Akbar and Birbal’s Famous Stories

Akbar and Birbal’s Famous Stories

Akbar and Birbal
Akbar and Birbal

Let’s Start Akbar and Birbal’s Stories

1. Protection from footprints of an elephant:-Story of Akbar Birbal

Once, Emperor Akbar had a serious feud with Birbal over an issue. He removed Birbal from the post of Diwan and appointed his wife’s brother in place of Birbal. Disguising his identity, Birbal started living in a nearby village.

One day, the emperor decided to visit a dargah. While returning from there, he saw footprints of an elephant. He decides to find out his brother-in-law’s intelligence. He asked her to guard that mark for three days. Later the emperor went back to his palace and the first day passed the footprint to his brother-in-law, the new diwan did not get any food, passed through the second day without even eating.

He was starving on the third day and became very weak indeed. On the fourth day, he somehow pulled himself up to the emperor and said, “Look at the wall, I could clearly see the footprints of the elephant as per your instructions that his new divan lacked novelty and was like Birbal Were not able or quick. So, he found a way to get her back.

He announced that all the zamindars of nearby villages should bring wells with them, otherwise they would have to pay a fine of Rs. 10,000 each. All the zamindars were astonished to hear this strange order and wondered how they could make an inanimate thing like a good trick and go to the emperor’s court with them.
The order of the emperor of the village where Birbal lived was also heard. Birbal thought of a plan and asked the zamindar of his village to act accordingly. The zamindar along with some other villagers went to meet the emperor, but he did not enter his capital. They stayed outside the city and sent an emissary to the king, “Hazur, according to your orders we are here with our well, now you have to send your well to welcome them.”

When Akbar heard this, he understood that it could only be Birbal’s mind. He immediately sent his men to find and bring back Birbal. When Birbal arrived at the court, the emperor warmly welcomed Birbal and made him his Diwan. And then, the emperor asked Birbal to protect the footprints of the elephant.
Birbal promised to complete the work and left the court. He fixed an iron bar near the footmark and tied a rope of 50 yards to it. He then told the villagers that the houses that would come inside the circumference of that rope would be demolished to protect that footprint.

People requested him not to do so and offered him money to not demolish their houses. He also promised to protect the footprints of the elephant day and night. In a short time, Birbal has spent Rs. 1 Lac. He deposited that money in the royal treasury and told the king that the work was done and Rs. 100,000 was deposited in his treasury.
The emperor called his brother-in-law and told him, “You were hungry for three days and achieved nothing, but Birbal protected the footprint by earning only one lakh rupees a day.” The brother-in-law accepted the fact that Birbal was in fact the most qualified candidate for the post of Diwan.

Moral: You can succeed by thinking creatively and motivating others to accomplish your goal, even if the task seems impossible.

2. Magic Ass – Akbar and Birbal Story

One day Emperor Akbar gave his queen a very unhappy precious necklace. The queen was very happy to see the precious precious necklace.

Akbar – here’s your gift for you.

Rani – It is very beautiful. I do not even have such a necklace. I liked it very much, it is very beautiful.

Akbar – Yes, why are you beautiful as well? I have made it with special craftsmen. Special for you

Rani – I like it very much. I will always keep it with me. Will not let it separate from itself. I am very happy where there is shelter.

Akbar – We are very happy, you liked this necklace. Whenever you wear it, we will see your love in it.

Rani – Thank you where shelter!

Then in the morning when the queen rises to sleep and is ready to take a bath, she does not get her necklace. She becomes very sad.

Rani – Where did the necklace go, I still kept it here, I kept it here when I slept at night, where did I go, my necklace was lost somewhere. Maid and maid are here.

On the call of the queen, a maid comes there.

Maid – What happened, Your Highness!

Rani – Our necklace has been lost somewhere, help us find it, we had kept it here before nightfall, but now it is not there.

Maid – Your Majesty, wear another necklace, you have many necklaces.

Rani – No, no, not at all, that necklace is a very special necklace. We were given a lot of love by the shelter. We want the same defeat, no one else wants it.

saying this, the queen sits down in despair, then Akbar comes there shortly.

Akbar – What happened to you, why are you sitting so sad?

Rani – Where shelter, the place where the necklace you gave us as a gift, it is lost somewhere.

Akbar – What is lost, what is lost, what do you want to say, if you dropped it or not.

Rani – Where Concealment I kept it here before going to sleep at night, then do not know where it went. Forgive us where shelter is, we were not able to protect your gift. (And she started crying)

Akbar – the Empress, don’t you cry. It was just a small gift, we will make a better necklace for you and we promise you. And we will also find you that necklace. Just don’t worry. Today you stay in our room.

The soldiers take you and other soldiers and slaves and go to every corner of the room of the queen and find the necklace.

Soldier – That… That, where there have been burglaries in other parts of the shelter palace. We all tried hard to catch the thief but did not succeed. Till today we could not catch that thief.

Akbar – Is it not stolen in other parts of the palace? To find the necklace first in the Queen’s room, if we do not find it there, we will think of something else.

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Soldier – Where shelter we all found defeat everywhere but the defeat was not found anywhere.

Akbar – Now the matter is serious, now only Birbal can solve this matter. Soldiers Birbal should be called to us now, we want that necklace tonight.

Birbal – Why did you remember the shelter where I went so many nights?

Akbar – Actually, Birbal, we have given our queen a precious precious necklace as a gift, but when the queen woke up in the morning, the necklace was not there. Rani is very sad, we cannot see her sad. You have to find the necklace tonight.

Birbal – Well, this is the case, where shelter is a sure thing, a thief is one of the soldiers and slaves. To find this out, I have to call one of my friends.

