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Love Life in Family: Really Very Cool Story – Must Read: Imagine Story

Love Life in Family: Really Very Cool Story – Must Read: Imagine Story

Why doesn’t this evening feel like Why does so much loneliness and emptiness take over. 6 to 7 seems like time has stopped.

After 7 o’clock, if (Rama – the husband of dignity) keeps coming to them, then the time is left in the food etc.

This dignity was walking on the roof with a sad feeling.

The road behind the house, under the bridge of the train, connects to the highway ahead, a hmm of trucks. The sound keeps on coming, in the evening it sounds like a music, this sound, in a rhythm.

In the winter, when the darkness sets in early, the light peeping through the windows of the train and the peeping life from the bridge.

Are all their lives also in rhythm and rhythm, or mismatched, just like us.

Everyone is at home, mother, father and brother-in-law. There is no shortage, yet there are some which are not.

Mataji – son, it is time for Rama to come.

Dignity – A Mother

Busy eating dignity.

Hearing the light and sound of the scooter brings a smile to the dignity’s face.

She sees Ram taking off his helmet from the kitchen window of the first floor.

How beautiful Rama looks in dignity (mind only) formal dress.

Rama comes upstairs, takes off his shoes and comes straight into the kitchen.

Ram – What are you making

Dignity – Brinjal fills, you like it or not

Ram – was made the day before.

Dignity – Why don’t you eat today.

Ram – I don’t want to eat, I like it very much, but the mother will say no.

Dignity – no one, do not tense it, change your clothes and hurry, heat is hot

Ram – Yes, in the spirit of happiness

Dignity and Ram walk on the roof before sleeping

Garima walks and holds Ram’s hand

Ram – don’t hold hands, someone will see, everybody (neighbor) is walking

Dignity – depressed and disgusted – all go on holding and if I do not hold my husband’s hand, whom should I hold?

Ram – I don’t like to stick it all in front of people

Dignity – Ram you have changed a lot

Ram – How

Dignity – When you got married 2 years ago, how much you used to cling, how much you used to talk even after the engagement, now you don’t even call once a day

Ram – avoiding the matter – it is not so. This happens when a new marriage takes place.

Dignity – Now all you mean is when you are completely with me, otherwise I feel like I am nothing for you

I feel very alone, it seems that all the wishes have died now.

Ram – Oh, nothing is like this, first there is college life, there are many friends, now they are not routine, if the same life keeps going, then it seems, slowly it will be used, too, sometimes Feel bored

Dignity – Ram, do I like you

Ram – Why are you saying this?

Dignity – You saw me in marriage 5 years ago, as everyone says, I did not see you, 3 years after that, I spoke to you from your home, I did not have to get married so soon, I just stayed. . Had passed I was 24 years old and you were 29.

I had also told my father that the boy is older, but the father said that the boy likes you and the relationship has come from the future.

I was happy thinking that someone likes me too and could not refuse.

Initially, it seemed that you are mad after me, but now you think that you were mad only behind the body or you know what you really love.

When we went to go to Goa after marriage, what a great day, wish the day was back

Ram – nothing, you are thinking more, let’s go to sleep. It’s been a long time, you have not been taken anywhere. Will go soon

Dignity – Yes, let’s go, I don’t feel like for a long time

Ram – ok will walk

Dignity is asleep, Ram is lost in himself in Dim Light

Memories of him 4 years ago rose and Komal’s innocent face came in front of him.

Time flies, the bus is left talking

That first meeting is just memories

4 years ago, Delhi, January

Ram and Vinay ji talk

Both Ram and Vinay joined the new company and stayed in the company’s guest house in Delhi for training. There are 6 days of training.

Talking on the couch in the guest house lobby

Ram – Vinay Sir, guest house is good company

Vinay ji – Yes brother, good, those who own this house, they are employees of this company and if they have duties in Mumbai, they have given their house as guest house to the company.

