35 Moral Stories in English with Morals for kids

35 Moral Stories in English with Morals for kids

Moral Stories in English with Morals for kids
Moral Stories in English with Morals for kids

Introduction – These all the Moral Stories in English for kids are Separated to get success in their life Because everyone Motivates himself after listening or hearing the story of success others and who have done something big in their life after learning some thoughts so in these 35 Moral Stories in English for kids you all will also get many ideas to go ahead in your life. These all virtuous and righteous thoughts or massive excellence, as well as upstanding, are given by great people which we all need to implement to get achievements in our life.

1.  The Gain of mercy

King Subutagin was very poor earlier. Was an ordinary soldier. One day, he took a gun and sat on a horse, and went hunting in the forest. He had to run a lot and be surprised that day. Ongoing too far, he saw a deer with his small child. Subutagin ran after him.

Hirani ran away in fear and hid in a bush, But his little child was left behind. Subutagin caught the deer and tied his feet and loaded him on the horse. Even after searching a lot, when the Hirani was not found, he rolled over the child.

The deer saw that his child was being tied by the hunter. She came out of the bush with her child’s fascination. And after running the horse behind Subutagin, Subutagin looked back. He was surprised to see Hirani running behind him and felt pity.

He unbuttoned his child’s feet and removed it from the horse. Hirani was happy and ran away with her child.

Returning home that day, when Subutagin slept at night, he had a dream. Some angel was saying to him – “Subutagin! You have pity on a poor deer today. God has written your name on the list of emperors. You will one day be the king “Subutagin’s dream was true. He later became the emperor.

Learning point:

“Be Flexible with those people who really take care of animals because after seeing this god will bless you”


2.     Why not Now

Once upon a time, there was a disciple who respected his guru very much. The guru also loved his disciples very much, but this disciple was lazy and tempered by his studies. I always tried to flee from self-study and left work today for tomorrow.

Now, Guruji has started to worry that his disciple has not been defeated in the fight of his life. Laziness has the potential to make a person inactive. Such a person desires prosperity without diligence. You cannot make a quick decision and even if you make it, you cannot implement it. Even he is not aware of his environment and is not an expert in the art of taking advantage of the opportunities offered by luck.

He made a plan for the welfare of his disciples in mind. One day, while giving him a piece of black stone in his hand, Guru Ji said:

“I give you this piece of magic stone for two days, I’m going to another city somewhere.” Any element of iron that touches it will become gold. But remember that after sunset, the next day, I will return it. ”

The disciple was feeling glad to get an opportunity, but because of his laziness, he spent his first day imagining and visualization, happy prosperous and satisfied he would be when he had a lot of gold, so many servants that ‘he wouldn’t even have to take. water to drink Then, the next day, when he woke up in the morning, he very well remembered that today is the second and last day to have gold.

He firmly believed in his mind that today he will certainly benefit from the black stone given by Guruji. He decided that he would buy large iron items from the market and turn them into gold.

The day has passed, but he sat down with the same thought that there is still a lot of time, he will go to the market at any time and get the products. He thought that now he would go out to take the products after lunch, but after eating he used to rest, and he thought it was appropriate to rest for a while instead of working hard. But his lazy body was lost in the depths of sleep, and when he woke up, it was near sunset.

Now he ran quickly to the market, but on the way, he found Guruji, after seeing him, he fell at his feet, begging to keep this magic stone for another day, but Guruji was not d agreement and this disciple Dream of being rich has been crushed. But because of this incident, the disciple receives a great lesson: he deplores his laziness, realizes that laziness is a curse for his life and promises that he will never steal from work again and he will be shown as a worker, alert and active person

Moral of the story:

Friends, everyone has a better chance in life, but many people lose them simply because of their laziness. This is why I mean that if you want to succeed, happy, lucky, rich or tall, give up laziness and longevity, develop qualities such as caution, hard work, and continuous awareness and every time someone in your mind if you think about it to avoid important work, ask yourself a question: “Why not today?”

3.   Your Favour Never be Waste

There was a time when the man was bought, the man was sold. Such a man was called a slave. It was the time of slavery. It is only a question these days.

There was a slave and his name was Androcles.

Once this slave went to a forest. He heard the weeping of an animal. He started walking on the same side. He saw a lion lying in tears.

The advantage comes from the 5 best Hindi moral stories

Favor is useful History

At first, Androclies did not dare, but the painful voice of the lion did not suit him. The Ahista-Ahista slave went to him. He saw a lion with a thorn in one leg. He is restless because of the pain. Putting his life back in the palm of his hand, the slave approached him very close and removed the thorn from the lion. The lion woke up and went to look at the pain on his face in the thick forest, sobbing slowly.

Years later, the slave was sentenced to death for an error.

They left it in front of the lion to break it. Seeing the man, the hungry lion jumped.

But as soon as he reached Androclies, he stopped. He remembered that this man had taken a fork from my leg. He remembered the pain in his injured leg. He shivered once, then reached the Androclies by shaking his tail like a hungry pet dog and licking his leg. He had kindness in his eyes.

Animals do not forget to become favors. They pay the favor only out of benevolence.


If you have helped someone by doing work for someone, then it will never be waste or emptiness, sometimes it is useful. By the way, the Androklias were holding the lion with its thorn, the lion saved his life. ”

Moral of these short Hindi stories: “The gratification was given to someone never empties, sometimes it definitely works. The way Sherlock gave his life when Andorklees bit his spine and thanked him. ”

4.    The Greedy Person

In Europe, there is a country called Greece. In Greece, a king named Midas ruled in ancient times. King Midas was very greedy. Leaving her daughter, she was loved in the world, so it was lovely to sleep alone with her. I used to dream of collecting gold while sleeping at night.

One day, King Midas was sitting on his treasury counting gold bricks and Ashurfis. Suddenly, an angel came there and said to the king: “Midas! You are very rich.”

Midas hung up and replied: “Where am I rich? I have very little gold.”

The angel said, “You are not happy with this much amount of gold then how much gold do you need?”

The king said, “Everything

The angel smiled and said, “Okay! Tomorrow’s morning, everything whatever you will touch it will become gold”

King Midas did not sleep that day and that night. He woke up in the morning and placed his hands on a chair, turning to sleep. He touched a table and turned golden. King Midas leaped and danced like mad, went to his garden and touched trees, flowers, leaves, porches, touched porcelain and became gold. Everything started shining. Midas did not have a golden cross.

Midas got tired of running. They still did not realize that their clothes became too heavy to sleep. I was thirsty and also hungry. Returning from the garden to his palace, he sat on a sleeping chair. A servant brought food and water before him. But as soon as Das put his hands on the food, the food turned golden. He picked up a glass of water to drink so that the glass and the water became gold. Gold loaves, gold rice, gold potatoes, etc. He stood in front of Midas. He was hungry, thirsty, could not satisfy his hunger by chewing gold.

Midas cried and at the same time, his daughter came to play. When he saw his father crying, he climbed into his father’s lap and started crying. Midas took the daughter from his chest, but where was his daughter now? He had a golden statue of his daughter in his lap which he could not keep even in his lap. Poor Midas’s head started crying. The deity felt sorry and reappeared. When she saw him, Midas fell at her feet and “prayed to return her gift.”

The deity asked: “Midas, do not try to sleep now. Now tell me whether a glass of water is valuable or gold, cloth, bread is valuable or gold.”

Midas crossed his hands and said: “I don’t want to sleep, I know a human shouldn’t sleep.” No human work gets stuck without sleeping. Without a glass of water and a loaf, a human cannot work. Now I will not be tempted to sleep.

The angel poured water into a bowl and said: “Sprinkle everything.”

Midas sprinkled that water on his desk, chair, food, water, and garden trees. All things happened as before.

