Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra for kids

Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra for kids

Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra for kids
Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra for kids


These all the Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra for kids will talk about the many lessons of new Ideas for kids so Kid will observe these morals and will implement in their real-life then absolutely these Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra will make them unique in society.

Short Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra starts now…………

1.    The Foolish Monkey and King

This story is one of the famous stories from Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra Because after reading it you are going to gain lots of morals for your life.

The Foolish Monkey and King Once upon a time, a king kept a domesticated monkey as his servant. Wherever the king goes, the monkey also goes with him. There was no restriction in the court of the king as the monkey was the pet of the king.

On a hot summer day, the king rested on his bed. That monkey was also sitting near the bed and blowing the king with a fan. At that moment fly came and on the king’s chest

She sat. When the monkey sees the fly sitting, he tried to blow it away. Most of the time she flew and after a while, she would sit on the king’s chest. After watching this, the monkey turns with anger. In anger, he decided to kill the fly. Then he started looking for weapons to kill the monkey fly.

A short distance away, he saw the sword of the king. He took that sword and angrily killed the sword on the king’s chest to kill the fly. Before the sword hit the fly, the fly flew from there. The fly did not die due to the blows made by the monkey force, but the king died due to it.

That’s why it is good to make a fool your servant

2.    Intelligence of Hen

This is the second story from Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra because this story is going to tell you that how you are important to others just wait, do not tell them……..

Once upon a time, there was a lot of rooster in a village. The village child had harassed anyone chicken. The cock got upset, he thought I would not make a sound the next morning.

Everyone will keep sleeping, then everyone will understand my importance, and will not tease me. The cock did not say anything the next morning.

All the people got up on time and started doing their work, on this, the chicken understood that no work stops without anyone. Everyone’s work goes on.

Ethical education – do not boast. Your importance is known to people without informing them

3.    The Good Helper

This is the third story from Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra it will teach you, How to be a good helper for anyone.

Once there was an argument between an aba veel and a crow about the beauty of their wings. Ababil boasted to the crow that “my shiny

Look at the wings. They are so beautiful. And just look at your black, clumsy wings. These are how bad wings are. Beauty is all in my life

There is something. ”Upon hearing this, the crow smiled and he said to Ababil,“ You can be beautiful, but your beauty is only in the spring

Stays in You just can’t stand the heat. While looking at me, my wings protect me from both cold and heat. ”

Learning point.

Trust those people who help in bad situations.


4.     Ant and Boastful Elephant

As the third story from Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra will tell you that everyone has it’s importance, do not ignore others by judging their own power.

Once upon a time, there was a powerful elephant in the Chandan forest. The elephant was very proud of its strength. He used to threaten all the creatures on the way and kept furiously destroying the trees and trees of the forest without any reason.

One day that elephant started torturing all the creatures of the forest like daily when suddenly lightning flashed in the sky and torrential rains started. To avoid the heavy rain, elephants run and hide in a big cave.

There was also a small drop inside the cave. On seeing him, the elephant started laughing-

Haha.ha..ha… how young you are, if you die a blow to me, you will reach the moon… Look at me if I want to shake the whole mountain… your life is meaningless…

The little ant explained not to boast to the elephant, but the elephant was crushed under his strength… He kept making fun of the ant constantly and started banging his leg to scare the ant…

The elephant was doing so when a loud noise came from outside… a big stone fell at the mouth of the cave due to slamming feet.

Now the elephant’s senses flew… He proceeded to remove the stone, but even with his full strength, he was not able to touch the stone.

As the rain stopped, Chitty said, “Look you were making fun of me being small, but this time I can come out of this cave alive because of my small size but not you.”

And by saying this, the ant walks his way.

After a while, the ants go into the forest and call the other elephants, and together they remove the fallen stones at the entrance of the cave and drive the elephant out of the cave.

As the elephant arrives, he apologizes to the ant for his behavior and thanks to him for saving his life.

This incident makes the elephant understand that it is good to live in harmony with all creatures. And after that day, that elephant never persecutes any creature.

Moral of the story:

Whether you see it or not, everyone has some quality, so if God has given you some ability, then never boast on it, everyone is capable in some form or the other…

5.    The Bridge Made by River

The court of King Krishnadeva Rai was installed. The gatekeeper informed Maharaj that some people in a village want to meet you. The king ordered them to come inside.

