Short Moral Stories For Kids In English

Short Moral Stories For Kids In English

Short Moral Stories For Kids In English
Short Moral Stories For Kids In English

1. Nothing is greater than you

Once upon a time, a man was passing by, when he saw elephants tied on the side of the road and a rope tied in their forefoot.

He was surprised to find that powerful creatures like elephants are just tied with a small rope instead of iron chains.

He asked a farmer standing nearby,
How are these elephants standing so calmly and why are they not trying to run away?

The farmer said – These elephants are tied with ropes with small water, at that time they do not have enough power to break this bond.

Due to not being able to break the rope even after repeated attempts, they are slowly convinced that they cannot break these ropes, and even when they grow up, it remains their belief! So they never try to break them.

The man was surprised that these animals cannot break the rope because they believe that they cannot do it.

Like these elephants, many of us assume for the first time due to failure that now we cannot do this work. And spend their whole life tied in their own mental chains.

Moral Of This Story

Remember failure is a part of life. And it is only through repeated chassis that you get success. If you too are tied to such an old man, who is preventing you from making your dreams come true, then break with him.

2. High Thinking

Once a boy was standing near a toy survivor.
Only then a car stops and a man comes out of it.

Bo buys toys and sits in the car.
That is when the guy standing next to the toyboy gets attention.

The child is looking at the rich man’s car.
The rich man feels sorry.
He takes that child in his car.

• Child – your car is very expensive, isn’t it?
• man – yes. My elder brother has gifted me.
• Child, how good your elder brother is.

• man- I know what you’re thinking. You also want such a car, don’t you?
• Child- No, I also want to be a rich man like your elder brother.
• Because I also have small siblings.

Moral Of This Story

Always keep your thinking higher than others’ expectations

3. Learning of the Saint

A saint used to live in Kashi village, after completion of the education of the disciples, the saint called him to himself and said-
Dear disciples, the time has come now, all of you will have to serve the society humbly, following the strict rules of the society.

So one disciple said – Gurudev does not work politely all the time!
The saint understood that Armaan still exists in him. After remaining silent for some time, the saint said – Just look inside my mouth and see how many teeth are left!

In turn, the disciples saw the saint’s face and said together – all your teeth are broken.
The saint said that the tongue is not there?

There is no need to look at the saint,
Tongues live together from birth to death.
Are not strange and teeth that come later!

They leave earlier when they should leave later. Why does this happen?

A disciple said that this is the rule of life,
Saint- No, the answer to this is not as simple as you all understand.

Saint- Tongue does not break because she has elasticity, she stays inside by being humble, she does not have any kind of arrogance, she has the power to tolerate everything with humility, so she supports us.

When the teeth are very hard, they are proud of their hardness,
They know that because of them human beauty increases, so they are very harsh,

Their arrogance and hardness cause their waste, so if you have to serve the society well,
So follow the rules by being gentle like the tongue.

Moral Of This Story

Humility is what separates us from animals.

4Refuse is not allowed

Once upon a time, there lived a jackal in a forest,
He was quite oldhe did not have much strength left to hunt his appetite.

One night while Shiar was wandering around with hungerhe came to know that a dead body of a dog was lying on one of the pathsthen he walks on that path,
Then suddenly he gets very scary sounds from that path.

Then he changes the way but thinks if I change the way then I am going to die of hunger anywayso why not go this way and eradicate my hunger.

He then walks along the same path where the dog’s dead body lay.
Upon reaching therehe saw that the frightening sound was coming from the collision of two branches of treeswhich were hitting each other due to the wind.

Seeing thisSheear laughs loudly,
I was fearlessit was goodI did not change the waybut would die of hunger.

Then he eats his hunger by eating the body of the dead dog and goes back.

Moral Of This Story

Friendsthat’s why keep moving towards your goal without paying attention to these scary voices and be successfulthese are all idle voices that do not let you get ahead in life.

5Surplus knowledge

Once upon a time, there used to be a bird named Bulbul in a forestthe cold weather was comingall the animals started preparing to avoid it.

Bulbul also made a splendid Ghosla and covered it with grass from all sides to avoid the coming rains.

One day suddenly very heavy rain startedto avoid which all the animals started running here and thereBulbul comfortably sat in his nest.

Then a monkey came under that tree to save himself.
Seeing the condition of the monkeyBulbul said – You wandered so smart yet did not build a house to avoid the rain.

Hearing thisthe monkey was very angry but he kept quiet.
Bulbul again said that he would have spent the entire summer in laziness and would have made a home for himself.

The monkey overcame his anger and remained silent.

The rain was not taking the name of stopping and the winds were getting strongerthe poor monkey started shivering with coldbut Bulbul had swore as if to tease her.

If you have shown a little wisdom then this situation

Bulbul did not even finish his talk that the monkey climbed the tree and said – even though I do not know how to build my houseit is good to break.
Saying this to the bulbul bird

Like the monkeyBulbul too became a home.

Moral of this story

Friendsif you can help a person with a smilethen do itbut do not give a sense of waste.

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