Ram – How many chances of earning in big cities

Vinay ji – yes he is brother

Ram – Sir, you must have been above 15 years

Vinay ji – yes, brother is 17 years

Ram – I too have been 5 years sir, was 20, then I was tranny

Vinay ji – now we are branch managers, look at us, we have become branch managers after 17 years

Ram – you came late in sales, sir, you were in the first operations department

Vinay ji – yes he is brother

Ram gets up and opens the fridge

Ram – Sir, beer is kept in the fridge

Vinay ji – Yes brother, there is a guest house of the company, someone must have brought.

This is the third room, no 2 of them have left the office yet.

House of Baloo Guest House watches

Ram – whose beer is this sand?

Balu – He is two, sir, he comes only occasionally, he belongs to him, he had been there for the first 2 months, now he has taken a new room, but sometimes he comes to Kabar.

Since today, you are training people, will not come, now a few days, have been locked out in the morning.

Ram- OK, only two rooms are empty again, Vinay sir, we are 4 people, so two will become two.

Mr. Vinay – Yes

Sand – No sir, Madam is coming from Punjab or not

Ram – Then will we three people stay in one room

Balu – I do not know Sir, Madam’s call came, will come tomorrow morning. If I stay from 9 am to 7 pm, then you open the door.

The guard will also leave at 6 o’clock, till then he is there, after 9 o’clock to see you, then I will come.

Ram – Okay Baloo, can we drink beer in the room

Sand – Smiling. – Sir, can you drink in the hall (lobby)?

Cameras are installed, Sir, there should not be any chaos, otherwise it becomes compulsive.

Ram – Yes he is, brother, where are the contracts here

Sand – Guard will only bring you to speak to them, they are nearby, right to go

Ram – Vinay sir you will drink

Vinay ji – Yes brother, it is already evening, if we walk outside we will bring it

Ram – sand kitchen can we use

Balu – Yes sir, there are grocery stores in front, milk curd is also available, come and make it. Is ahead of non veg

Ram – ok then ok

At night, Vinay and Ram are drinking and talking in the lobby

Vinay ji – There is a boy named Pankaj, he was going to come, not come and he is going to come from Punjab, a girl named Komal

Ram – How do you know the name Sir, do you know already?

Vinay ji – No, in the register in which she did not enter her name, she has also written her name.

Ram felt good to hear the soft name, felt a peace

Ram – where are these girls from con city

Vinay ji – probably from Jalandhar

Ram – Ok, Ram drinks

Vinay Ji – I am done brother

Ram – a glass of beer, not your head

Vinay ji – brother had thought that he would drink more, but he had his own, brought four beers, now he will be wasted

Ram – I will drink it right now, and if left I will drink it tomorrow

Vinay ji – oh no man, tomorrow that girl will come, she will be alone and if that boy also comes, it does not look good

Ram – I will drink it sir, there is no change in talk and behavior after my drinking. I tend to be more calm in reverse.

Vinay ji – impressions in front of the girl are bad, nothing else

Ram – What is your duty to accumulate impressions, Sir, I live a little away from girls

Vinay Ji-Kyun

Ram – Once in college, you are burnt in love, then after that the distance is better

Mr. Vinay – Okay, no one. I will sleep now

Ram – Okay sir

Rama felt a joy, peace, and a good feeling in his mind. He had an eagerness for the girl who came yesterday, not wanting to.

Ram thinks in his mind – Hey, what am I thinking and why

Sleeps after a while

An hour later

Ram realizes that he is chanting the name Komal, in his sleep,

Ram – what is this, I have gone mad, the mind laughs and sleeps back

at 6 am

Vinay ji is sleeping, Ram wakes up

Ram – Hey, how did I wake up early, I sleep at home till 8 am

If you remember Komal then go out and look, no one has come yet.

Ram – I’m going to bathe in Vinay ji, if that girl comes, open the gate, there is probably no guard.