Most of the People said: – “Maharaj, the river runs by our village in the rainy season there comes to a boom in that river. Cause to no bridge, one has to resort to the boat to come to the village. Due to flooding in the rainy season, the boat resort has also ended. Therefore, we pray to you that if you build a strong bridge over the river, then the villagers will be very kind to you ”.

Krishnadeva Raya found the words of the villagers appropriate and after consulting the courtiers, he approved the construction of a bridge over the river. The villagers happily returned to their homes.

On the other hand, when people came to know that Maharaj has given permission to build a bridge over the river, many people got involved in getting the contract to build the bridge.

But one of Maharaj’s ministers and Rajpurohits used to take shortfalls in everyone’s work and send them back. In the end, the Minister got this contract delivered to his nephew, and the work of building the bridge started.

King Krishnadeva Rai used to ask his minister about the work of building a bridge. Finally one day the nephew of the minister came to the king and informed him that Maharaj! The bridge is ready. The king was very pleased and gave a lot of rewards to the contractor.

On the other hand, Tenaliram was also collecting information about building bridges in his own way. Finally, when Maharaj was happy and wanted to give his necklace to the nephew of the minister in addition to the reward, his eyes fell on Tenaliram, who would have kept something inside his kurta’s pocket and would have kept it inside.

Seeing this, the king asked Tenaliram: – “What are you repeatedly taking out of your pocket? Let us also see what it is. ”

After hearing the king, Tenaliram takes a thing out of his pocket and shows to the king and told: “The bridge over the river Maharaj is like a wooden toy that will break in two to four days not will work so far”.

King Krishnadeva Raya became angry on hearing this and put the nephew of the minister in jail and the responsibility of building a bridge over the river was now handed over to Telani ram.

6.     The Success of Honesty

This is sixth from Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra it will tell you how No one can stop you from moving forward if really want to go ahead

Sonu awoke in the morning. If you reach school late, you will have to scold from Masterji. Hearing the name of scolding, Sonu immediately left the bed and started preparing to go to school.

On the other hand, the mother put hot parathas and milk in front of her, which she finished by handling books. He reached his school at 7 am, thanking his mother.

After the sudden death of the father lived in a small room with his mother. Dad worked at a goldsmith shop. After his death, the goldsmith gave the job to his mother. From the mother’s salary, the expenses of home and Sonu’s studies used to go smoothly.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Sonu ran and reached the goldsmith shop. Seeing the circumstances of the mother-son’s house, that goldsmith also employed Sonu at his place. But he always motivated her to go to school. Sonu was allowed to come to the shop only after 2 pm.

Mother always told Sonu stories of truth and honesty. He was always taught to take the support of truth and justice to move forward in life. Once she cheated on someone, she considered it her biggest sin.

One day, closing the shop in the evening, the goldsmith gave a box to Sonu and said, “I am going somewhere.” It contains precious diamonds, jewelry, and left to my house. ”

. Sonu took the box and approached the goldsmith. On the way, the idea of ​​opening the box came into her mind, but then she remembered all the lessons of honesty taught by the mother. She left that box without opening the goldsmith’s house.

The next day when he reached the shop in the afternoon, the goldsmith called him to him and said

“Sonu, you have proved your honesty by bringing the diamonds and jewels I gave you yesterday to my home. You are not pure gold, Sonu. ”

And then the goldsmith promoted him to store as a manager.

The successful future of a person who walks on honesty and truth

No one can stop you from moving forward.

7. The Happiness of Honesty

This is the seventh story from Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra, it will teach you, why people say children are the face of god because they never speak a lie.

Vicky was feeling glad. Because yesterday was a celebration of Independence Day at his school. The school will be well decorated with colorful flags. The Principal will hoist our lovely tricolor and then there will be a program called Ranga Rang.

When he reached home with this enthusiasm, his senses flew away. Dad’s chest was very hard and everyone was waiting for the doctor to come. After some time, the doctor also came and started treatment.

When the pain subsided with medicine, my father fell asleep. The doctor said to keep giving the medicine on time and if the pain comes again, take the father to the hospital immediately.

Throughout the night, Vicky and his mother were engaged in the father’s care. At around 4 in the morning, when the pain started again, the mother called Phorna Ambulance. After some time an ambulance arrived and took Dad to the hospital.