The Moral of the Story:

Friends, we get this education from this story. No matter how rich and poor a person is, he should never be attracted. Excessive greed makes you lose what you have

5. God is at Every Place

Datadin used to narrate stories to his boy Gopal before bed every evening. One day he said to Gopal – “Son! Never forget one thing that God is everywhere. ”

Gopal looked around and asked, “Father!, I don’t see him anywhere. ”

Datadin spoke: “We have not the ability to see God, but everyone is in under eyes of god or we can say in the supervision of god..he is looking at each and everything.

Gopal remembered his father. A few days later there was a famine. Nothing happened in the fields of Datadin. One day he went out of the village with Gopal in the dark of night. He wanted to steal a piece of grain from the farm of another farmer and bring it home. Putting Gopal on the med, he said – “Look around you! Let me know if you see anyone here or there.

As soon as Gopal sat in the Daatdeen field cutting grain – “Father! Wait. ”

Datadin asked – “Why does anyone see!” What | ”

Gopal said – “Yes! Sees. ”

Datadin came out of the field and came to med. When he looked around, when no one showed up, he asked the son – “Where! Who sees? ”

Gopal – ” As you said that God is everywhere and sees everyone’s work whatever people are doing in this world all the activities, then he will not see you cutting the field. Datadin was ashamed to listen to his son.

Abandoning the idea of ​​theft and returned home

6. Never trust on others

A farmer had a cow and a horse. They were doing both together in the forest. A dhobi lived in the farmer’s neighborhood. The washerman had a donkey and a goat. The washer also let them graze in the same forest. By walking together, the four animals became friends. He also used to enter the forest and leave the forest together at night.

A rabbit also lived in this forest. When the rabbit saw the friendship of the four animals, he began to think: “Can I also befriend them?” So be very good, even a dog cannot make fun of me if I make friends with such large animals.

The rabbit returned to them. I used to jump in front of them and graze with them. Little by little, he became friends with the four. The rabbit was very happy, he understood that the fear of dogs was gone.

One day, the dog entered this forest and ran after the rabbit. The rabbit ran to the cow and said, “Gaumata! This dog is very mean. He came to kill me. You hit him with your horns.

The cow spoke, “Hey Rabbit!” You’ve arrived too late, it’s time for me to go home. My calf will starve and call me again and again. I can’t wait to go home. You go to the horse.

The rabbit ran to the horse and said, “Brother horse! I’m your friend, the two are grazing here too. Today, this evil dog is chasing me. You are taking me sitting on my back.


The horse said, “You’re right, but I don’t know how to sit! I sleep standing and standing. How are you going to put me on my back? These days, my listening has increased. I can’t run fast or tear my feet.

Disappointed with the horse, the rabbit went towards the donkey. He said, “Fool friend!” You throw light on this mad dog. So, may my life be saved.

The donkey said: I always come home with a cow and a horse. They both leave, if I do not leave with them and I am left behind, then my lord will go with washing powder. And beat me, I can’t stay here anymore.

Finally, the rabbit went to the goat. The goat said when he saw it: “Brother rabbit! Please don’t come here! The dog runs behind you, I’m very afraid of him.

Frustrated everywhere, the rabbit escaped. He ran and hid in a bush. The dog has searched a lot, But he couldn’t find the rabbit’s address. When the dog returned. Then the rabbit came out of the bush, looked around and breathed satisfied. Then he said:

Trusting others always betrays you. You should help yourself. ”

7.   The Smart Justice

There used to be ahead in a village. Pradhan was widely known for his justice. Once in a nearby village, two men brought a case to Lachhu and Yashpal Pradhan.

Yashpal was a rich man while Lachhu was a poor farmer. Lachhu said that six months ago Yashpal borrowed five thousand rupees from him. But now refuses to return.

On the other hand, Yashpal said that he is many times richer than Lachhu. Why did he ask for credit from Lachhu?

The case was serious. Both were adamant about their point. Pradhan thought for some time and asked to come the next day.

The next day Lachhu and Yashpal appeared in front of Pradhan at the right time, then Pradhan pointed to a wall and said to them – “Both of you go behind that wall. There are two different buckets placed there. Both of you take one piece of water from the bucket and wash your hands and feet. But one thing to keep in mind that using only one lotta water is no more. Only after being sanctified will the deity being worshiped. ”

They both went behind the wall. Where Lacchu has washed his hands and feet easily with a lot of water. But Yashpal could not even wash his feet with a lot of water. He looked around and made sure that no one was looking at him, so he immediately pulled out a lot of water and put it on his leg. He noticed that even then his feet were not completely dusted.

Yashpal thought – “I can use one more pot of water, on this the head will hang me a little bit.” He just added two pieces of water.

Both reached the head. The Pradhan asked them – “Have both used water each returned?” So both of them answered “Yes”.

The head was very clever. He went into the bucket and saw that Yashpal had used the water of the entire bucket instead of lotta water.

Many people stood there waiting for justice for a long time when the head tells his decision. After some thought and prayer to the God of Justice, Pradhan gave his decision – “Lacchu rightly says that Yashpal has taken money from him and refuses to return it.” I decide to immediately return five thousand rupees to Lachhu. Apologize to him for lying and give one thousand rupees more to Lachhu as compensation. ”Hearing this, the people were confused as to how this was known.

He asked Pradhan about this, Pradhan smilingly said – “It is a simple matter! I took both hands and legs examinations. So that I know about the nature of these two. Lachhu washed his hands and feet in a pot of water. Therefore, he is a man to spends less.

While Yashpal finished the whole bucket of water. This shows that he is a mean, selfish and corrupt man by nature. He also lied that he used the only one returned to the water. Therefore, it becomes clear that Yashpal also lies. Just by this I came to know that Yashpal must have taken five thousand rupees from Lachhu and he did not have to return it, so he is refusing. All the people were happy with that justice.

8.  When two thieves are Together

There used to be a thug named Lachhu in a city. He was a very clever thug, used to adopt new methods of cheating.

One day he changed into disguise and went to Seth. He showed Seth extremely precious diamonds, seeing that hero, Seth’s eyes burst. Very few diamonds were seen by him.

But Seth was, very connoisseur. He looked at the hero back and forth, looked carefully and then said to Lacchu – “This diamond is fake.”

On hearing this, the thug got angry and said – “Diamonds are real, you will not find precious diamonds anywhere in the world.” Your test is not right. ”

Seth did not listen to her. The thug also stuck to his word. Both of them became snappy in a while.

Seth came to Tau and showed the thugs their real diamonds. At the same time, the thug made a plan on how to cross those heroes but Seth was no less clever. He hid those heroes again. The thug left from there.

The next day Lachhu disguised himself to Seth. He changed his voice and said to Seth – “Sethji! I have come to warn you. ”

“But for what.”

“Your diamonds were stolen yesterday.”

” how ?”

“The man who came to you yesterday. He was the famous thug of Lachhu. ”

On hearing Lachhu’s name, Seth got out of his mind, still, while handling himself, he said – “How can it be?” I have kept my hero’s box. ”

After Seth said this, the thug showed Seth a box. This box resembles Seth’s hero’s belt. Seth lost his senses upon seeing her.

The thug gave me this empty box, and said – “Tell Seth.”

Seth’s body started to sweat. He rushed in and immediately took his real hero’s belt and told the thug that “Look here is my box.”

Lacchu thug saw the box. After that, he looked at his box and said in his heart that “Amazing!” How much do these two get together? ”The thug then secretly took a mouse out of his pocket and tossed it to Seth Chowk. In the blink of an eye, Lacchu changed the hero’s box. Seth stopped once, then went inside with his belt and came back and said – “Mr. Thugs have tricked you.”

Hearing this, he went on mumbling. Now he was very happy, he had diamonds worth lakhs of rupees. He took these heroes and went to another goldsmith. He always sold his goods to the same goldsmith. The goldsmith knew that it sent goods of swindle, which is why he used to give half of the rupees to Lacchu. Sometimes he used to give a rupee of one rupee.