Vinay ji in his sleep – well, why are you taking bath so soon?

Ram – I have got up now, sir.

Ram wants Komal to look good, gets ready quickly.

Vinay ji goes back to sleep

Ram does shaving only once in two days but today he was doing it.

Ram comes out after getting ready, then the sound of taxi is heard

Ram looks at Komal from the hall window, unable to see clearly because there is a tree in the middle.

But a tall full girl in Lower, long thick hair, 5 feet 7 inches, attractive girl of 23,24 years

He also has a boy with him, Ram thinks he will be Pankaj.

Ram opens the gate

Ram – come

Komal puts her luggage in the lobby and sits on the couch, along with that the boy also sits

Ram thinks it will be Pankaj and both of them will be in this company before, they will know each other, maybe girl friend, boy friend.

Ram goes ahead and talks

Ram – You are gentle, aren’t you?

Soft – yes

Ram boy – and you are Pankaj

Boy – No, I have come to drop Didi

Komal – this is my cousin, if it was a night bus

Ram -OK, take this second room next to the ladder

Soft – ok

Raises soft stuff and goes to the room, Ram also goes to his room and starts resting

at 9 am

Vinay ji is ready and has come in the lobby, Ram is also ready

Vinay ji – Should leave now or else you will be late

Komal’s brother, coming out of the room, is not the key to this room?

Ram – the key will be there, now a boy working here, sand, if he comes, he will give it

After a while, Balu arrives, after finding the key Komal’s brother leaves.

Vinay ji, it’s 9:20, what are you doing

Ram – this too will go into training

Vinay ji – Talking

Ram asks Komal from outside the gate, are you walking in training

Komal – Just 5 minutes, come

Day one

Vinay ji and Ram taxi, till then Komal also comes

Komal was wearing a jeans and lion’s design top, she looked as beautiful as she was on her face

Ram first sits in the cab, Komal asks Vinay ji to sit, and then sits down.

Ram feels as if he talks more then the girl is misunderstanding him, he sits on his own.

Taxis arrive at Kamal Cinema via the Nehru Palace.

In this one-hour journey, Ram does not see Komal, he is afraid of getting closer to a girl anyway and Komal might have considered her clingy

Vinay ji pays the payment, Komal starts paying her, then Vinay ji says we will calculate later.

In a small meeting room in the office

Komal, Vinay ji, Pankaj and Ram are sitting and talking. H. R. The manager has got all the introductions done and before the training manager comes, they have been asked to talk to each other and see the office.

Ram – from Pankaj – hey sir you didn’t come to the guest house

Pankaj is a very straight, slightly less mountainous boy, makes full hair upwards.

Pankaj – Hey Rathod sahib (from Rama), do not say sir. My brother’s room is near the office, so where do you go so far, who are you?

Ram, I am Madam and Vinay Sir

Pankaj – Ok, now after 3 days, all India training is also there, then everyone will stay in the hotel

Ram-don’t know, like h. R. Will speak

Everyone is telling their experiences to each other, Pankaj is taking a lot of interest in Komal, Ram is looking at it and thinks that he has started, but what to

Ram is sharing something only then

Komal – (For Rama) – How sweet is its voice

Rama did not like his voice and no one ever said that. But nice to hear Ram

What is it that my mind is flowing towards it (Rama), but Rama did not want to allow all this to be revealed on soft

Ram – My voice is my Rajasthani assent even in Hindi

Komal – That is why she is looking good, she speaks in serial no – “A Bhaya” and laughs openly

Ram, Vinay ji and Pankaj also laugh

Ram also attracts Komal’s Punjabi accent in Hindi but he does not speak anything

Komal comes out of the meeting room and is meeting with some of the office’s staff of identity, Ram keeps on seeing her moving here and there.