There the doctors started their treatment and by midday, he was well healed and discharged from the hospital. It is advised to eat medicine daily and avoid certain things.

It was an evening when everyone reached home. After putting his father in bed, Vicky realized that today was a celebration of Independence Day in school. Due to the deteriorating health of his father, he had completely forgotten. Disillusionment happened but the father’s good health was more important. 

The next day the Principal was very angry because not many students had come to that function. However, he had explained the importance of Independence Day to everyone a day earlier and ordered that all students should attend it.

What was then, a list of students who did not come without permission. They were all raised in class and the principal scolded them a lot. The rest of the children sat silently watching those children receiving punishment.

Hearing this, the director forgot his anger and started to smile. Put a hand on Vicky’s shoulder

“A student who has the courage to admit his mistake can never be entitled to punishment.” “I will not say to be late yesterday, but promise, you will always speak the truth.

Vicky stood up when the Principal was about to leave. He rose from his place and reached in front of the Principal and said

“Sir, you forgot to take my name. I was also absent yesterday. ”

.” And she pats him on the back. Walked out of the classroom.

Children! Even if something goes wrong with you, never leave the truth.

8.  The Value Of Education

Whenever Vikas pulls out books to read, he does not feel like studying. As soon as he opens the books, he would like to go out and have fun with his friends. Mother had never stopped him from playing. I just explained how important it is to read along with playing.

But the bad mind of development always used to reverse. When all the comrades would come from school and relax and sit down to read and play in the evening. At the same time, Vikas would come from school and sit watching TV and would go out to play as soon as evening. As a result, it was very difficult to pass the quarterly examination.

Seeing such a low number, the mother scolded him a lot and asked him to insist on reading. For fear of his mother, he would sit down to read but his fickle mind would not accompany him in studies.

There were a few days left in the final examination when a small incident changed the thinking of development.

One day, his mother told him that the washerman had not yet brought his school uniform. And if not, what will he wear to school the next day. The mother also informed that the washerman may not have fallen ill. Mother asked him to go to Dhobi’s house to bring his uniform.

Dhobi’s house was in a nearby colony, so Vikas walked on foot. There used to be very poor people in this colony, that’s why many houses had no electricity. But there were electric poles on the roads, which were spreading light all around.

When Vikas reached his washerman’s house, it turned out that his mother was right. The washerman was ill and therefore could not bring the uniform. Well, Vikas went back home with his uniform. Just a few steps must have gone that his eyes went on a boy sitting under a pillar who was reading books. Seeing his passion, Vikas went close to him and asked why he is studying on the road so many nights.

The boy told him that throughout the day he sells vegetables with his father from house to house and then goes to school in the afternoon. Coming home from school in the evening, the mother helps in household chores. Because his family does not know the cost of electricity, therefore, having dinner, sit here and study.

Vikas was in tears after listening to a boy of his age.

Where I think of playing and TV all day long. And where is this person who is studying on the road even after getting involved in the work of mother and father? Seeing that boy’s passion, Vikas’s head bowed in shame.

The steps were going towards the house, but staying in the mind of development, the boy’s words were coming. By the time he reached home, he decided that from today onwards he will study with a full heart.

And that firm determination showed color. Vikas did not just pass but came first in his school’s annual examination.

9.   Yoga and Enjoyment

This is the ninth story from Moral Stories in English from Panchtantra will give you an idea for your life that how your life is a circle of our activities, what we do in our life.

A king called the scholar astrologers and asked a question that according to my birth journal, I had a chance of becoming a king and I became a king. But at the same time, many more children must have been born, who could not become kings. Why?

Astrology could not answer this question of the king, why the fate of everyone is different. Suddenly an old person stood up and said that if you go to the dense forest some distance away from here, then you will find a Mahatma there, he can answer your question.

Hearing this, the king got curious and he went to the dense forest to find the answer to this question. In the forest, the king went and saw that a Mahatma is busy eating angaar (hot coal) near a pile of fire.

When the King asked the Mahatma the fearful question, the Mahatma got angry and said: – I have no time to answer your question, I am suffering from hunger. There is another Mahatma among the hills some distance away from here, only he can answer this question.

The curiosity of the king increased further and he walked towards the mountain road. As soon as the king got another Mahatma, the king was surprised to see the Mahatma. The scene itself was something like this. That Mahatma was eating his own mass with tongs.