Akbar – Friend, which friend and why do you want to go, tell us, we give your friend Bulba.

Birbal – No, only I can go where my refuge is. My friend is not such a friend, he has magical powers, which will help us catch the thief.

Akbar – Go Birbal, now we too will be waiting impatiently to meet your friend.

Birbal – Where shelter you just call the soldiers and maidens guarding the queen’s room, I just bring my friend.

Then in a while, Birbal comes to the palace with a donkey.

Akbar – Birbal, what a joke, we told you to bring your friend, this is a donkey.

Birbal – Where my shelter is my friend, who comes with magic power, this will help us catch the thief.

Akbar – How will it help you, how will it tell you who the thief is?

Birbal – Where the shelter is, send soldiers and slaves one by one inside this tent and all of them have to hold the tail of the donkey and say that I did not steal. When all these people will catch the tail of the donkey, then my friend will tell who the thief is.

Akbar – Okay! Soldiers and slaves, all of you, hold the tail of the donkey one by one.

And then all the soldiers and maids hold the tail of the donkey –

Birbal – Now I ask my friend who is the thief.

(After some time) where we have to sniff the hands of all these. And then after sniffing hands, this soldier is a thief.

Soldier – No, where I did not steal the shelter, I have served you for so many years. The testimony of this donkey proves nothing.

Akbar – Birbal, how can you say that this is a thief. How can you understand the matter of donkeys?

Birbal – Where the shelter I had put special perfume on the tail of that donkey. So I asked all these to hold the tail of the donkey and where I also knew that the thief would not catch the tail of the donkey for fear of being caught. The fragrance of that perfume was coming from everyone’s hands. But when I sniffed his hands, he could not smell it. Therefore, this is a thief.

Akbar – Namak Haram, we will punish you.

Soldier – Please forgive me where shelter is not. I was greedy. Please forgive me. I will return everything stolen. Just forgive me

Akbar – No, you cannot be forgiven, your hole in the plate you eat, take the soldiers, and put it in the dungeon.

Birbal once again, you cleverly got the thief caught, thanks Birbal! thank you!

Birbal – Thank you where shelter!


3. The Modern Story of Akbar-Birbal

Recent thing. Akbar and Birbal were sitting in the meeting and talking among themselves.

Akbar: Show me five fools from this kingdom …!

Birbal begins the search.

Just 2 months later with only 2 people back.

Akbar said- I told you to bring five fools!

Birbal said- I have brought Hujur. Be given a chance to present.

Order received.

Birbal said- Huzoor this is the first fool. I also saw it sitting on the bullock cart carrying the bag on the head and on asking, I got the answer that there is not much load on the bull, so I am carrying the bag on the head.

Accordingly, this is the first fool!

The second fool is this other man, standing in front of you. I saw grass on the roof above its house. It was feeding its buffalo with its buffalo on the roof. When I looked and asked, I got the answer that the grass settles on the roof, then I take the buffalo up and feed the grass. Who can be more foolish than a man who cannot cut and throw grass on the roof of his deck and feed the grass by taking the buffalo to that hole?

Birbal continued – Jahanpanah, there is so much work in his kingdom. I have to handle the whole policy, yet I wasted a month in finding fools, so I am the third fool.

Whereas, the responsibility of the entire state rests with you. All the work is going to be done by the brain. Nothing is going to happen to fools, yet you are looking for fools, so you have a fourth fool where you are.

Akbar: Then who became the fifth fool?

Birbal: I want to tell you where.

There is a lot of work in the office. Excluding work around the world, leaving home and family, ignoring the wife and children, what is on WhatsApp and Facebook and the fifth fool who wasted his time in finding and knowing, according to me, the fifth fool is the same.

4. Stories of Akbar-Birbal: Whose Bag of Money

The court was set up Emperor Akbar was watching the kingdom. The concierge then informed that two people wanted to come to settle their quarrel.

The king summoned both of them. Both entered the court and stood before the emperor.
What did the king say to the people who came to settle the dispute …

Say what is your problem? The king asked.

‘Huzoor my name is Kashi, I am a Teli and do business of selling oil and Huzur is this butcher.
He came to my shop and bought oil and also took my bag full of money. When I grabbed it and asked for my bag, it started telling it as its own;

“There will definitely be justice, now you say what do you have to say?” The king told the butcher. ‘Huzoor, my name is Ramadan and I am a butcher, Huzoor, when I counted the money on the sale of meat at my shop today and picked up the bag, it came to me and snatched the bag from me. Now I am deposing my right on that, Huzoor, give me the poor’s money back. ‘

The king got confused after listening to both of them. He could not understand to whom he should pass judgment. He asked Birbal to decide.

Birbal took a bag of money from him and sent the two out for a while. Birbal ordered water from a servant in a bowl and took out some coins from that bag and poured it into the water and watched the water carefully.

Then said to the king- ‘Huzoor, by pouring coins in this water, the oil is not stirring even a small fraction in the water. If these coins were of oil, they would have smeared oil on the coins and that oil would have been seen in water also. ‘

The king also put coins in the water, looked at the water carefully and then agreed with Birbal.

Birbal called them both to the court and said- ‘I know whose bag is this. Kashi, you are lying, this bag is from the Ramzan butcher. ‘

‘Huzoor, this bag is mine.’ Kashi spoke once again.

Birbal showed him a bowl of water containing coins and said, “If this bag belongs to you, then there must be some oil on these coins, but you also see … the oil is not even visible.”

Kashi became silent.

Birbal gave Ramzan butcher his bag and had Kashi put in jail.

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