7 pm in guest house

Komal – Vinay ji you find me very cute, feel safe with very few girls. You have no family feeling

Vinay ji – I also look like a sister to you

Gentle – what will you eat

Vinay ji – will come from outside, what will you eat

Komal – butter chicken

Rama – Mera Bhi Bean

Vinay – let’s bring Ram

Everyone eats and then talks

Komal is talking more than Vinay ji, if Ram understands, he stops talking.

Komal – Tea cone will drink cone

Both do yes

All three are drinking tea

Vinay ji – now you will sleep man, today tiredness is enough. (To Komal) Rest of the night was yours too

Komal – just slept 15 minutes, see you later

Ram – will you drink the head

Mr. Vinay – Oh no

Komal – You drink

Ram – not regular but sometimes

Komal – Do not drink here or else I will add

Ram – What problem do you have, I am also the father of cigarettes, I have told the guard and the guard anyway. Company guest house is friend

Komal – Yes, I smoked cigarettes and I saw you after lunch today.

Ram – I can even go out and smoke cigarettes so that you don’t have trouble but drink

Gentle – but still drink tea, have eaten food

Ram – walks me

Gentle – then they drink more

Vinay ji – no, he drinks rarely, while still in training, you are not afraid, you are a straight boy, a good home boy.

Komal – why spoil yourself

Vinay ji goes to sleep

Komal is sitting there, Ram is busy drinking

Other than gentle – drink, what do you like

Komal is wearing glasses, Ram likes Komal even more, he is wearing a lower and lighter loose top, his thick hair is making him more beautiful.

Ram – I like to talk to people who attract or like me, there is no problem with the boys, but the girls take it very much, they feel that I will be hitting my line.

I wish I was born in Europe, there is no gap between boys and girls

Komal – You are good, good boy, why is you wasting yourself, invest yourself in the right place

They both talk for a long time, it seems like they know each other for years, Ram tells Komal that Vinay ji brought four beers and Vinay ji is set in half a glass.

Komal is sitting on the couch, raising her legs, laughing loudly, her thief teeth are visible to Ram, Komal’s laughter looks very sweet to Ram.

When the eyes are met with gentle, it seems as if time has stopped, it is the season of rain, and the melodious melodies have dissolved in the season.

In the middle Komal once again makes tea, Ram sees Komal making tea, once again Komal sees it, smiles, asks what happened, Ram says nothing

Ram’s heart has become green again after the fall, it is 2 o’clock while talking.

Soft-sleep now

Ram – Yes

Ram feels very calm, happy, goes to sleep

Second day

In the morning, in the taxi Komal then tells Vinay ji to sit first, but Ram does not mind, he looks at Komal to save his eyes.

Today Komal and Ram talk to each other a lot in the meeting room, Pankaj also gets to understand, both of them see each other again and their happiness.

In the evening, after eating in the guest house, Ram is drinking and talks to Vinay ji and Komal, some ghost stories are also narrated by Ram,

Komal – Who are your family and what do you do

Vinay ji – he is from strong family, all is very good

Soft – nice

After some time Vinay ji goes to sleep

Gentle – will drink tea

Ram – Yes

Komal – How to drink tea in between drinks

Ram – walks me

Komal – She makes tea, sits on the couch – I know my father was very father, I was in Navi class, then left

Ram – Oh

Komal – She had a lot of property, was a property dealer, still fighting for a land case for many years

Ram – well you, what is yours

Komal – 23 years,

Ram – the work of great courage to handle all this in this age

Komal – Papa, whatever we earned, we did not get it, mostly their partners ate, working from Navi class, sometimes somewhere, sometimes somewhere

I had grown up very quickly, my brother is younger, elder sister is 2 years older than me, she also works, but is very straightforward, so I have to see all this court and all

Ram – Salute, very few girls are so mature in this age, you do not think you are facing so much

Komal – know my sister is very beautiful, photo shows

Ram – Yes, beautiful

Komal – will marry this

Ram – Have you gone crazy?

Komal – Why, if I don’t see a boy for my sister, who will see?