Goldsmith did the same on that day. He charged very little for the hero, but he did not agree to a bargain at such a price. The goldsmith did little more than that, But Lachhu still did not agree.

He left from there.

9.  Boast of lies

In a beach town, the children of a wealthy Vaishya had a crow. He used to feed this several times with his food. The crow that ate its food was very fatty after eating delicious and nutritious food. This greatly increased his ego. He even despised the best birds and began to insult them.

One day, flying from somewhere on the beach, swans arrived and landed. The children of Vaishya praised this laughter. It didn’t go well with the crow. He went to those laughs and discovered that it was the best laugh in them. Said, I do not want to fly but I am flying cause of you

Hans explained: “Brother! We are going to fly far and far. Our Mansarovar residence is far from here. How will you benefit from competing with us? How can you fly with laughter?

Coe walked in proudly and said, “I know the speed of the flight.” And I can fly from everyone to the plane. Counting the names of several motions like Udine, Awadin, Prandin, Dean, etc., he said to speaker Koa: “Tell me! How fast do you want to fly?

Then the best goose said, “Kak! You are very clever. But I only know one speed. What all birds know, I will fly at the same speed.

Coe’s pride increased: “He said something good, fly at the speed you know.”

At that moment, some birds arrived. In front of them, the swan and the crow flew towards the sea. In the sky above the sea, this crow showed many types of acrobats, flew at full power, and reached Huss. The swan was flying at its natural slow speed. Seeing this, others began to express their happiness.

In a short time, the raven’s wings began to tire. He started exploring the islands with trees to rest. But I could only see this infinite ocean. Meanwhile, the swan flew past him. Coe’s speed has decreased. He became very tired and reached the stage of falling near the waves of the sea full of fierce creatures with high waves.

Hans saw that the crow was far behind, so he stopped. He approached the crow and asked, “Kak! Your four legs and your wings drown in the water again and again. What is your movement?

Hearing Hans’ sarcastic speech, the crow said very humbly, “Hans! We only know how to do it. What will keep us away? They punished me for my stupidity. Please save me now.

The swan was soaked in water and the half-dead cow was sorry for Hans. Lifting him with his feet, Hans put him on his back and flew to where they were both flyings. Hans left the crow in his place.

10.  Down the Head of Ego

In ancient times there was a Seth named Akshay Bhadra in Sundar Nagar. One day he was weighed in gold.

That gold was distributed among the poor.

He declared that no one should remain empty-handed.

He ran his men to see who was deprived of gold in the city.

His men searched the entire city, but they did not find any such man.

He came and told Seth.

But Seth was not satisfied with his words. He set out to see for himself.

While walking, his convoy passed through the forest. There was a monk who was doing meditation.

Seth took Muni’s blessing and asked him to give her gold.

The sage replied negatively – “Seth Ji! You did well to make the poor get gold. But what I mean by this is that I am God, the worship of God and his kindness is the greatest wealth of the world for me. ”

Seth felt bad about Muni. He said in a harsh voice – “There is no value for God’s grace in the world.”

Muni! Seth’s ego broke. He said – “I do not earn donations. My Lord gives me as much as I need. Still, if you are insisting, give me the equivalent of this basil leaf. ”

Having said this, the sage wrote the name of “Ram” on the basil leaf and gave it to Seth.

Seth’s arrogance rose on seeing this. Said – ” making laugh on me .” Munidev! There is no lack of sleep in my house. You live in poverty, so I wanted to help you. ”

” Okay! You give me the gold equivalent to this leaf. ”The sage said.

Seth searched for the scales. Put the address in one pan and some gold in the other.


If that gold was less, then Seth put more gold in the pallade.

But as the gold continued to grow in the pallade. Likewise, gold was getting less and less.

The pan was not even taking the name of moving from its place.

Seeing this, Seth was stunned.

He realized his mistake.

He felt feet – “Munivvar! My eyes were covered with ego. He has risen, I am truly grateful to you. You are the truly rich. In the world, please God only has importance, and no one else. ”

After this, Seth completely changed. The ego inside him was completely destroyed.

Moral – “The ego always becomes the reason for bad things so it a bad thing, which runs without understanding ability and becomes dangerous for everyone. “It corrupts your intellect and maintains it. The ego always eats mouths in front of sages and sages and sages. As Seth Akshay Bhadra was confronted by the sage. Arrogance forced him to look down. ”

11. The biggest problem

Long ago, a great pandit scholar lived somewhere in the Himalayan hills. He was tired of living among people and now wanted to lead a simple life in devotion. But his fame was so

People wanted to meet him even after crossing inaccessible hills, narrow paths, waterfalls of rivers, they thought that this scientist could solve all his problems.

This time too, some people came to his hut to look for him. Pandit, he asked them to wait.

Three days have passed, now many more people have arrived there when the space for people has started to decrease, then Panditji said: “Today I will answer all your questions, but you must promise that after I leave, I will not do it. Tell me someone else about this place, so that after today I can make my sadhana live in solitude … Let’s talk about your problems.

Hearing this, someone started to tell their problems but had just said a few words that someone else started to say in the middle. Everyone knew that after today, he would never have had the opportunity to speak to Panditji;

Everyone, therefore, wished to express their opinion as soon as possible. Shortly after, the scene became a fish market and eventually, Panditji had to shout and say, “Please calm down! Write your problem in a brochure and give it to me.”

They all presented their own problems. Pandit Ji took all the flyers and put them in a basket and mixed them up and said, “Pass this basket with each other, each person will pick up a sheet and read it. After that, you will have to decide if you want to replace your problem with this problem?

Each person took a piece of paper, read it, and was a little scared. One by one, everyone saw the sheets, but no one was willing to accept someone else’s problem in exchange for their problem;

Everyone had to think that no matter how big their own problem, the problem of others was not that bad. After two hours, everyone started to come back with their respective cards in their hands, they were happy that their problem was not as big as they thought.

Friends, who will be the one who will have no problem in your life? We all have problems in our lives, some are worried about their health, some suffer from a lack of wealth … We must accept that if there is life, small problems will continue to occur, in such a situation, thinking of the same thing.

It’s better to focus our attention on prevention … and if there is no solution for it, focus on other productive things … We think the biggest problem is ours, but we know that the people in this world are so great … D the problems that we have nothing in front of them … So please God tried to be thankful and live a happy life for him

12.   The Dream House

A farmer lived in his village, some distance from a town. Although he was prosperous, he was not satisfied with his life. One day he decided to sell all of his land and properties and settle in a good place.

The next day, he called a well-known real estate agent and said, “Brother, I just have to leave this place in one way or another, give a heart to good property, then it becomes a problem!”

“Why, what problem were you having here?” Asked the agent.

One farmer said, “One farmer said, “Look at the problems that are coming up here, look at these bumpy roads and these small lakes, … see these small mountains.., how difficult it is to graze the animals … and see this garden, half the time is spent cleaning and maintaining … what should I do with such unnecessary property … ”

The officer wandered around the area and promised to come with a client a few days later.

A day or two after this incident, the farmer read the morning paper to find a good property where he could sell it and sell it.

Then he looked at a nice ad: “Take a dream home, a beautiful and quiet place, full of natural beauty, in the middle of a beautiful lake and hills, settle in a healthy distance from the city at a distance reasonable from the crowd. ” Contact -XYZXYZXYZX ”

The farmer liked this data, he started reading this notice several times, but after that little attention, he felt it was an addition to his property, to confirm that he had called the number donated and it really complimented his ownership.

Then the farmer realized that he really lived in the place he wanted and that it was his fault that he had always seen his own things badly. Now the farmer wanted to stay there; He immediately called his agent and asked him to withdraw the supplement.

Friends, like this farmer, we often complain about our life several times, it seems that our life is the most useless, the greatest pressure is on our work, our personality is the least attractive …

But have you ever tried to see your life from the perspective of others?

Is your life really problematic or have you done it more than your own?

Do you ignore the beauty of your life as a farmer?

