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I will be Something ‘An Inspirational Story. – Motivational Story

I will be Something ‘An Inspirational Story

There was a boy in Greece. His parents were already dead. He would cut wood in the forest; He would fill his stomach by selling them in the market, studying in the remaining time. Once upon a time he was going to cut wood from the forest and sell it in the market. The most prominent and noted scholar Democrats of that time met him. They asked the boy – Why brother, who is this block?

Looks like your mother must have tied!

The boy replied – I have tied, I am an orphan.

Hearing the boy’s answer, the Democrats kept watching him a tuck, then he asked – who gives you food?

Showing his ax, the boy said – this is my support. He completed his talk with great confidence. I cut wood from the forest and sell it in the market.

The Democrats then eagerly asked – what do you do throughout the day?
Boy said – Apart from work, I also study, will read a lot and will one day become a great scholar like Democrats. Hearing this, the Democrats got laughing and then got a little serious and asked another question – If I open your bundle, can you tie it again?

Mr ! Do not bother to open it, I open it and he immediately opened the bundle. Seeing all this, the Democrats were very happy and took the boy to their home. The boy was very promising, so he made proper arrangements for his studies, living, eating and drinking. This child later became a very great scholar of Rekha mathematics. This promising boy gained fame throughout the world under the name ‘Pythagoras’.

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