Ram – Family People

Komal – Which family members, they have also occupied our Pusteni house, we live in Jalandhar, Mamaji’s friend’s house is there, that family lives outside, otherwise it would have been on the road

I told you neither, I want to invest you somewhere, I was thinking of you for a sister, I liked you at first, but then I got quiet after seeing cigarettes and drinks.

Ram – you are amazing

But these are not possible with us, I am from Rajput community, in our caste too, all the villages get to know and then have a relationship, different cast or religion is very far away.

Komal – but they are wrong, what do they do, boy kills girl

Ram – Oh, it is not like this, my parents themselves will be killed by a heart attack, to hear that I have married elsewhere, they are straight people, beatings are not in their nature.

Komal – same goes in today’s time

Ram – Many family members leave their own children out of the house, the people of society do not even have a relationship with such people.

These are all wrong, humans are all the same. But now they are old people will not understand.

In short – we are not allowed to love.

Gentle Father

Ram – Yes

Komal – Then that girl will become a burden at her own home.

What a useless thing, never have a relationship with such people with my sister

Ram – yes that’s right

Ram – how is this mark on your hand

Komal – When my brother was younger, he grabbed the electric wire, the line used to go from the top of the house, I was there, I fell to hold the brother, that hand was burnt by him.

Ram – you could have done more

Komal – My brother is very cute, how can he be something,

Ram – don’t mind if I touch your hand

Nothing soft says

Ram touches the burned mark, first with a finger, then with 2, then with his whole hand

Komal – Just Done

Ram retreats

Ram – You know, I can see hands

Soft – nice

Ram – see you

Soft – far from it

Seeing Ram’s hand, he touches the lines of gentle with his finger

It is too much sleep at night, it’s 2 o’clock again

day 3

When Ram went to call Komal for training, Komal was wearing earrings with a small white flower, Komal was wearing a white shirt with blue jeans.

Ram was just looking at him, Komal was also nice to see Ram, after some time

Soft – laughing – go come

Ram stands there and starts humming Sonu Nigam’s song which he had heard only a few days ago.

Teri shirt da, me ta button soniye.

Komal becomes ready, leaves office with Ram and Vinay ji

In training, Ram’s gaze often goes soft.

In the evening, Komal first sat in the taxi, Ram sat beside him. Komal’s hair was flying to Rama, Rama was just looking at Komal.

Komal also knew that Rama was watching her, Komal looked very happy, the redness of her cheeks seemed different today.

Ram’s mind and Delhi’s weather is very happy

Rama’s mouth suddenly comes out

Ram – I love you

Komal – Laughs and says I love you too and then laughs

Vinay ji – what is this

Komal and Ram start laughing after seeing each other.

After dinner in the evening, the three of them sit together and talk

Vinay Ji – Tomorrow is going to be a hotel shift

Ram – Yes sir, you and Pankaj’s room are together

Komal – We too have teams coming from Punjab, Mera, Swati and Sonal’s room are together

Vinay ji – I will not stop at my hotel, there is a school friend’s house in the colony near the hotel, his wife has just gone and so he is stubborn

Ram – Hey sir, where are you going?

Komal – Yes Vinay ji

Vinay ji – I will stay for the whole day, I will go only at night, you and Pankaj will also be relaxed, anyway, where can we talk so much now, now there are 3 people, tomorrow there will be strength above 300.

And if there are bosses too, then everyone will say the same, stay with your state team, if you move more and more, things also get made and come in the eyes of seniors.

Vinay ji goes to sleep sometime

Makes soft tea

Komal – not drinking today

Ram – No, even if you know that I am the same in my senses as after drinking

Today I said what I love you, do not take it to heart. I like you but you know me

Komal – Yes, you are not allowed to love people

Ram – Yes, I am feeling good, we do not have to become anything ahead, but whoever has love in their heart can understand love. And maybe a person full of love can also love everyone

Soft -you really love

Ram – not like it happens in films that you cannot live without you,

It is a good feeling, even if you stay away, there is no problem, there is a feeling of big positive type.