Do you need a paper advertisement to tell your happiness?

13.  Story of a poor farmer

There lived a farmer in a village. He wanted to dig a well. One day he started digging the well. Digging a few feet

Even when he did not see water, he got frustrated. Then he dug somewhere else but the water did not come out anywhere.


In this way, he dug in 6-7 places, but he did not get water. Then he returned home feeling very sad and disappointed.

The next day he told the whole thing to an elderly person. The person explained it to him and said: “You have 6-7 at five different places

Dug the pits of the feet but still, you did not feel anything. If you dug so much in one place by not digging in different places,

So you must have got water. You did not work patiently and digging a little bit changed your decision.

Today you with concentration

Dig a pit in one place and continue digging until water is visible. You will surely get success. ”

That day, the farmer determined again and started digging again. After about 25-30 feet of excavation, water is released from the field

Came The farmer was very happy to see this and in his heart, he started thanking that person.


If a work is done with full concentration, then there is definitely a success in it.

14.  Tit for tat

Once Tenaliram’s dog got sick and died one day due to illness. Tenaliram became ill after the dog’s death. I was surrounded by a very high fever.

A Panditji came to his house and said: “You must atone for your sin. Your sins may not eliminate this disease.” Tenaliram asked, “What actIons I should take”

The pandit said, “You have to worship and you have to spend 100 gold on it.” Tenaliram asked, “What you can tell me?”

The pandit said, “You have to worship and you have to spend 100 gold on it.”

Tenaliram said: ” where will pandit bring the coins”

Pandit, he said: “Sell the horse you have and donate the amount you will give me.”

Tenaliram accepted Panditji’s talk. Pandit ji prayed to Tenaliram and wished him a speedy recovery. Within a few days, Tenaliram was cured with legitimate medications.

Tenaliram accompanied Panditji to the market. He held the reins of the horse with one hand and a basket with the other hand.

Upon reaching the market, Tenaliram made a loud sound: “This horse is for sale.” The value of the horse is anna and is also accompanied by a basket, which is worth 100 gold coins. A gentleman who wants to take one must take both a horse and a basket. ”

One person bought both and gave Tenaliram a gold and bought a horse and a basket giving 100 gold coins. Tenaliram gave Panditji ana and got 100 gold coins.

Panditji said: “Tenaliram! You are doing me an injustice. You are giving me 1 anna instead of giving me 100 gold coins.”

Tenaliram said: – Panditji! You said that whatever you have a horse, sell it and give it to me. The price of the horse was one and the price of the basket was 100 gold coins.

After hearing this from Tenaliram, Pandit ji was very sorry for his talk and left with an anna.

Moral: –

Just as appropriate.

15.  Guru Ravidas Dharmik Story

King Pipa was a wealthy Rajput. Once there was a desire in his heart to get knowledge. He gathered the stalwarts and asked, ‘Is there any Mahatma from whom I can donate knowledge’? The Wazirs said: “Your Majesty! At this time, the saint who knocks shoes is Guru Ravidas, who lives a short distance near your palace. ”

Now the king started thinking in his mind what to do? Paramarth is also important. If I go openly, people will talk in different ways that Rajput goes to the house of a low caste person as a king.

Then the king thought that if Saint Guru Ravidas met him alone, I should take his name from him. One day there came a chance that there was a festival and all the subjects went to the Ganges for the bath.

Here the king was alone and even heard the locality of Guru Ravidas Ji. Nobody was at home. The king went to the house of Guru Ravidas Ji, hiding and prayed: – “Guru Maharaj! Name me. ”

Saint Guru Ravidas Ji filled a chunk of water from the leather soaked pool and raised it towards the king and said: – “King! Take this drink. ”The king took the water ahead and took the water, but how would a Kshatriya king drink water with leather?

He looked around and dropped water between his arms. Sant Ravidas Ji saw all this but did not say anything with a tongue. The king bowed his head and came from there.

Going to the palace, he called the washerman and ordered that at the same time wash this kurta at the Ganges Ghat. The washerman took the kurta home. He tried hard to remove the stain, but all the efforts went in vain.

Then the washerman said to his girl: – Take the stains on this kurta and suck them in the mouth so that the stain gets removed and the kurta gets cleaned quickly. Otherwise, the king will get angry. The girl was innocent. Instead of sucking and spitting the stain, she swallowed it inside.

As a result, the girl started talking about meditation. Gradually, the news spread in the city that the girl of the washerman is Mahatma. After all, this matter reached the king too. When the king came to know of this, he reached Dhobi’s house one day. The girl stood up folded looking at the king.

The king said: “Look, daughter! I have come to you as a beggar. I have not come as a king ”.

The girl said: – “I did not wake you up as a king, but what I have received is due to you.”

The king was surprised and asked that because of me?

The girl said: – “Yes!”

The king said: “How is that?”

So the girl said: “Everything I have got from your shirt. Whatever was the difference was in your shirt. ”

Hearing this, the king started cursing himself and said, “Damn my king, I am cursed to be a Kshatriya.”

When the king was stumbled, he did not care for the public shame and high-pitched, directly reached saint Ravidas ji and fell on his feet with folded hands: – “Gurudev! Give me that charanamrit again ”.

Saint Ravidas Ji said: – “Not now.” When you came for the first time, I thought that you have come to my house as a Kshatriya king. So I give you something which is never destroyed. It was not the water of the pool but it was the nectar, the storehouse of knowledge. But considering you to be the water of leather, you hated it and dropped it on your shirt. ”The king apologized and repented for his mistake.

Sant Ravidas ji comforted the king and said: – “Don’t worry, king! Now practice what I will give you the name Sumiran with love and faith. You will get that precious treasure from inside ”.

The king understood it and donated his name to Saint Ravidas ji and became a Mahatma. The words of King Pipa are also recorded in Guru Granth Sahib.

Lesson: –

One should never doubt the Guru, what he gives or says is always good for the disciple.

16.  Self-righteous brahmin

Once from Tenaliram, King Krishnadeva Raya said: “You have got enough money.” The wealthy men should keep donating and this increases wealth. A person who does nothing for others is also worthy of being called a human? You should donate a house to a Brahmin.

‘As Maharaj’s wish’ Tenaliram said.

Tenaliram built a small beautiful house around which there was a garden of flowers. On the main door of the house, a plate was hung, on which it was written: “This house will be given to the Brahmin who will be self-satisfied.”

No Brahmin came to get that house for many days. Finally, a Brahmin came and said to Tenaliram: “I am a self-satisfied Brahmin, so I should get this house in charity.”

Tenaliram spoke: “You are not only greedy but also a liar or foolish.” Do you not even know the meaning of simple words written on the plank? If you are self-satisfied then why did you come to ask for this house? I don’t want to turn away from my words by donating the house to you.

I will always be sad that I donated this house to a fool. Now you can go from here. ”

17. scared to death

On seeing the snake rat, he started to tongue it as his food and the rat swung into action after seeing the snake’s efforts. He started trying to hide near the eagle.

Seeing that scene, one eagle became serious, the other asked him, friend, what meditation have you drowned in. The first eagle pointed to his holding snake and said what a foolish creature it is.

It has forgotten death itself before the taste of the tongue. The second hawk criticized his victim, the rat, and said look at this mindless person. Fear (fear) makes it more frightening than direct death.

A traveler was resting under that tree, he listened to both of them and said while exhaling a long breath: –

We too, like snakes and rats, have great taste and fear and we forget death.

18.  Message of austerity

One day Lord Buddha was sitting on his seat and was talking in front of his disciples. Then one of the disciples said, Mahatma, I need a new tunic, for this, you give me permission. Buddha asked, what happened to your old tunic?

To this the disciple said, he has become very torn, so I am using it as a sheet now. Buddha then asked but what happened to your old sheet?

To this, the disciple said, Mahatma, that sheet had become old and it had torn from here and there, so I have made the pillow shell.

