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How to Be Successful – The Story of a Seller who Sells – Success Story

How to Be Successful – The Story of a Seller who Sells – Success Story

There was a boy who read much – did not write, went to an interview one day and the interviewee asked you have an Email Id. So the boy has not replied, that interviewee refused him and said that he will get the job of a peon who will have Email Id. The boy got very upset, he had a hundred rupees, he bought the sev from a nearby shop and started selling it at the bus stand. He sold a hundred rupees worth of one hundred fifty, now he felt that he could do this work properly. Now, he would buy and sell Sev daily, the time ran out and he opened a large company of his Sev which started exporting Sev outside too and on seeing that the boy became a billionaire.

One day all the media were interviewing him, then one of the people asked that Sir, if you have an Email Id, the boy replied that if I had an Email Id, I would be a peon today.

From this story, we get to learn that what other people are doing, you should not pay attention to it, you should do whatever you feel like doing, only then you can become a successful person. If you like the story, do not forget to share comments and comments.

Updated: February 2, 2021 — 10:53 pm

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