Komal – Oye, I do not have any love, you spoke, so I also spoke

You are good friend, very sweet, I feel like mine, nothing else

Ram – you believe that

Gentle – and I like only such relationships and these relationships only go on

Otherwise, who sees the con here, whatever you wish, but I don’t want to be friends with you for a lifetime

Ram – man cannot guarantee that, I am not going to talk to you after leaving here

Komal – Why no one, I’ll call you

Ram – No, my friend may not be all that

Komal – Why Shala Won’t Talk to Me

Ram – Some of my old experiences are not good

Soft – i will do

Both talk to each other for a long time

Gentle – it’s 2 o’clock, you bastard, your words don’t end

Both of them then start talking, as the image of both of them dissolves into each other. It’s four in the morning

Both look at each other, smile

Komal – Let’s sleep, tomorrow is full day training

Fourth day

Everybody settles in their own room and starts training at 9 o’clock.

Komal is sitting a little ahead with her Punjab team, with Ram Vinay ji, in Rajasthan team, and in Pankaj Himachal team

Keeping an eye of Ram goes to Komal only, Komal’s eyes also keep looking for Rama in every interval.

At lunch time Komal and Ram sit together and have lunch

There is no fear or shame in him, his honesty becomes his strength, he talks with the most eyes and is also together.

After lunch, Komal sits down near Ram in training.

After the training is finished in the evening, everyone meets the old people. Ram has had 5 years in this bean industry, he also meets many people who came to this company.

After a while everyone changes and roams around

Komal – Come on Kameen, make me revise what I taught today

Ram – Where to explain

Komal – here in the hotel lobby

Ram – yes, okay then, I thought there are more girls in the room, it will be a fake thing

They are both sitting in the lobby and talking

That is when Komal’s friends Swati and Sonal arrive, Komal gets Subro’s introduction to Ram and tells that they are studying, tomorrow for the morning exam, Sonal leaves, Swati sits there.

Pankaj and Vinay ji also come after some time. Vinay ji leaves his friend’s place after talking.

Swati gets very dissolved in Pankaj.

Komal tells Ram that Swati was asking about Pankaj in training today,

He had a boyfriend, his face resembles Pankaj

Ram and Komal enjoy each other, even in study.

After dinner, Pankaj and Swati leave

Ram and Komal then sit in the lobby and talk.

Many kalig offer him a drink to Ram, he refuses everyone.

Even people who know something special

Komal also tells her that if you want to go, go away, but Ram refuses

They dissolve in both things, in between they order soft tea.

Don’t know when it’s 12 o’clock while talking

Some 7,8 kalig come from outside, have drinks, it has the identity of a ram

Anna – what are you doing Ram

Komal – We are studying

Anna – So we also do a little study, in a taunting style

Anna’s actions are also like a crook in training and he and the others also look like a crook.

Everybody sits there, gentle nervous, she says

Komal – I go to Ram

Ram – you wait

Ram looks at Anna and the rest of the people, angrily but calmly, tells them

Ram – You are all drunk now, come to your senses in the morning and then make you study well

Anna understands

Anna – I walk well

Everybody leaves

Ram – why were you going soft?

Komal – Everyone had come, I thought something would increase

Ram – do you believe me as your own? No one will come and sit next to me, will you leave?

Komal feels sorry

Komal – Till you say I will never go away from you, I was a little scared, it seemed like an oak

Ram – Never mind

Plays a hand on Komal’s shoulder and drops to the room

5th day

Today she comes wearing a soft blue and green Punjabi suit, she looks very innocent and full of simplicity.

Rama’s eyes are on him again and again.