Mahatma Buddha said: – Of course you have made a pillowcase but you already had a pillow. What did you do with that old pillowcase?

Now the disciple had no answer. He said, the priest, was torn by pulling the pillow against him. There was also a big hole in it. So I have made it up. The Buddha was observing deeply. They felt that this answer should also be tested.

They felt that even this answer was not satisfying them. When he asked again, the disciple said, Mahatma, the footboard was also torn while rubbing the feet. So I gathered it and made a wick of it and then put it in oil and lit it.

Hearing this, the Buddha smiled and then presented a new tunic to the disciple.

19. The Hanging Noose

Once upon a time, a monk got the privilege of being with Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Those sages used to give great importance to disguise. He really had no faith in Guru and Naam. One day he said that tell me such a Mahatma, whom I can associate with.

Guru Nanak Sahib said that there is a great Mahatma; Still, if you have to go, there is a carpenter’s house on the way, go to him. When that monk reached there, the carpenter stood up and put a cot. For a long time the carpenter did not talk to the monk but continued to do his work. When the monk sat down for a while and started leaving very frustrated, the carpenter said: “Have patience for 2 hours, Maharaj! I have a very important task, I will first deal with it and then I will sit in your service. ”

The monk thought in his mind that this is a settled world. This does not stop the work of the world. What kind of mahatma is this? Then a man came running and said to the carpenter’s house: – “Your boy has fallen from the roof and died.”

Hearing this, he did not panic at all and said peacefully: – “After all the will of the owner.” After the cremation and asking farewell to the people, the carpenter came to the monk.

The monk said to the carpenter: “When you knew all these things, why didn’t you save your boy from falling?”

The carpenter speaks: “The child about to die this way and my relationship will end this way.

On this, the monk said: “You definitely had enmity with your son.” You did not want to keep the son with you. “After saying all this, the monk started getting angry from there, the carpenter said to the monk: -” What do you tell me, today you will hang on the eighth day. If you can survive, then survive. I understand that whatever happens has to happen, it remains. ”

Now the monk got worried that the same should not happen to me. The monk thought that if I go too far from this tree, there will be no question of hanging it. Thinking that he could run for 4 days as hungry and thirsty as he could. Distraught with hunger and thirst, he fell down and fell asleep. When he woke up, he could not think of direction and started running back to the same direction from which he had come.

Then he ran for 4 days continuously and finally reached the same place from where he started running 8 days ago. When it was 8 days, I started thinking about who can hang me now. I have come far away from that tree. That carpenter is a liar, today is my eighth day. Thinking this the monk slept under the same tree.

Some thieves in a city some distance away were robbing the stolen goods and going through the same path. As much as the gold and silver were there, they shared among themselves. But one gold necklace remains. He came to notice that it is very beautiful, why not put it in the neck of the monk. Thinking that he gave the necklace to the sleeping monk’s neck and ran away.

When the day came, the soldiers captured the monk and took him to the king. The king sentenced him to death without taking the statement of the monk and said: “Hang it from the same tree where it was sleeping.”

The monk was asked: “If you want to meet someone, tell me”.

The monk said: “There is a carpenter in this village, I have to meet him”.

When the carpenter was called, the monk said: “You were right.” Nobody can avoid being. Now the same tree is there in front of me, that is me and the execution has been done. Please save me. I will not forget your favor all my life.

The carpenter said that I follow my Satguru Nanak Sahib and I hope he will hear my request. Shortly there came news that the real thieves have been caught. Those thieves returned all the stolen goods and the king left the monk. The monk reached the carpenter’s house and after getting initiation from him became his true servant.

Lesson: –

No one can avoid being.

20.  Wolf and donkey

Once a donkey was grazing in the grass. Then he saw a wolf coming towards him. The donkey immediately lame

Wolf and Donkey

Pretended The wolf asked the donkey the reason for his lameness. The donkey told that he was passing through a bush then a foot in his

The thorn pierced. Now the donkey requested to remove the thorn from the wolf. The wolf who ate it accepted the donkey’s request.

Because he felt that the donkey could no longer run away. The donkey raised its leg and the wolf cautiously bent the fork

Started looking. But then the donkey hit the wolf’s mouth and said: – ‘You are a butcher, no doctor!’

The wolf licked the dust and started licking the dust and the donkey ran a gallop and saved his life.

Lesson: –

You should work with your intellect in times of trouble.

21. The Blessing Of Mother


There was a loud scream in the house from this morning itself. Don’t know what was the uproar in the house today? Ramesh’s wife was screaming loudly. So loud that people from nearby houses also came out of their homes.

Behind the door, an old woman was shedding tears. There was not a word coming out of the mouth, but eyes were crying after hearing the taunts of the daughter-in-law. Here Ramesh was repeatedly explaining to his wife that mother could not do this.

Actually, the precious ring of Bahurani was lost somewhere on the table. The wife was screaming loudly that this old lady was sitting there, she has stolen my ring, the poor mother was looking at her son looking helplessly. Perhaps this is what Bahurani said, leaving no stone unturned to bring respect to society.

The extent was reached when the wife angrily grabbed the mother’s hand and pulled it inside the door. Ramesh’s temper also responded and he hit a loud slap on the wife’s cheek. Married just 2 months ago, the wife could not bear the slap. She angrily shouted at the husband – You trust your mother more than me, why?

Ramesh’s eyes also started tearing up and said – When I was very young, my father died at the same time, then my mother cleaned the dishes and swept the houses of others. Hooked me up.

I remember that the mother could barely arrange a single meal. And she also served that food in my plate and covered herself with an empty box and lied to me that you eat, my bread is in this box.

While that box was always empty, but I also knew that after saving half the bread, I used to say to my mother that my stomach is full and used to feed half the bread to the mother.

Today I have become able to earn 2 bread, forget that sacrifice of my mother. How can I forget that Mother did not know for me how much she strangled her desires. You have been with me for only 2 months now, but I have seen my mother doing penance continuously for the last 25 years. Will my mother be tempted to ring at this stage of age today? If I doubt my mother, God will not give me a place in hell either.

Friends, parents are the form of God. Damn to such people who cannot even support their parents’ old age. Hey, do not the parents sacrifice something for their children, they raise their children for the entire life of the palm and what do they ask for in return? 2-time food and love of your children at old age. Do our parents not have this much right?

22. Real Honesty

Murari Lal was one of the biggest thieves in his village. Murari would go to steal people’s houses every night by putting a knife in his pocket. He was a thief by profession, but every person wants his son to study in a good school, thinking that the son was admitted to a good public school.

Murari’s son was very intelligent in studies but could not study after the 12th standard due to a lack of money. Now applied for job in many places but no one kept him on the job.

One, the thief’s son did not hire any 12th pass from above. Now like a poor unemployed, he would stay at home day and night. Murari was worried about his son and thought that why should he also be taught his work. Just like I made a living by stealing, so will it.

Thinking this, Murari took the son with him one day. It was night time both of them sneaked into a building. There were many rooms in the building, there was light in all the rooms, it seemed that there is a mansion of a rich person.

Murari said to his son – Today we will steal in this mansion, I have stolen here many times before and a lot of goods are also found here. But the son was constantly watching the light in front of the mansion.

Murari said – Don’t delay now, hurry in or else someone will see. But the son was still looking at the light of the mansion and he said in a compassionate voice – Father, I cannot steal.

Son, father, from whom we have stolen many times, see that even today, there is light in his mansion and there is still darkness in our house. Their house is still bright with hard work and honesty earning, and our house was dark even before and even today

I too will earn with honesty and hard work, and the lamp of that earning will also light up my house. I do not do this dark work in my life. Tears were coming out of Murari’s eyes. His son’s studies seemed to be meaningful today.

Friends. Dishonesty and theft can make a person happy for a moment, but sin and darkness fill forever in his life. Always do your work with hard work and honesty.

Dishes made by dishonest earnings have also faded in the face of honest bread. Do something that you can walk around in society.

