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Inspiring Life Albert Einstein’s 

  Albert Einstein's
                                                                             Albert Einstein’s

A child who was at the back asked his guru ‘Sir, how can I develop my intelligence?’

The teacher said – practice is the key to success.

The child accepted it as his Guru’s mantra and decided that on the strength of practice, I will show one day the most forward. This boy, who has been called retarded and unqualified by teachers since childhood, is known with respect in the world today due to his practice. The world knows this child by the name of Einstein. His life is proof that even the most ordinary person can achieve success with hard work, courage, and dedication.

Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in the city of Uum (Ulm), Germany. As a child, he was very unstable. The desire to move forward always dominated them. There was no mind in reading, yet they did not leave the book with their hands, they were able to explain the mind and started reading back. In no time the positive results of the practice started to appear.

The teachers were also stunned by this development. On the basis of Guru Mantra, Einstein succeeded in increasing his learning wealth. Later, he chose a complex subject like Mathematics to study. His qualifications were effected in such a way that when teachers could not solve any question, he used to take the help of Einstein.

Einstein continued to climb the ladder of success by tying the knot to Guru Mantra. Due to weak economic conditions, there was some problem in further studies. But this problem could not disappoint Einstein’s firm determination. He enrolled in the Juric Polytechnic College. He did not spend even a penny on hobby leisure, yet after admission, he reduced his expenses further. He is sharing an anecdote of his frugality with all of you.

“It was raining heavily once. Albert Einstein was on his way home, pressing his hat in the side. Due to the lack of an umbrella, they got wet. On the way, a gentleman asked him – “Brother! It is raining heavily, instead of covering the head with a hat, you are going to press it in the coat and go away. Isn’t your head wet?

Einstein said – “It is wet but later it will dry up, but if the hat is wet it will be spoiled. I have neither the money nor the time to buy the new hat. ”

Friends, today where most of the people focus on their work and material needs, what they can sacrifice for society or country, great work can be done in the world even in limited means. Einstein is a living example of this.

He could soon impress the teachers of Juric College with the help of his sharp intelligence which he had gained through practice. A teacher ‘Mikotsi’ had started financial help knowing his position. On completion of education, he had to wander a little for his job, even then he never let despair get caught. The education received by his parents in childhood always kept his morale. He taught that – “An unknown power called God helps people who believe in Him in times of trouble.”

The mantra given by the Guru and the teaching of the parents of the first Guru continued to inspire Einstein to move forward even in adverse circumstances. His ideas gave rise to a new discovery called the Theory of Relativity; E = mc ^ 2. This theory was published in the famous magazine “Onon der Physik” at that time.

This article had a deep impact on scientists and intellectuals all over the world. Einstein became world-famous in a single night. Institutions that refused to give him a simple job, calling him unfit, started inviting him. An invitation was also received from the University of Zurich where he accepted the post of teacher.

Einstein made many contributions, including special and general theory of relativity. His other contributions include – Relative Universe, capillary motion, critical subduction, numerical mechanics problems, Brownian motion of molecules, mutation probability of molecules, quantum theory of a gas containing one molecule, thermal properties of light with low radiation density, the theory of radiation, Integrated field theory and geometry of physics are included.

In 1919, the Royal Society of England declared all the research to be true. In Germany, when the era of Hitlership came, its outbreak also happened on Einstein and as a Jew, he had to leave Germany and move to New Jersey in America. At Priston College, he continued to serve till the end and went to heaven on 18 April 1955.

He proved his deep faith in God and the Guru Mantra received by the teacher in the primary school. His life became a rip-off of mankind. The world can never forget his great characteristics.

We salute this great scientist for centuries.

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