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London President Lord Wellington’s Success Story

Was a student in London, his name was Wellington. He was very poor, used to go to school wearing torn clothes all the time. His classmates always used to make fun of him. But he did not mind at all. Actually, he used to think in his heart, these classmates make fun of him because of being poor. Many times when he used to take this joke seriously, he used to sit in solitude and cry a lot, then after explaining himself, he forgot the poor and used to study.

Wellington’s house was not electric, due to which he used to do his home work at night in the road light, once Wellington could not do his home work due to any reason, the teacher hit him with the poles in both his hands. So he started crying The teacher asked for the purpose of silencing him – why Wellington! What does this time drink say?
Abodh Wellington quotes – Clock to Ton Ton Ton and Wellington Bud by Lord of London (The watch says Ton Ton Ton and London’s Lord will become Wellington).

On hearing this, all the students of the class started laughing loudly and teasing him by the name of London Lord. But this was proved right by the boy Wellington and he truly became Lord of London one day. Later on, Lord Wellington did many noble things in the national interest, which is why he is still immortal in the world.

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