23.  The Real Life

Ramesh owned a small shop in Delhi. Ramesh ran a cyber café in the same shop. Ramesh’s marriage had now completed 10 years, along with a child, but life was not as bright as before. Wake up in the morning, just start earning money. Life was very busy now.

One day when Ramesh went to the shop, I thought that today I will go home a little early in the evening. Every day Ramesh used to close the shop at 10 o’clock but today he closed the shop at 7 o’clock. I was thinking in my mind that I will talk a lot with my wife today and then I will go out to eat food and my mind will also get better.

When Ramesh reached home, Mrs was very happy to see him. At that time, Mrs was watching a serial on TV. Ramesh thought that by the time this serial is over, why not check the mail on the computer. Thinking just this, Ramesh opened the computer and sat down, in a short time, Mrs. also brought tea to the table. Ramesh started doing some of the shop work drinking tea. I was very happy that I would talk to my wife in a while and go out to eat.

While working at the table, it was not detected and it was 8 to 11. Smt thought that if the husband was hungry, he also put food on the table. When Ramesh saw the clock ringing at 11, he thought, “Let’s have our food”, then we will walk for a while in the park.

In the meantime, a funny serial started coming and just Ramesh started watching the serial for a while and lost it in the serial that he slept on the couch. Suddenly the eyes opened in a while, it was midnight. Mrs had also slept comfortably in the bedroom.

There was a lot of regret in my mind that I had come to the thought that today we will chat and go out to eat but I did not get time.

Friends, our running life has become something like this. We wake up in the morning and just get on in the race for life, have to earn some money, the future has to be improved. The future that never comes, we are still living in the present and will live in the present tomorrow. This is the only time we have in which we can improve our lives. You have no right in the past and neither do you have full right over the present time. Live your life, friends, don’t you know tomorrow?

24.  Never leave the good things to implement them in life

Manage The Things

Aman was not happy with his life. There was neither a good job nor any other good means of earning. Aman was a very naughty type of child since childhood and never obeyed his parents and was very aggressive by nature.

Once thinking about something in mind, Aman reached the house of an old teacher who used to teach him in childhood. After many days, the teacher was also very happy to see his student, he was also very respectful. Aman asked the teacher that since childhood you had been teaching me a lesson of goodness and you had taught me very well but I still could not become a successful person. Why does this happen? People teach us, we learn so much from our parents and gurus, but then why does it not affect our lives?

The teacher smilingly said that son, you will bring a bottle of wine for me and then I will answer your question. Aman wondered how the teacher is asking for alcohol from his student but still, Aman brought liquor from the market.

Now the teacher said to Aman – son drink this bottle of wine but take care of one thing that does not let the wine come down your throat. To mouth and rinse. Aman thought that he had gone mad?

Aman started drinking alcohol just like that, he would drink a sip and rinse it. Then in a while, the whole bottle was empty. Now the teacher told Aman that you were intoxicated?

Teacher – Oh, you drank the whole bottle and you did not get intoxicated?

Aman – how will addiction? When not even a sip of alcohol has descended down the throat

The teacher said with a smile – Son, I was just trying to explain to you that the entire bottle was empty but there was no alcohol intoxication because not a single sip of alcohol had gone down the throat. In the same way, I taught you a lot of books in childhood, taught you a lot, told you a lot of morality, but you did not bring a single thing down your throat, you did not bring a single thing in your life. I wish if you had brought anything told by your parents or your guru in your life today, you would have been a successful person and my head would have been proudly elevated.


Friends, we too go to school in childhood, do not know how many times we learn the knowledge of our parents and our gurus and even our parents and teachers warn us in childhood that you will not follow the right path. You will regret it, but we do not put a single thing in our life. In today’s time, the school has only meant getting degrees. Take a degree and find a job, no one goes to school to learn morality, no one goes to school to become a human being, all the people have just become money-making machines.

This is the reason why people’s morality is declining in our society today.

We don’t know how many times we must have heard these things

Always speak the truth

help others

Do whatever works with all your heart

Serve your parents, etc. etc.… ..

How many such things are taught to us throughout our lives, but do we follow any of these things? Probably not because we have only heard things, they have not been introduced in our lives.

25.  The Magic of Cloth

A foolish king lived in a kingdom. Due to the wealth and wealth given to his ancestors, he sat on the state’s donkey, but due to his foolishness, no one in the kingdom would take his job by making a king a fool.

The king was very simple. But due to his foolishness, he would get angry with anyone at any time, he would resent anyone and punished anyone. The whole kingdom was saddened by this nature of the king.

One day a clever person from the state made up his mind to teach the king and reached the court. Upon reaching the court the person said – Hail Maharaj… Maharaj! I am a cloth merchant from a nearby village. Today I have come here with an invaluable gift for you and you will be very happy to see it.

The king was very happy to hear about the merchant. The king, while assuring him to accept the meeting with the merchant, ordered to present the meeting in the court.

The businessman said after listening to the king – Maharaj! My ancestors have gifted me a priceless garment. Which is very beautiful and magical. If you wear that dress, then you will not be another beautiful king in this country. But it will cost my artisans fifty thousand Ashrafis to make you nutritious with that cloth, which you will have to spend.

The king was so enchanted on hearing the applause that he ordered his minister to give fifty thousand Ashurfis to the merchant. The merchant went to the court with Ashrafiya and after two days he assured to bring the dress for the king.

Two days later the merchant arrived at the court with a very shining box. Seeing the box, it seemed as if a huge treasure was hidden in the box. The king was mesmerized seeing the shining and beauty of the box.

The merchant placed the box in the middle of the court and said – Maharaj! My artisans have been very helpful in making this dress. But the special thing about this dress is that this dress looks only to the person who is a real parent. If there will be any other father of a person in this court, then he will not see this dress.

Hearing the talk of the merchant, the whole court got anxious to see that dress. Now the merchant started pretending to remove the dress from the box which was not really in that box. While pretending to take the dress in his hands, he started praising the beauty of the dress.

After hearing this of the businessman all presented in the court started praising the dress which was not really there. Everyone was thinking that if they say that the dress does not appear in the court, then everyone will believe that they are not children of the real parents.

Many courtiers were thinking that maybe they are not actually children of the real parents, because the clothes are visible to everyone else in the court. Just like this, everyone said yes to the businessman’s business and Maharaj too kept quiet thinking that everyone except him is seeing that dress.

Now, pretending to be a merchant, he came to the king with a dress and requested the king to wear it while giving him a dhoti and a turban. The king was already a fool, the merchant did not take much time to make him a fool. Now the scene was such that Raja came on this earth as it was, that is, the entire nude.

Now in front of the entire court, Maharaja was standing absolutely naked but fearing the death sentence of the king did not dare in any court to tell the king that he was standing absolutely naked.

After dressing the king, the businessman praised the king so much that Raja did not get swollen and went to the uninhabited Nirvas like this.

As soon as the queens saw Maharaja naked, she started laughing and said – Maharaj! Have you consumed alcohol today? Sorry, why are you walking around in the whole palace like this?

When queens did not see clothes, the king smiled and said – Queen! You are definitely not a real parent. Because these are magical clothes, they are only visible to humans who are of real parents. Why do you want to hide a big thing from me?

You are illegitimate and the illegitimate has no right to live in the palace. That is why we exclude you from the palace right now. Just saying that the king ordered his soldiers and drove the queen out of the palace.

So, colleagues, that’s why

Do not preach the idolatry is silent. Pyu paan bhujgananam only poisoning.

That is, preaching to fools is not to calm their anger but to increase it…

26.  The Wise Stranger 

There was a very expensive Banjara in a village. Once, he went from his village on top of the bails and put Multani to sell the city. There were many villages on the way to reach the city. When he passed through those villages, seeing the quality of soil, many people in the village bought the soil from him. On reaching the city, the sacks loaded with its soil were half empty and only half-filled. He was very happy. But the problem was that how half the sacks now stick on the backs of the bails? Because the sacks were full on one side.

