before speaking about anything to anyone. If you do something without knowing the whole thing, then maybe you make a mistake that you can never forgive.

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Updated: February 2, 2021 — 10:47 pm

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