On seeing the king, that Mahatma also scolded: – I am restless with hunger, I do not have much time. Go ahead, a child is going to be born in a tribal village on the other side of the hills, only the child who will be alive for a while can answer your question.

Hearing this, the king became very restless, but his curiosity became so strong that whatever happens, I will be looking for the answer to my question. The king reached the village till the morning, walking on a difficult path.

Upon inquiring, reached the couple’s house and said everything. As soon as the child was born in that house, the couple presented the child to the king. On seeing the king, the child laughed and said, Rajan! I don’t even have time but listen to your answer. You, me and both of them were four brothers and princes seven births ago.

Once while playing hunting, we wandered in the forest. For 3 days, the hungry and thirsty wandered. The four brothers got a bundle of flour, from which we made 4 loaves and were sitting with their respective loaves to eat that a Mahatma came in agony with hunger and thirst.

Raja Gopichand’s mother’s education

He said to the brother who is eating ember, son, I am hungry for 10 days. Give me some of your bread, have mercy on me. On hearing this, the brother got angry and said, If I give this bread to you, what coals will I eat? Let’s run from here.

That Mahatma Ji then came near to the brother-in-law who ate the meat and also said to him, but those brothers also got angry with the Mahatma and said that we have got this bread with great difficulty if I give it to you, then what will I give my meat? Will you eat it?

Forlorn with hunger, the Mahatma came to me also asked for bread, but I also lost patience in hunger and said, “Let’s go ahead, will I die hungry by giving you bread?”

The happiness that can be attained by satisfaction and patience cannot be attained by anything else.

Chanakya Neeti

Then the Mahatma came to you with the last hope and also asked you for bread. Taking pity on his condition, he happily gave half of his bread with respect to that Mahatma. Having received that piece of bread, the Mahatma was very happy and said on his way, your future will flourish with your actions and behavior.

The child said: – Based on that event, we are enjoying our own life. Many flowers bloom on the earth at one time, but the fruits of all vary in size, taste, and quality. After saying this, that child died.

The king reached his palace and started thinking that many children are born in a single muhurta, but all get their own, given and taken.

Moral: –

This is the life cycle of yogas we do actions.

10.    The  Clever Cat

A bird lived by building a nest on a tree. One day, Dana reached a well-harvested field with water. There is more than the pleasure of eating there

He was happy In that happiness, he forgot to come home at night and his days began to pass in fun.

Here in the evening, a rabbit came near the tree where the bird’s nest was. The tree was not tall at all. So when the rabbit peeped into the snails, it came to know that this nest is empty. The nest was large enough so that the rabbit could live comfortably in it. He liked this nest made and decided to stay here.

A few days later, he returned after eating Chidda, becoming fat fresh and missing his mussels. He saw the rabbit sitting comfortably in the snails. He got very angry, he said to the rabbit, “The thief is nowhere, I was not there, have you entered my house? Come out of my house, did not any shame come to my house?”

The rabbit replied calmly, “Where is your house? Which is your home? This is my house. You have gone mad. Hey! Well, once a well, a pond or a tree leaves someone, they lose their right too. So long as we are here, it is our own home. Later anyone can live in it. Now, this house is mine. Do not disturb me unnecessarily. ”

Hearing this, Chidda started saying, “Nothing will be gained by having such an argument. Let’s go to a devout man. He will get a house in whose favor he will pass judgment.”

A river flowed from near that tree. There was a big cat sitting there. She was seen doing some religious work. Although this cat is the inherent enemy of these two, there was no one else, so both of them thought it appropriate to go to him and take justice from him. Taking care, he went to the cat and explained his problem.

He said, “We talked about our dilemma, now how can we solve it? Do you want to know your answer? Whoever is right will find that nest and eat whatever is false.”

“Hey, Ray !! What kind of things are you talking about, not a sin like violence in this world? The one who kills others goes to hell himself. I will help in giving you justice, but if it is about eating a liar, then he is not with me Will be able to do. I want to tell you one thing in your ears, just come close to me !! ”

The rabbit and the bird both were feeling happy because the decision was taken, and it was simple. Catching the rabbit that came close, snatched the bird from the mouth. They did all their work. Even recognizing his enemy, believing him, the rabbit and the bird had to lose their lives.

True, it is good to stay four hands away if you can handle the enemy.

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