The minors who came together asked their boss to solve the problem. Banjara said, “Hey! What are you thinking, fill the sand on one side of the sacks? This is the soil of Rajasthan, there is a lot of sand here. The minors did exactly that. Now there was sand on one side and Multani mitti on one side.

They had gone a little further that they had found another merchant coming from Delhi. When the merchant saw the rate of water falling from one side of the sacks loaded on the bails, he eagerly asked, – Why are the sacks filled with sand on one side? The miners responded respectfully, “To balance.” The businessman smiled and said, “Hey! Are you stupid Looks like you and your boss are the same. You are killing them on the vines for free. Tie half of the soil boron to one side so that

some bails will be able to move without weight. Hearing the talk of the businessman, Nokar said, “Sir! You are right, but we do not do anything without the permission of our boss. If you please explain this thing to our boss, then it will be a great blessing.

The merchant met the owner of the vines and said the same thing to him. After listening to the businessman, Banjare asked, “Sir! from where came and going The businessman said: “I am from Ajmer Sharif. Went to Delhi to earn money. I stayed in Delhi for a few days, then became ill. Those who earned few rupees were spent. There was a loss in business.

If there is nothing nearby, then thought should go home. After listening to the businessman, Banjara said to his Nokar said, “We should not take the advice of this merchant.” We will walk as if we were walking. His intellect looks fine but his granddaughter does not look right, if the result were right, he would be rich today. Our intelligence may not be right, but the result of our actions is always good, so we have never reduced business. We should not obey this merchant.

Within a few days, Banjara reached Delhi with his bells. There, he went to the market and made different heaps of both soil and rate and ordered his miners to keep the vines in a place with good fodder water in the forest and said that if they feed the water to the vines here then how will they make a profit.

Merchant’s bikini started in the market. Meanwhile, the Emperor of Delhi became ill. Vedha advised that if the king stays on the sand dunes of Rajasthan, then the health of the king can be cured. Sand has the power to cure the body. That is why the emperor should be sent to Rajasthan.

“Why send Rajasthan”, why not get the sand of Rajasthan brought here only. (Cabinet suggested)

Hearing the talk of the cabinet, the king ordered to get the sand of Rajasthan from the market.

The very next day Raja’s soldiers arrived in the Delhi market in the morning to collect the rate. Soldiers searched the entire market, but the rate of Rajasthan was not found anywhere. Tired of defeat, he sat at the corner of the market. Just then, suddenly he saw a Multani earthen shop. Where there was a sand pile along with Multani soil. Soldiers were killed. He thought, “This sand has been found after a lot of castes, whatever value it has, it should be bought without bargaining.”

The king’s soldiers went to Banjare and asked Banjara.

Where is this sand from? Hujur of Rajasthan (Banjare said with folded hands) We want all this sand at any price, tell us the price of this sand. After listening to the soldiers, Banjara said, “Whether buy sand or Multani soils are the same sentiments, both have been loaded equally on the bails” On hearing the banjara, the soldiers bought the whole sand.

The logic of the story is that if Banjara had agreed to that businessman coming from Delhi, today Multani could not sell the sand of Rajasthan. That is why we get an education from this story that one should always take a decision after listening to our heart. One who regrets taking the decisions of others always regrets in life.

27.   People will Say Something 

Once in a village, a father was walking with his son on horseback. It was summertime. That is why the father went away and placed his son on that horse. They had gone some distance so that two passengers left from there. Seeing the son sitting on the horse, he said, “What kind of son is the son, the father is walking and is sitting on the horse himself”.

The son was self-respecting, the hundred pricked him this thing. He quietly got off the horse. He said to his father, “Father, you sit on the horse and started walking on your own” and had gone some distance, that some people then came out of there. The father told the body on the horse and seeing the son walking, he said, “What kind of father is he who is walking the child and himself is sitting on a horse like a lord.” The father was shocked by this and he too got down from the horse and started walking quietly.

After going a little further, they found a third type of people, who started saying, “How foolish people are, even on horseback they are walking”. Hearing the talk of the people, the father said to the son, “Now we both go to Beth on a horse”. Now both of them sat on the horse. They had gone some distance to find the fourth type of people. who started to say: “tell me why you are killing it? Hearing this from the people, both father and son got frightened and got down from the horse and sat in the shade of a tree.

They started thinking about what to do now, this world does not let us live under any circumstances.

The father understood the whole situation while explaining to his son, he said, “Son, tie a knot from today. Always listen to your inner, your heart. If you listen to people, you will never reach any point.

The logic of the story is that “Some people will say… People have a job to say, leave it in stupid things, Raina”

28.  Mystery of Geeta

Once a person came to Mahatma Gandhi to learn the secret of Gita. He asked Mahatma Gandhi about the mystery of Gita. At that time Gandhiji was digging the land of the ashram with a shovel.

He seated the person nearby and started digging the land of the ashram again. Similarly, it has been a long time but Mahatma Gandhi did not say anything to that person. Finally, sitting alone, troubled, the man said to Mahatma Gandhi – “I came to you from so far to hear the fame of the Gita, but you are only engaged in shoveling.”

Gandhiji replied – “Brother! I was explaining the secret of the Gita to you. ”The man said after listening to Mahatma Gandhi – Where were you explaining, you have not spoken a word yet. Gandhi Ji spoke – It’s not necessary to speak.” The heart of the Gita is that one should be karma yogi. Just keep hoping and doing continuous work, hoping for the fruit. This is the heart of the Gita. ”

On hearing this answer to Gandhiji, the person understood the secret of Gita.

So friends, the reasoning of this story is that “A person should always keep on performing actions irrespective of the fruit.”

29.   The strength of Group

There was a farmer named Dharam Singh. He had four sons.

He used to do work very hard and honest. If there was any bad thing, it was a quarrel between them. They did not agree. His father Dharam Singh was very sad to see all this.

Once farmer Dharm Singh fell very ill. Now he started worrying about what would happen to his sons if anything happened to him. Then he got an idea. He collected a lot of wood and made a bundle of them.

The farmer called his sons and gave them alternately to break the bundle. Nobody could break it. After that, the farmer opened the bundle and gave everyone a wood and asked them to break it. This time everyone quickly broke their own wood.

Then the farmer explained to everyone – “Look! When I gave all of you to break this bundle, no one could break it. But as soon as he was separated and given a wood, everyone broke it easily. In the same way, if you all live together, you can fight every trouble, which you cannot do separately.

This thing was understood by the four sons of the farmer and then everyone started living together. The farmer was feeling very happy.

Hence it says – “There is a lot of force in unity.” ”

“Force in unity”

30.  The Loyal Dog

After having dinner, everyone fell asleep. But Brujo, who was the house dog, was still awake. Ghana was dark and peaceful all around. Just then Brujo heard the sound of someone jumping from the window.

When he ran to the window, he saw a thief standing there.

The earlier brujo barking thief threw a piece of meat towards brujo.

Seeing a piece of meat, Brujo understood that he was being bribed to keep quiet.

He had ignored the meat and looked at the thief, that the thief threw another piece.

It did not take long for Brujo to understand that only bribes and unscrupulous people give bribes.

He started barking loudly and leaped at the thief.

What was it then, the owner of the house got up after hearing the voice.

But, before he could catch him, he jumped from the window.

Seeing all this, the owner of the house embraced Brujo and loved him a lot.

Children! The one who gives a bribe, his intention is never good. Be careful


31.   Success from Failures

Every person faces failure at some time in his life. Some people get frustrated due to failure and give up. This is not the time to give up. This is the time to know about them. Those who faced defeat repeatedly in their life but neither disappointed nor gave up.

First of all, ask yourself whether you want to grow up or get old. Do you want to live life or as much as you want?

A boy was expelled from school at the age of 14. The army men refused to hire him because he was short. He started working in a newspaper.