Today the trainer’s topic was Dressing Sense, he also praises Komal’s Dressing Sense

Ram and Komal are around the entire training

Komal and Ram talk in the lobby in the evening

Ram, man, how much of a trainer is this confidant, I like it very much

Komal – Yes they are better but you are better than that, you are not less than anyone

You are also a torment, you are a person of great quality

Do not waste yourself in cigarette liquor

Ram – ok i will try to give up

Komal – Ram, you won’t talk to me after you really go

Ram – Yes, that’s good for me and you

Komal – Ram say one thing

Ram – Yes

Komal – My eyes are always looking for you

If you sleep with your eyes closed, then your face and things come to the fore, I feel very happy, calm down, I feel very good.

Ram – Ok, true

You know I used to think in the guest house too, but there I explained to myself that you are a lonely girl and you are very much talked about.

But now there are many, but the sight does not go anywhere, it keeps searching you.

When I go to the room, even Pankaj talks, I still look at you with closed eyes, very happy.

Nobody listens to anyone, no one wants to say anything

Just be immersed in your attention

Komal – what have you done, I feel the same

Both laugh at each other

Komal tells many things about her house, it is too late to talk

Both go to sleep

Six day

In the lunch, Ram takes the trainer off, citing his health as bad.

He messages Komal that he should come to her room

Ram thinks in his mind that he will not think anything wrong about me,

He even opens the room door a little so that if he comes, don’t think bad about him.

After half an hour it becomes soft

Today I was wearing a black top with blue jeans

Ram – Say one thing if you do not mind

Soft – yes

Ram – Tomorrow we will go, I want to hug you

Gentle does not say just stand

Ram comes near, takes Komal’s hand in his hand

The warmth of Komal’s hand descends into Ram’s heart

Ram hugs her when she says nothing soft

Komal also hugs her, there is a mirror in front, both of them look at each other.

Ram – Your shoulder is wide, T-shirt and top look great on you

You came on the first day when I saw you from the window and I liked you very much

Komal – Ok, I thought our nature and upbringing are probably the same, so I like you

Ram – Yes it is, but you are very attractive

Gentle – true

Ram – Yes, Ram tells all his things that he felt from day one

Ram – In my mind, it did not feel necessary to touch you, even if I have you, I am very satisfied and happy

But I had to keep such a special attachment and a memory of such a positive relationship that you are mine

Komal hugs her again

Komal says to leave now, training is about to end

Ram also says yes.

Komal meets Ram in the lobby after training

Komal – Ram is my train in the morning, go out today, I have to give you a gift

Ram – Why, the winters are too much anyway

Soft – my mind is

Ram – Okay then everyone goes

Komal, Ram, Pankaj, Vinay ji, Swati all go

Everyone goes out on foot

Winter is very hot, Ram looks very beautiful in a soft jacket

Bikaner Walls eat water near the restaurant, Komal takes a gift to Ram from a gift shop.

After a lot of walking, and come back after eating out

Walking towards the hotel

Ram – Komal I have come to Delhi before but I have never liked it

Today is the first night of Delhi looking good.

Reading the news of the rape of Delhi in the newspapers every day is also afraid to roam in this city.

But today I have no fear, no worries

What is the chemistry with you, no fear in me

Komal – Yes I feel very free too

It is 11 o’clock when you come to the hotel, if you see the hotel, then Komal and Swati’s room is locked from inside.

The gate does not open any door even after making enough noises, Swati does not even pick up the call.

Everyone calls to speak at the reception

After a ring goes, someone picks up the phone to the side

Master of receptionist. Le moves together but the door does not open due to the chitney inside

Everyone asks him if a room is empty today, but the hotel is packed

Ram – what can you do now, you are very stupid

We are boys, no matter what girls do

Swati – Hey, he is a boy named Sandeep, he is engaged to Sonia, he will be in

Pankaj – but wrong, now what will we do at night

Swati – Even if you tell the boss, it will increase

Ram – Vinay ji also left, now what else can you do

Coming back to the lobby, they find two Kalig sleeping in the elevator.