After some time even the newspaper people fired him saying that he does not come to make good cartoons. That person was no other Walt Disney. We grew up watching his famous cartoon Mickey Mouse.

How many times has this person suffered defeat? But it did not stop. You do not give up until you stop trying. Failure Stories in

The story of a man’s life is very famous. This man failed in business at the age of 21, at the age of 22 he lost in an election. At the age of 24, he again failed in business.

His wife died at the age of 24. At the age of 24, his mental balance deteriorated. At the age of 34, he lost the Congress election.

He lost the Senate election at the age of 65. At the age of 6, he failed to become Vice President. At the age of 79, he again lost the Senate election.

Finally, at the age of 52, he was elected President of the United States. The man was Abraham Lincoln.

If you understand all the things carefully, you will find that there are great failures associated with every success story. Today you have to agree that the road to success goes through the streets of failure.


When a child was 5 years old. Then his father died. Her mother got a job to run a house. The child started taking care of his siblings at home.

Gradually he also went to cook. He struggled a lot till the age of 65. At this age, most people take retirement and spend their lives depending on others.

At such a time an idea was born in the mind of that person. That was, selling your chicken recipe. For which he roamed at different stores in many states of America.

Nobody liked the idea of ​​that person. He was demanding a percentage commission in chicken sold in exchange for his recipe.

It is said that that person did not have to listen about 1009 times but that person did not give up. That man was no other than Colonel Sanders. Who founded KFC.

Colonel Sanders proved that there is no age for success nor does it matter whether you have money or not. You just have to have willpower and good planning.

Think on your own, if these people can start from zero and achieve success, then you can too. Do not be disappointed. You have a lot to do in your life right now.

If you want something in life, a little madness is necessary. When people start calling you crazy, then you should understand that you are moving towards your goal.

Whenever we do something different, people surround us and say. Hey, you have gone mad. This is not your matter. This work will not happen to you. You do not have the right to do this work.

There are many such examples. Those people were declared insane and those crazy people wrote history. Some poet has said –

Which have the courage to walk alone,

One day there are convoys behind them.

32. Akbar And Birbal

It is a matter of one day that Akbar called all his knowledge and asked, today I want to ask you something, all the people looked at Akbar very carefully and said that there has been a mistake. Akbar did not say with a smile, I just want to know how many birds are there in our state. I will gift this necklace to the one who tells it right. 

On hearing this talk of Akbar, some people said – three thousand, some said four thousand, and Kukan people said seven thousand. When all the people told, Akbar asked, “Hey Birbal, you haven’t told anything yet.” Then Birbal said, I cannot tell you now, I need some time, I will tell you till tomorrow. Akbar said, think, Birbal, then Birbal said with a smile – Maharaj, you will come to know right away tomorrow.

Then what was it that everyone went to their own house and Birbal also kept thinking all night that what should I say tomorrow to Maharaja Akbar and I will get that necklace. After mind for a long time, Birbal got an idea and then he fell asleep.

The next day Maharaj Akbar called Birbal and all the people and then asked – Birbal today you must have found out. Birbal said – Maharaj, then Akbar said – Then tell everyone how many birds there are.

Birbal said with great courage – Maharaj has nine hundred ninety-nine birds in the entire state. Hearing this, Akbar said that this is absolutely right. Birbal said that Maharaj is absolutely right but there is a problem. If you ask these birds to count someone, then there can be some work and some more can be done. Then Kabar said then how is this right?

Birbal said with a smile – Maharaj, when you have gone to the bird, some birds may have gone to their relative and some have also come to their relative. So the work can be longer. Akbar was pleased to hear Birbal and put his necklace on his neck.

We get to learn from this story that if you do any work with sense, you will be successful.

33. Never Forget To Your Guru

 Sunil was a boy who used to do a lot of mischief in his childhood, but when he grew up, he felt that I had heard a lot from my mentor, yet I could not become a successful person. He had this thing in his mind for a long time, but one day he thought the same way – thinking about meeting his childhood teacher, he thought and went to meet him.


It is a matter of coincidence that Guruji was also at home on that day, and was very happy to see Sunil and said, what is it, Sunil has come after a long time and you have grown up too. After that Sunil said to Guruji, whatever you said in my childhood, I did not understand anything and I have become a failed person. Hearing this, Guruji said that you will do one thing for me, why did he not tell you. Guru ji said go come with a bottle of liquor, Sunil was shocked to hear this and said, Guruji, what are you saying, you seem to have gone wrong.

Guruji said, first you go and come and then I tell you everything. Sunil went and brought liquor and gave it to Guru Ji. Guruji said that alcohol to Sunil to drink, Sunil got very angry after hearing this and said Guruji you have gone mad. How can I do all this in front of you? Guruji said you have to drink alcohol but do not take it inside, just take it in your mouth and then rinse it out. Then what was Sunil started doing and on seeing it, the entire liquor bottle was empty. Then Guruji asked Sunil if something was wrong, Sunil said how would Guruji have a nose when the liquor did not enter. Hearing this from Sunil, Guruji laughed and said that when I used to teach you something in my childhood, at that time you did not take it in yourself, just keep listening, if you used my teachings at that time in your life, you would have been a successful person today.

Hearing this, Sunil was very happy and understood everything and said, Guru Ji, from today itself I will improve myself. In the same way, we too forget our teacher’s teachings and after that, I regret a lot.

34. The struggle

It was a long time ago, Aman and Lokesh were very good friends. Aman used to work very hard and always used to do every work at the right time whereas Lokesh was opposite to him and used to do everything very late. He just wanted that everything should be found without hard work, but he forgot that hard work is necessary in life. If you have not struggled in your life, then you will not understand the meaning of life. 

It is a matter of one day Lokesh was sitting alone in the garden, then his gaze went to a butterfly on the tree. A butterfly’s cocoon is seen hanging from the branch on the same tree, (the butterfly’s egg, from which its children grow). The butterfly was struggling a lot but she was not able to get out of her egg. Lokesh was watching all this very carefully, he was enjoying it very much. After a while it was evening, he went home.

The next day when he came again, he saw that the butterfly was still struggling to get out of its egg. He kept watching for a while, when he did not stay the same, he went home and brought scissors and cut his layer and the butterfly came out.

He was very happy that he got up and did a very good job, but when it was too much time, he started thinking why this butterfly is not able to fly. He also called Aman and told him the whole thing, Aman said after listening to him, you have done this very wrong. You should not do this, Lokesh got angry about this and said what have I done wrong.

Then Aman told him that this is a natural way for a butterfly to come out of the egg when the butterfly struggles to come out of its egg membrane, its wings become strong and it can fly easily. But if he does not struggle, then his wings are not flyable, as this butterfly has. Lokesh was very sad to hear why he did not do this, but one more thing was that Lokesh had now realized that it is very important to struggle in life. Otherwise, the person becomes weak and cannot go forward in life.

From this story, we learn that if you did not struggle in your life, then you did nothing. Because the more you struggle to win, the stronger you become from inside

35. A  Peasant and stone

It was a long time ago that a farmer named Sohan used to work very hard in his fields. Sohan’s biggest problem was that he used to make any work very big, even if it was very small. Sohan used to plow in his fields, there was a stone in his field. Sohan used to bump into him many times while working, sometimes his solution was broken. The stone that was in the middle of the field was very disturbing to Sohan.

Once upon a time, it was noontime Sohan was running the plow in his fields. Then he fell and hit the stone, he got very angry. He went to his villages and said to all people, I have to remove that big stone from my field today and throw it away. All the people had reached Sohan’s field when a man hit a spade on a stone and he came out. Seeing this, everyone started laughing at him and making fun of Sohan. Sohan was also very sorry, that he never tried to uproot that stone.

Duty – learn from Mr. Ishwarchand Vidyasagar

In the same way, it is also in our life that we run away from our problem, we should do something only after knowing everything first.

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