Ram – Look here.

Everyone sits in the lobby, orders tea

Swati – Who else is in your room?

Pankaj – We are two

Swati – So let’s go to your room, there are many winters here

Ram – No man, things will be done, it is night time

Swati – If you speak then talk to the boss

Ram – no no

Swati – man are hotels, our people are just a little, everyone is watching, it is 12:30, we will be out by 4, then we will leave

Ram feels right, all night he will come in the eyes of everyone

Ram – okay let’s go

Ram lays down on the bed in the room, puts the quilt on his foot, Komal sits nearby.

Ram grabs Komal’s hand, no one is able to see when the quilt is up, they both like the feeling of each other’s hand.

Ram feels as if the whole world has been found.

Swati and Pankaj are sitting on the front chair, talking all.

Swati’s intention is not good on Pankaj, Ram and Komal are clearly seen from the way Pankaj is seen.

After some time

Swati – I can’t sit anymore, I feel sleepy

She tells Ram to move to the corner, asks Komal to sit in the middle and lies down.

Swati – how long will Pankaj sit in the chair, come and rest, it is already 1:30

Pankaj – no, I’m not good

Swati – Hey, make the waist straight, how long will you sit on the chair, Ram is also sitting, don’t lie down, then sit down

Pankaj – oh no, I’m fine

Swati – with anger – then turn off the light

Komal – I will sleep in Ram too, my head is aching

Ram – yes you relax

The gentle quilt falls asleep, Ram sits on the bed corner

Swati – turn off the light Pankaj

Pankaj turns off the light, Swati stands, holds Pankaj’s hand, lays on the corner near the groove

Swati – Pankaj will not eat you, rest for 2 hours

Ram you too lie down, B matured

Ram also lies down

After a while everyone falls asleep but Ram does not sleep

Rama is heard hearing soft breaths

Ram sleeps facing Komal

Nothing dark is visible in the room

Ram dares to put his hand on Komal’s head

Touches her soft hair

If a little closer, then Komal’s nose is attached to Ram’s nose.

All is lost for a moment, the world stops like

Ram thinks, should I say

But why I do not feel the need for any rapture in me.

What is this feeling that I am happy, satisfied, happy, so full.

If someone sees from the world point of view, I might be called a fool

What is the relationship with this girl that there is no need for the body?

Feeling so full of myself

Today there is no shortage of anyone, I am not incomplete.

Is this love and have heard that love is complete in itself

Where did I even think that such a situation would happen, stay with it overnight, so close

If there is any god i thank him today

Ram falls asleep with his hands on Komal

Komal’s hand also falls on Ram, both of them fall asleep like this

Ram wakes up at 6 in the morning

Ram – get up soft it’s 6 o’clock

Komal, Swati goes to the room

Ram calls and asks, Komal tells that the rooms are open

Ram falls asleep again

1 pm railway station

Vinay ji, Pankaj Ram Komal has come to drop the station

Komal’s maternal uncle, mother and brother have come to Delhi for some reason, they are going to come

Komal – you came to drop, nice

Ram – don’t you know

Komal – I have taken your numbers from Vinay ji, you have not given, sometimes talk to him

Ram – No I will not do it

That is when Komal’s family comes, Komal gets everyone introduced.

Komal’s train is engaged, Mamaji hurries to keep the goods, all help

It is time for the train to leave, Ram looks at the soft, misty glass

In a golden color suit, a soft fairy looks in high heels

Komal sees Ram clearly, Ram smiles

Komal gets a hook in her mind, she comes out of the race

And embraces the puff of Ram in front of everyone

The alarm rings

The innocent face of dignity is sadly wrapped in sleep

Ram mind only mind – I only said, love heart can love most

Ram kisses Garima very affectionately

Dignity awakens

Dignity – what happened

Ram – nothing, will you go to Goa

Garima’s face blossoms with joy, she says yes.

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